Removing Odors after Water Damage with Mint Fluorosil Odor Neutralizer B230

Removing Odors after Water Damage with Mint Fluorosil Odor Neutralizer

Several months ago a water-pipe in the bathroom broke down and flooded the entire floor. Unfortunately, by that time we were away from town to see my parents and when we came back home, the situation was disastrous. The water has stayed 2 or 3 days, the specialists couldn’t tell, and there was awful smell. We called professionals to pump out the water from the house. After that we called a plumber for fixing the broken water-pipe. It turned out it has to be replaced, as all the rest water-pipes in the house. The house was really old and that is why all the water-pipes were corroded. All these unexpected problems cost us a fortune. But that wasn’t the worst thing to experience. It took the walls 4 weeks to dry completely and as a result mold and mildew appeared on their surface. Moreover, the color of the tiles has changed and there was a line, covering all walls in the house which was marking where the level of water was. Coping with so many different problems caused us so much worries and money, but finally we had our beautiful home back.

However, there was an awful smell of water, mold and mildew I couldn’t overcome. Although my house was perfectly clean, there was a nasty repelling odor which caused me headache day after day. This was a problem I couldn’t neglect and I started looking for a solution. I have heard there are special neutralizers which can eliminate unpleasant smell of water damage, smoke or fire. Till that moment I didn’t know how they work or whether they work at all. As I didn’t have another option I decided to give them a try and see whether they can help me. I wrote down “water damage odor neutralizer” in the search engine and I checked all the results I got. There was one product that really attracted my attention. It was called Mint Fluorosil Odor Neutralizer B230 by Prochem Kärcher Group and there were hundreds of positive opinions from customers who have tried it. Some of these people were using regularly various products by Prochem Kärcher Group which turned out to be the most trustworthy company, offering high-quality cleaning products.

I compared Mint Fluorosil Odor Neutralizer B230 to the other neutralizers I found but there was remarkable difference between them. The product, offered by Prochem Kärcher Group, had mild pH – 7.0 -8.0 – which made it appropriate for use on 5th generation stain resistant carpets. It could be used also on walls, tiles, stone and vinyl floors, which worked perfectly for me. Basically, I could clean all the damaged surfaces in my house with only 1 product. The next factor that impressed me was that it was formulated for residential, commercial, and restoration use. Satisfied customers have written it is effective enough to neutralize offensive pet and body odors as well as water, fire, and smoke damage related odors. In addition to that, there was a professional opinion from cleaning experts who were recommending Mint Fluorosil Odor Neutralizer B230 as the best product for coping with unpleasant odors, caused by water and sewage damage, even with microbial remediation odors. Finally, it came at very reasonable price which I could afford paying.

I ordered it and several days later received a 1-gallon bottle of this magnificent liquid. It was really economical – 1 gallon was enough for making up to 257 gallons of ready to use cleaning solution. I could clean the entire house with this liquid and there still will be a lot of it, remained in the bottle. I made the necessary dilution which was ½ - 2 oz. per 1 gallon of water and cleaned my tiles in the bathroom, the walls and the vinyl floor. It took me several hours to clean all the surfaces thoroughly. After I finished, I was fascinated with the superb effect. There was a light pleasant smell inside the house, and not a memory of the awful smell of mold, mildew and stagnant water. There was no need to repeat the cleaning procedure for achieving better effect. This fresh smell stayed for weeks. Sometimes I am using Mint Fluorosil Odor Neutralizer B230 for removing unpleasant scent from my bathrooms and toilet. I am really satisfied by this magnificent product and I will definitely try some of the other products, created by Prochem Kärcher Group.

I will recommend Prochem Kärcher Group’s Fluorosil to all my friends and family. It is good not only for saving crisis situations, but also for maintaining your home a more pleasant and cozy place. You can use it to maintain your bathroom fresh or to remove the smell of smoke in the room where you have a fireplace.

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