Professional Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Professional Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

If you have decided it is high time to start a new business with carpet and rug cleaning and maintenance, by using truckmounts and portables, you need to be prepared to fight various kinds of stains. There are different detergents to be used for synthetic fiber carpets and natural fiber carpets. So before starting the carpet cleaning procedure, you need to inspect the carpet carefully and decide what type of preparation to use. Having highly effective preparation for the specific carpet is of great significance if you want to become a leader in this business. It is not an easy job and you should master your carpet cleaning techniques by joining annual trainings. However, no matter how skillful carpet cleaner you are, you won’t be able to prove your abilities unless you impress customers with super effective cleaning tool. That is the main factor which will attract regular customers.

It is of great importance your customers to be content with the services they receive. They should use your cleaning procedures regularly, 1 or 2 times a year, and moreover, they need to recommend your business to their friends. That way you can create a network of future clients who will be attracted to your best cleaning services because of the recommendation they have received from their friends. If you impress one customer, this person may lead 10 more potential customers to you in the future. Now you understand why you need to emphasis on top quality carpet cleaning, by using effective and at the same time eco-friendly detergents.

Axiom Clean Powder Detergent S779 by Prochem Kärcher Group is the most amazing cleaning product, available on the market. The main factor that distinguishes this cleaning tool from all the rest, offered on the market, is that it is completely safe for using in houses where people have sensitive skin, asthma or other respiratory problems. It is a part from the Axiom Clean Green Products Line which is an environmentally responsible choice, created by Prochem Kärcher Group. Prochem Kärcher Group is a trustworthy company, one of the best providers of carpet cleaning products. The company produces all kinds of cleaning products – detergents, spotters, rinsing products, pre-sprayers and many others. Some of them are created for domestic use, while others are appropriate for both – domestic and commercial use. Axiom Clean Powder Detergent S779 is a detergent, designed specifically for use with truckmounts and portables. It is the perfect tool for removing dirt from synthetic carpets. You should not use this detergent on natural fiber carpets.

The steam carpet cleaning method is the most used and recommended for deep penetration removal of dirt. The high temperature water steam eliminates all the bacteria and allergens that can be found on any carpet. Moreover, this cleaning technique is very beneficial for reviving carpet’s colors. You can use Axiom Clean Powder Detergent S779 for 1-step or 2-step hot water extraction cleaning processes. You can use a pre-spray in advance, as a first step of the process and then apply the powder detergent or you can use directly Axiom Clean Powder Detergent S779. The detergent has higher pH – 9.2 - 9.8 - for superior soil and pre-spray residue removal. The powder detergent is really thrifty – 1 jar of the cleaning powder is enough for making up to 345 gallons of extraction solution. The cleaning product can be used for washing not only synthetic carpets but also hard surfaces, like tiles and other types of floorings. The dilution varies, depending on whether you are going to use it in truckmounts or in portables. Read the instructions on the label carefully before applying it for the first time.

If you are wondering whether to use a liquid or a powder detergent, you have to know both have pros and cons. Generally, it is considered that powder detergents are cheaper than the liquid ones. However, when it comes to efficiency both are equally effective. Usually the powder detergents come in more eco-friendly packaging but that is not always true. So it is completely up to you what kind of detergent you will use for carpet cleaning. In the past people used to believe that powder detergents cannot dissolve well in water, but now it has been proven this belief is not true. Axiom Clean Powder Detergent S779 is incredible cleaning product, giving amazing results to your customers. You can rely on it completely that it will bring even the shabbiest carpet back to shape. The special polymer technology is used for preventing soil wicking and browning of carpet’s fibers. Do not hesitate whether to purchase this exceptional cleaning product – you won’t be sorry for sure.

To sum up, it you are looking for extremely powerful detergent which is ecologically-friendly, and is specially designed for use with truckmounts and portables, Axiom Clean Powder Detergent S779 is the product you need.

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