Professional Car Upholstery Cleaning London

Professional Car Upholstery Cleaning London

If we have to be honest to ourselves, car upholstery cleaning is our ultimate concern. We change car oil, overlays, filters, but we do not think about washing the interior of the vehicle. Many of us spend most of our daily life in the car. In the car we eat, drink coffee, fizzy drinks, and then just squeeze the seats or the insole. That's why professionals from Prolux Cleaning have been working on the task of providing a quality car upholstery cleaning for your car.


First step – making an inspection of the interior which aim is to determine whether there are patches or areas of heavier dirt. They can be sprayed with the appropriate detergent depending on the type of the stain.

Second step - the stain or dirty area is treated with a soft brush and the preparation is allowed to work.

Third step - this is the moment of the spray extraction method used for car upholstery cleaning. This method of washing is most effective because under high pressure a preparation is injected and at the same time sucking up the degraded garbage that is sealed in the autopsy.

Step Four - Once the team of professionals has finished washing the car's upholstery, they clean the dashboard with a special detergent.

Fifth Step - Flavor of your choice!


By choosing our team you will get not only a quality car upholstery cleaning service! You will save your time and money. You will have the opportunity to choose a service at a convenient day and hour for you. Moreover, our professionals will perform the service at a specified address from you. Thus, while you are at work, at home or enjoying your afternoon coffee, your car will be washed thoroughly. You will save a lot of money, because Prolux Cleaning will offer you a price that few other companies can offer!

After car upholstery cleaning, the interior remains slightly damp and will dry from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the degree of pollution and atmospheric conditions.


Contact us to order a professional car upholstery cleaning procedure at the best price at London. Tell us what kind of service your vehicle needs, the size and degree of pollution, and we'll give you a free phone call offer. The experts from Prolux Cleaning will take care to return the comfort of traveling with your car!

If you want your interior always to be fresh and good-looking, you have to use professional cleaning services every week or once on two weeks. Our company offers special discounts from the price of the service for regular clients.

However, here are some helpful tips what you should do to maintain your car interior, if you have decided to use professional services more rarely.

First, cover your seats with damp towel. Then use a carpet beater and beat out the dust from your seats. All the dirt and dust will remain on the damp towel. After that, take 100 ml ammonia and dilute it in 5 l lukewarm water. Spray the liquid on the upholstery and immediately wipe it with clean cloth. The result from the cleaning procedure is incredible! It will take probably a whole day for the upholstery to dry. However, the whole procedure is really cheap! Be careful - the ammonia is suffocating, but after dilution it does not smell so much! The car salon after the car upholstery cleaning also does not smell bad. The method can also be used at home for sofa cleaning.

It is curious to know that you can remove mild stains from the car upholstery with the help of toothpaste. First, make a test of the toothpaste on small invisible corner on the upholstery. If it doesn’t damage the dyes of the interior, apply the toothpaste on the stains.

You can remove mild stains with a cloth, damped in alcohol. Again, small test is necessary to be made to make sure it won’t change the interior color. Pay attention not to apply too much alcohol because there is a great chance to damage the upholstery.

If your upholstery is made of vinyl or leather, you can clean it with vinegar and linseed oil in equal amounts. You will remove grime and dirt easily with this natural cleaning technique.

Finally, you can use a plant-based soap to wash the car upholstery. The main reason for this is that everything you wash away will go to the local watershed. If you are using plant-based soap, you should not worry about the effect on the environment.


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