Does your car interior needs cleaning?

Why car cleaning is important?

Prolux Cleaning offers its customers an exceptional car upholstery cleaning procedure at the best price in London. Professional service and correct attitude will make you use our services again. Relying on our long experience in cleaning, we have carried the service for vehicles as well. We are currently enjoying strong interest from customers towards this procedure. This makes us believe that we offer not only quality but also innovative solutions for every taste.

The car upholstery cleaning procedure includes cleaning of the upholstery, floor mats, and rack. It is carried out with two-stroke extractor and professional preparations. After washing, the upholstery remains damp. The board and not the upholstered surfaces are wiped with silicone milk.

While enjoying your spare time, we will professionally clean your car. To do this, we use the most environmentally friendly and effective preparations and equipment. We guarantee you quality that will surpass all your expectations. The service is favored by a logistics company, as well as by car shows and companies using vehicles in their everyday lives.

Why should I choose professional car upholstery cleaning service?

  • Above all, you save time and nerves. All you need to do is call Prolux Cleaning and schedule a cleaning procedure. Everything else you can leave in the hands of our professionals.

  • If you don’t have experience in car upholstery cleaning you may damage your upholstery. If you apply inappropriate preparation, you can discolor your upholstery. Never try to clean stains with bleach, even if your upholstery is white color. Your vehicle will smell bad for days, because of the strong odor of bleach.

  • If you are a woman, for sure you don’t want to ruin your nails and stylish clothes with car upholstery cleaning. This inevitably will happen, if you try to clean the car interior by yourself. Let’s confess – women have much more pleasant and important thing to do than cleaning the car interior. Although women are active drivers nowadays, they also have to take care for the family, children, household, and business. Certainly, car cleaning is duty that has to be left to professionals.

  • In you are a man, unless you adore taking care for your vehicle, there are many more interesting activities you can try. For instance, you can go fishing or practicing some sports while Prolux Cleaning expert cleaners are cleaning your upholstery.

  • Most people don’t know that each stain needs individual approach. You can’t expect to clean paint and coffee stains with the same preparation. Moreover, stain removal isn’t easy process at all!

  • Professional car cleaning is especially recommended for people who suffer from asthma or different allergies and cannot maintain their vehicles by themselves.

  • Car upholstery cleaning, performed by Prolux Cleaning, is also suitable for people who have purchased used vehicles. The first cleaning procedure after the car has new owner, needs to be professional in order to eliminate all the problems like remnant smoke odor.

Basically, professional car cleaning is done externally and internally. First, Prolux Cleaning experts clean the upholstery and the entire interior with a vacuum cleaner.

Once the rough dirt has been removed, the floor is injected under pressure. This process is called extraction and is applied everywhere on: the seats, the floor and the corners using a vacuum cleaner to allow the preparation to penetrate deeply. Allow the preparation to work for a while. After at least 5-6 minutes, it goes through a vacuum cleaner and the product comes out with the dirt accumulated on the seats. Everything is almost dry with a pleasant scent.

When the experts have finished cleaning all the textile parts and the floor, they start cleaning the plastic parts of the vehicle. Above all, dust is removed from them, and then a special plastic preparation is used. It has a polishing effect and regains the shine lost by the direct sun rays. This protects plastic from bleaching.

The glass on the dashboard is carefully cleaned with a glass spray and a micro fiber cloth. The ashtray is also cleaned.

Once the car upholstery cleaning is completed, the specialists focus on exterior car cleaning. It includes soapy rinse of the vehicle. Afterwards, they dry the car well, so that no drops remain on its surface. The rims and the bumper are sprayed with a spray designed for these places.

Generally this is a short summery of a professional car cleaning procedure. Depending on the time and money you have, you can choose the best option of cleaning company in your area. Many of the companies also offer a post-paid cleaning service, which may further reduce the cost of the service. So you will not have to sacrifice almost a day off to clean the car yourself.

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