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Why and When Rug Cleaning London is Important

Are there children or pets in your home? In this case, rug cleaning London should be regular and timely. In other cases, this type of cleaning also should not be neglected, because it's essential for your health, hygiene and a favorable microclimate in the room.

Experts and rug manufacturers recommend that rug cleaning London be performed at least twice a year. If we are talking about rooms with intensive traffic and where they walk in shoes, then deep cleaning is needed every few months (two or three).

If you want to return the bright colors of your carpet and cope with coffee and juices stains on it, then you should contact Prolux Carpet Cleaning! Our well trained experts will take care for eliminating old stains from your luxurious carpeted flooring, leaving it fresh and perfectly clean.

We perform rug cleaning London in your home, office or hotel at very reasonable price, using eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for your children and pets. We are proud of having the most powerful extraction machines, available on the market that will leave your carpet ready to use just an hour after the service is over. Our specialists own professional equipment, inventory and materials, allowing you to clean carpets as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Rugs Steam Cleaning Prices
Rugs small (2×3) £15
Rugs medium (3×4) £20
Rugs large (5×6) £25

Throughout the history, it is widely known that almost every culture around the world has used rugs. No matter on what purpose – whether keeping one’s feet from cold, reducing the sound from walking on the floor, or simply adding comfort and decoration to a room – rugs have definitely been an irreplaceable part of Man’s household.
Nowadays, almost everyone has at least one in their home. But what happens when it comes to maintenance? A lot of people rely on themselves trying to clean their rug with unknown chemicals only to find it damaged eventually.
There are so many different types of rugs – woven, needle felt, knotted, tufted, flat weave, hooked rug – that one can easily get lost… Each of those is so unique that even one wrong step in cleaning it may ruin the whole beautiful appearance. Moreover, the types of fibres and yarn are countless ( nylon, polypropylene, wool, polyester, acrylic, etc.) , so an exact solution is demanded. This is the point where Prolux Cleaning takes its place! Gathering knowledge and experience in the fields of rug cleaning for more than 8 years, our professionals are always ready to cope with any kind of spoiled rugs. Using first class equipment and special cleaning products from the well-known manufacturer PROCHEM, we have achieved expert ways of delivering services to our clients from all over London.

Our method and stages of Professional Rug Cleaning london

Prolux Cleaning is an expert in Professional Deep Steam Cleaning with an extraction method. The cleaning process is performed with our powerful machines which spray in boiling hot water deeply inside the rug directly to the base of fibres. Immediately afterwards, the water unit is extracted by the machine sucking out all the dirt that has been stick inside. Final result, your rug is 100% sanitized and looks as brand new!

1. First of all, our team examines rug thoroughly and comes up with the best solution
2. Secondly, the rug is being vacuumed, so that all the dust and loose dirt don’t impede the cleaning process
3. Afterwards, any particular stains are being pre-sprayed with our special stain treatment
4. The actual Deep Steam Cleaning is performed
5. If there are any stubborn stains left on the rug, special attention is given
6. If requested by the client, Scotchgard (stain protector) is being applied
7. Finally, our clients inspect the results and sign a receipt

Special attention

1. Wool rugs cleaning – wool rugs are commonly known to be susceptible to bleeding. Each colour must be tested with each chemical for colourfastness. One can never be sure which exact colour would cause bleeding. This is why we highly recommend a professional service. Our special products by PROCHEM are of the highest standard and quality, completely harmless to people, pet, children, let alone your wool rug. First of all, the rug should be vacuumed from 1 to 3 times. Afterwards, the particular stains will be pre-sprayed with our special stain treatment which will not cause bleeding. Secondly, the powerful machines carefully wash the wool in an outward motion and on the fringes only. Respectively, the amount of water used here is significantly less. Finally, the drying process should be fast-paced by a heater.

2. Persian rugs cleaning – Persian rugs are definitely an unique part of our cultural heritage. Respectively, special attention is required. The method of cleaning doesn’t differ much from ours – the stages are: vacuuming the dust, pre-spraying the particular stains and deep steam cleaning of the whole rug. What is important here, however, is the temperature of the water used by our machines. Persian rugs require a bit less heated water before being sprayed in, so that the beautiful appearance of the rug is not spoiled.

3. Oriental rugs cleaning – Oriental rugs require as much special attention as Persian ones. The problem here is that before cleaning an oriental rug, one have to be extremely well-informed of the manufacturer’s specifications. This is not an easy task, respectively, so it is advisable to let our team examine the whole rug as much as they can. Thus, the most proper products will be used to achieve the best appearance of the rug. Another specific point is the position of the actual rug. A lot of our customers hadn’t known that it is a must the rug to be rotated after the cleaning, and every 6 months afterwards. Not to forget how important is a quality pad to be place under the rug, in order to be protected from dirt, wear and slippage.

professional rug cleaning services

Cleaning and maintaining a rug is not an easy task. Do not let the least mistake ruin the whole beauty on your floor. Prolux Cleaning is more than concerned with each and every clients’ demands, let alone the rug itself. Working 24/7, even on bank holidays, we are always there for you! Don’t believe that? Do not hesitate to get in touch with our competent mobile operators who will gladly answer all your questions – from the smallest details of the cleaning process to even help you book in our busy schedule with special discounts and affordable pricelist.

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Rug Cleaning London
BEFORE Rug Cleaning £20 AFTER
Rug Deep Cleaning
BEFORE Rug Cleaning £25 AFTER
Abdel Nour

I have two Persian rugs which were a gift to me from a very good friend of mine. One time I had a party in my house and the rugs got really dirty. My wife tried to wash them several times with different chemicals but without a success. We also tried to call a cleaning company but also without a success as they didn’t do well in cleaning. This task is very difficult without the proper equipment.

Then I decided to go on the internet and seek for a professional help. I found about Prolux cleaning. All the positive feedbacks from other clients got my attention. I then booked an appointment for suitable time and date. I was pleased with the attitude of the staff member over the phone. Ecelent customer service.

On the next day the cleaner got to my place. He parked his van and took out this really expensive and powerful machine. This service took about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Me and my wife were very pleased with the archived results as they did brilliant job in a very professional way. My Persian rugs were looking as brand new and smelled really nice. We do strongly recommend to call Prolux Cleaning for professional help in cleaning services!

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