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Carpet Cleaning Rickmansworth WD3 by Prolux Carpet Cleaning. Rug Care Services.

Welcome to Prolux Carpet Cleaning in Rickmansworth WD3, London!

We focus in expert cleaning services for residential, commercial and industrial cleaning. We cover Rickmansworth and all areas of North-West London.

Our employees are very well trained, capable, and experienced. We are fully insured. We stand behind our work unconditionally - our customers' satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Not by a coincidence Prolux Carpet Cleaning came to be favored name for many commercial and residential customers. All of us from Prolux Carpet Cleaning are committed to our work.

Dust and pollutants locked in the carpets may provoke allergic reactions as well as over-all worsening of asthma symptoms. Your carpets need regular care and wash, best done by professional cleaners.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning employs experienced professional carpet-and-rug cleaning specialist. We provide superior services well above the industry's standards. We use the latest hi-tech rug-and-carpet cleaning machines. Our specialists get rid of dirt and contaminants from deep inside your carpets.

Hot Water Extraction Method by Prolux Carpet Cleaning in Rickmansworth WD3, North-West London

Hot water extraction method has proven to be the best way to clean carpets and rugs. This is not only our opinion; it is supported the by the major rug mills.

Our portable steam cleaning machines for rug and carpet expert cleaning are one of the highest quality in operation in the entire Rickmansworth. We promise that 3 hours after your carpets and rugs have been cleaned by us, they will be clean, revived, deodorized, and fully dry.

Our Rickmansworth rug and carpet cleaning experts use only and the most effective carpet cleaning products manufactured by top names in the business.

Carpet Cleaning Rickmansworth WD3, London. Professional Services by Prolux Carpet Cleaning:

Our Carpet Cleaning Services consist of:

  • Allergens elimination - dust, pet fur, etc.
  • Organic cleaning - guards the health of your household.
  • Bacteria removal - use of efficient chemicals.
  • Supreme luxury - softer, better looking carpet.
  • Full stain elimination
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Our carpet experts follow sophisticated cleaning methods. We use only safe eco-friendly cleaning products.

Let us reinstate your carpet back to its prior state! Joint the many pleased and satisfied clients from Rickmansworth WD3, London.

We, at Prolux Carpet cleaners safely and effectively eradicate spots from your rugs.

We have been operating for over 8 years in Rickmansworth and North-West London. We are capable to sanitize and restore all brands of carpets, textile and leather upholstered furniture. Ever since we started the business, our services have been of a benefit to many residential and commercial customers, such as office parks, shopping malls, schools, hospitals and nursing homes, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, etc., in Rickmansworth WD3. We can deal with any carpet - domestic or commercial grade the same, in any condition.

No job is too big or small for us - we have the confidence we can do any task, because our crews have all abilities necessary - our professional cleaners are informed, skilled, experienced, dedicated, and competent. Armed with all this, along with the right machines and techniques we are prepared to clean any spot or soilage.

A lot of our business comes from referrals. This is a testimony of our commitment to provide friendly, efficient and reasonably priced services.

Check what one of our expert cleaners thinks about being a carpet cleaner!

I am Hart and I have been working with Prolux Carpet since 2007. The job of a proficient carpet cleaner is a real challenge – I work in including the most distant neighborhoods - . The best part of this is working with people – there is nothing more exciting than to see the grateful expressions on the faces of the customers when they check their carpeted flooring for the first time in amazing condition after we, Prolux Carpet Rickmansworth have finished the carpet cleaning procedure! As I wish to build up my skills, I go to a lot of seminars and meetings of the NCCA - the National Carpet Cleaning Association . During these seminars and meetings I learn a lot of new techniques and method of cleaning . According to me, upgrading the machine that I use is a must – the greatest advantage of this is that it makes the entire process of cleaning fast and easy! Thanks to those company sponsored upgrades, at the moment I can do 5-6 carpet cleaning procedures every day – which is double the amount I did before! All the members of Prolux Carpet carpet cleaning team are exceptional people – the colleagues from the office always help me and give detailed explanation of the costumers, so that saves me a lot of time and effort when it comes to dealing with the clients. And every client has an unique character. Many of them have asthma or allergies so they hesitate calling us, because they are afraid of the cleaning solutions that we use. Let me tell you once and for all – DO NOT WORRY! Prolux Carpet Rickmansworth uses ONLY environmentally-friendly, non-toxic cleaning materials – harmless for small kids, people who have problems like asthma or allergies and of course, pets! No matter how much we love our pets they are the primary cause for the worst ever stains – stains that 3-4 years ago were almost un-cleanable! Again, due to the Prolux Carpet Rickmansworth upgrades of the machines and ordering the most effective in the cleaning solution industry, I have the chance to remove not only the stains, but the odors that our beloved pets have left on the carpets! So, just to sum up, do not wonder whether to call Prolux Carpet Rickmansworth – you will be surprised not only with the best attitude, cleaning and most affordable prices – the best overall service in Rickmansworth!

Carpet Washing in Rickmansworth WD3, London. Professional Rug Care Services.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning in Rickmansworth WD3 is an emblem of uppermost quality services at reasonable costs. We are honored by the fact that we have forged long-term partnerships with numerous happy clients and we remain faithful to the same basic business principles.

Please note: There is a minimum charge of £50 (50 Pounds) per visit. You can combine services such as carpet and mattresses cleaning to add up or to exceed the minimum amount to get your money worth.

In addition, parking fee and traffic congestion charges may apply.

cleaning service by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Rickmansworth
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
steam cleaner for carpet by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Rickmansworth
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Anti-allergic treatment by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Rickmansworth
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Sarah Dillan

There's nothing better on the market then ProLux Cleaning. Results are always positive after their visit, and everything is bright and clean. I have used them a lot, no matter what I need to be cleaned sofas, carpets, rugs, mattresses and even the oven. And this is why I needed them the first time. I wanted to bake some egg-vanilla cream with strawberries for the kids. Found a recipe online and started, when it was done I putted it in the oven and let it bake. In some time the smoke alarm turned on, I ran down stairs to see what’s going on. My oven was smoking, I turned it off and opened the door. So everything was covered in egg-vanilla cream, inside and the window of the oven. And the worse part was that it was burned and already dried out on the walls and the window. I tried to clean the stays with different detergents, but I couldn't it was too hard. Then every time I cooked something it started to smoke again, so I searched online, and found ProLux Cleaning. I saw in the web site that they have other services besides oven cleaning. The girl on the phone told me everything about it and we made an appointment’s he man came on the exact time, and I left him to proceed. The job he did was excellent! No stains, no cream nothing! The walls and the window of the oven were sparkling. It was amazing! I keep on using them from time to time and the results are always brilliant! ProLux Cleaning are the best for sure!

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