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Why and When Rug Cleaning London is Important

Are there children or pets in your home? In this case, rug cleaning London should be regular and timely. In other cases, this type of cleaning also should not be neglected, because it's essential for your health, hygiene and a favorable microclimate in the room.

Experts and rug manufacturers recommend that rug cleaning London be performed at least twice a year. If we are talking about rooms with intensive traffic and where they walk in shoes, then deep cleaning is needed every few months (two or three).

If you want to return the bright colors of your carpet and cope with coffee and juices stains on it, then you should contact Prolux Carpet Cleaning! Our well trained experts will take care for eliminating old stains from your luxurious carpeted flooring, leaving it fresh and perfectly clean.

We perform rug cleaning London in your home, office or hotel at very reasonable price, using eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for your children and pets. We are proud of having the most powerful extraction machines, available on the market that will leave your carpet ready to use just an hour after the service is over. Our specialists own professional equipment, inventory and materials, allowing you to clean carpets as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The qualified specialists of Prolux Carpet Cleaning take into account all the peculiarities of the material with which they will work. Every detail is important here - the structure of the pile, its quality, the color scheme of the carpet, its thickness, the degree of pollution, and the surrounding conditions. A professional opinion on this issue is necessary for determining further actions.
In accordance with the above described item, an optimal set of means and a method of cleaning are selected. In this case, preference is always given to means with a minimally aggressive action, but with high efficiency.


Rugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. They are certainly quite beautiful. A fancy rug is the ideal way to finish off the room interior in style. Many of the rugs are also quite valuable and unforgiving when it comes to washing and maintenance. Just take into consideration the effort and attention that goes into the routine washing of a standard Persian rug with all the rich colors and the intricate fiber structure. To circumvent the possibility of mutilation, the inconvenience of having to take the carpet somewhere and the fact that results from commonly used cleaning methods are uncertain, have to convince you to opt for a professional grade rug cleaning. Just with all other steam cleaning treatment of fabrics, this happens to be the most caring and risk free way to achieve lasting and noticeable cleaning results.


Our expert and experienced London teams clean without using abrasive rubbing, tough chemicals your much loved delicate rugs. Our scientifically proven methods are safe and gentle. They eliminate all dirt caught in your rugs, mats, and hallway runners. Prolux Carpet cleaning services provide professional help for both commercial and residential clients.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning professionals in London offer a full range of rug maintenance services - dry dusting, pre-vacuuming, steam shampoo, sanitizing, deodorizing etc.

The cleaning of rugs is vital not only to keep their beauty but also to prolong their endurance. Rugs have different composition than carpets. Their pile is usually longer and thus grit and dirt go down and accumulate.


Using unsuitable vacuum machines could be very damaging to your carpets. Accidently, Unknowingly, Unwittingly you might be crushing your rug's valuable yarn into useless strands to just fill up your vacuum bag. The longer you wait, the worse your carpet will look.

Entrust us to get your rugs back to their prior look. We use the latest machines in carpet vacuum and steam cleaning. The cleaning agents we use are self-neutralizing and biodegradable. No scums or unpleasant smells stay after the final rinse procedure.

Our cleaning techniques not only remove filth and dust, muck deposits, but also eradicate spots made by spilled drinks, thirst quenchers, chewing gum, oil, food spillage, munchies, colorings and fiber maturing.

We, at Prolux Carpet cleaners safely and safely remove spots from your rugs.

We are based in East London, but we do professional carpet cleaning in Camden,Bromley,Enfield and Harrow.

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I have two Persian rugs which were a gift to me from a very good friend of mine. One time I had a party in my house and the rugs got really dirty. My wife tried to wash them several times with different chemicals but without a success. We also tried to call a cleaning company but also without a success as they didn’t do well in cleaning. This task is very difficult without the proper equipment.

Then I decided to go on the internet and seek for a professional help. I found about Prolux cleaning. All the positive feedbacks from other clients got my attention. I then booked an appointment for suitable time and date. I was pleased with the attitude of the staff member over the phone. Ecelent customer service.

On the next day the cleaner got to my place. He parked his van and took out this really expensive and powerful machine. This service took about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Me and my wife were very pleased with the archived results as they did brilliant job in a very professional way. My Persian rugs were looking as brand new and smelled really nice. We do strongly recommend to call Prolux Cleaning for professional help in cleaning services!

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