Should You Rent a Carpet Cleaner or Hire a Carpet Cleaning Company?

Should You Rent a Carpet Cleaner or Hire a Carpet Cleaning Company?

Many homeowners prefer carpet or soft rugs in living rooms and children's playrooms. But the carpet, in contrast to other floor surfaces, is a more difficult option when the question arises of maintaining its cleanliness. Vacuuming is often not enough. Dust accumulation in carpet can adversely affect your family members and lead to consequences such as snoring and even asthma.

In addition to regular vacuuming, you can also benefit from the professional cleaning of your carpets at least once a year. If you are not completely convinced of the benefits of professional carpet cleaning, consider the following three processes that lead to a more "healthy" state:

Carpet cleaning removes ingrained contaminants.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a dirty carpet can preserve several sources of air pollutants inside the entire premises, including pet dander, various allergens, lead, contaminated particles and everyday dirt and dust. All this settles in your carpet for a long time and simple vacuum cleaning will cope with their removal only partially. Professional carpet cleaning services kill all of these bacteria with special shampoo formulas and can remove deep-seated pollutants with a powerful vacuum. That is, in addition to removing dirt from all layers of the carpet, it will be disinfected, which will prevent the recurrence of pathogenic bacteria and pollution.

With the help of expert carpet cleaning services you can get rid of dust mites.

Many houses are now infected with dust mites, but most homeowners are not aware of the infection, because these creatures are microscopic. The dust mites themselves do not cause allergies, but they often leave feces and body fragments, which, in turn, are allergens. Due to the microscopic size of these particles, they can be easily inhaled by humans, which can especially aggravate allergies. Many professional carpet cleaning companies use a method known as “steam cleaning” when performing maintenance work on carpets that exposes your carpet to high temperatures at which dust mites simply cannot survive.

Professional carpet cleaning can help prevent mold growth. It is really important to check areas with high humidity. There dirty carpets are in a zone of high risk for mold growth when exposed to moisture. In rainy weather, humidity often penetrates your home and can penetrate deep into the fibers of the carpet, if not dried with a vacuum cleaner immediately. With regular and professional carpet cleaning, you can avoid mold and mildew growth, because professional carpet cleaning companies have powerful drying tools that annihilate moisture.

Cleaning companies offer various types of professional cleaning at home: dry, extractor or intensive cleaning. The choice of technology depends on the type of product, types of contamination, the client's time for cleaning and many other factors. Professionals select the specific technology of cleaning which is most appropriate for the specific carpeted flooring.All personnel of companies working with dry cleaning undergo special training. This is one of the greatest advantages if you go for hiring a carpet cleaning company – specialists know which method to use and what preparations to apply.

Dry delicate cleaning is suitable for Chinese silk carpets - it retains the ornament in its original form, without damaging the nap and keeping it soft. Cleaning is done within a few hours - depending on the complexity of the dirt and the "age" of the stains.

Professional cleaning provides excellent results. More powerful equipment and more competent technicians remove more stubborn dirt. Customers not only prefer clean carpets, but also avoid some potential problems. For example, when carpets are not completely rinsed, sticky fibers may actually attract more dirt in the future. Worse, if too much water remains on the carpet after too long to clean, there is a potential for mold growth. Thanks to efficient equipment and well-trained technicians, this will not happen when specialists clean your carpets.

Professional cleaning provides excellent investment. You can see the price of cleaning carpets and think that it is expensive. But when you consider your time, the risk of further damage to your carpet and the deterioration of the quality of the product, you will feel the benefits. Professional carpet cleaning, unlike self-service, meets the requirements of carpet manufacturers to keep the carpet warranty. 

Renting professional cleaning equipment also has its advantages. The company "Karcher" offers an alternative solution to this issue - the most favorable conditions for the rental of cleaning equipment. Karcher offers rental of professional equipment on favorable terms for different types of work: dry and wet vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaning machines, washing vacuum cleaners, high-pressure machines, floor cleaning machines and sweepers.

The main advantages of rental services provided by Karcher:

  • rental of equipment for the time you need;
  • payment only rent, but not for the entire cost of equipment;
  • no time wasted for service;
  • the possibility of acquiring the equipment offered for rent on special favorable terms.

Considering the above factors, an important question arises: in which case should the equipment be rented, and in which should one make an investment in the purchase of professional cleaning equipment? The answer is simple - it all depends on the willingness to make an investment! Indeed, in any case, the equipment will pay off. Rent, in turn, makes it possible to save capital, providing access to a professional line of cleaning equipment, depending on your current needs. Remember, many factors have an impact. It doesn't matter where you live — you could be a renter of a cheap place in Chicago in the U.S. or a penthouse in London — you still need to make the smart decision on cleaning equipment. Equipment rental provides more benefits than just savings on investment. Rent expands the client’s financial opportunities, while providing other opportunities for various investments, and also minimizes the risks to the client. Regular maintenance of the expert and scheduled tests, in accordance with the observance of operating rules, ensure compliance with current legislation. The client always has the opportunity to use a flawless machine, without worrying about anything.

All in all, it doesn’t matter which method of carpet cleaning you will choose. The most important thing is to keep your carpet free of bacteria, allergens and dust mites. Prolong its life and preserve its spectacular look by regular cleaning, performed by yourself or by experts!

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