Probably many of you spend many hours in cleaning the house

Probably many of you spend many hours in cleaning the house

Probably many of you spend many hours in cleaning the house. It is very likely that you are dreaming secretly of fast and efficient methods to save both your time and efforts. Here we will show you some surprising tricks you can use for maintaining the perfect look of your carpet. Everyone knows how important basic house cleaning. To make your home a welcoming and cozy place, you should clean it at least once every two weeks with all sorts of preparations. But in case you forgot to buy a particular cleaner, you can deal with some stubborn stains with some easy tips which are safe and eco-friendly.

An ordinary fork will help you to get rid of unpleasant signs that heavy furniture leave on your carpet. With fork's teeth gently ruffle the fibers of the flattened spots - you will be able to easily arrange the fibers in their natural position. 

You can use the power for the baking soda for cleaning different types of surfaces. It is extremely useful when it comes to bringing back the fresh look of your carpet and removing the old stains from it. Baking soda is popular for its ability to absorb grease from clothes, furniture or carpets. After you drop something greasy on the carpet, you have to react immediately for fantastic results. You have to spill huge quantity of soda on the stain and leave it for about half an hour. After that you have to vacuum the area and problem will be solved.

However, professional carpet washing should be made once or twice a year by the best carpet cleaning firm in London - Prolux Carpet Cleaning. We are well know for the amazing services we provide and the most affordable prices. What makes us the best in this field is that we are available 24/7.

What is The Best Way to Get Rid of Dust Mites?

When allergic to dust mites, it is especially important to wash bedding correctly. It has been estimated that on a medium-sized bed you can find between 100 thousand to 10 million dust mites.

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