Professional Car Upholstery Cleaning Team

Professional Car Upholstery Cleaning Team

Many pregnant women are trying to maintain their homes and vehicles perfectly clean because they feel dizzy from offensive odors. For that reason you cannot see empty coffee cups or remains of food on the back seat of pregnant woman’s car. However, perfectly cleaning environment during pregnancy is not so easy to achieve, because the strong odors from the chemical preparations are something pregnant women cannot stand. That is something men never think about. If you are expecting a baby but don’t want to ask your sister or a friend to help you with the car upholstery cleaning service, we have some good advices you can follow.

First, consider the idea of hiring professional car upholstery cleaning team that will help you return the perfect look of your interior. If you have no experience with expert cleaning companies, don’t worry! You can try Prolux Cleaning car upholstery cleaning services and for sure you will be impressed by the transformation of your vehicle’s interior. Prolux Cleaning services are especially useful for pregnant women because they apply only eco-friendly preparations. Moreover, they use steam cleaning procedure that is the most effective method for eliminating germs and bacteria from the upholstery. If you use Prolux Cleaning cleaning procedures once or twice a month, your interior will be fresh and clean, and you will feel comfortable driving your car.

If you prefer maintaining your interior on your own, you should use only homemade upholstery cleaners that do not have repelling odor. These natural cleaning products are safe for your health and the health of your baby, and what is more – won’t make you feel dizzy.

Before starting the car upholstery cleaning procedure, open the windows of the vehicle. You have to mix rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, and essential oils. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle. The rubbing alcohol and white vinegar have to be in equal parts. You have to add 4-8 drops of essential oils for fresh smell of the interior. The essential oils you will choose depend on your personal taste.

Before applying the mixture on the seats, test on small inconspicuous place. Then spray the cleaner generously on your seats, letting it stay only a minute or two on the surface. Don’t leave the mixture to dry. The next step of the procedure is scrubbing with a sponge or clean towel. If there are stubborn stains on your upholstery, you may need to repeat the procedure once again. After the solution evaporates and the seats are perfectly dry, there won’t be other smell in your vehicle, besides the essential oil scent you add. Besides removing all stains from the seats, this mixture has one additional benefit – it kills all germs and bacteria!

If you are driving a vehicle with leather interior, here’s what you can do to keep it fresh. First, wipe the car seats and leather panels with damp cloth that has to be non-abrasive. Remove with it the surface dirt, food particles and dust. After that, apply a solution of one part of vinegar and two parts of linseed oil. Take another cloth and work the solution right into the leather. Let it stay for several minutes to break down the stubborn grime. Finally, end the car upholstery cleaning procedure with wiping the leather interior with dry cloths or rags.

If there are grease stains on your leather upholstery, you will get rid of them if you dust them with talcum powder or cornstarch. Let the product stay for a night to absorb the grease and then remove it with a vacuum cleaner. For more stubborn stains on the leather upholstery, make a solution of three parts of vinegar and one part of hot water. Gently rub the stain till it disappears completely.

To keep the air inside the car fresh, remove and replace your cabin’s air filter to get rid of the offensive smell. Also, don’t smoke inside the car and don’t let your passengers smoke as well. Avoid eating in the car because food stains are one of the most difficult for removing. Get rid of all the trash at the end of the day. Don’t leave trash stay for the night in your car because it will worsen the air quality. Be careful not to forget some food in your car!

A very useful method for coping with bad odor, coming from your seats, is spreading baking soda on top of them. Leave the soda to stay for the night and vacuum the next day! That’s all you have to do. You can use the same method for refreshing your carpets at home. Baking soda will remove the bad odors from your fridge as well. All in all, baking soda is the cheapest and most effective cleaning tool for various surfaces.

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