See some tips that we recommend you follow before proceeding to clean the car upholstery

See some tips that we recommend you follow before cleaning yours car

Everyone sooner or later has to perform car upholstery cleaning. Unfortunately, we notice the dirt on the seats when it is too late, and especially when unpleasant odor in the car saloon has appeared. That's the moment when we start looking for a way to clean up the car upholstery, search for effective car upholstery cleaning methods online or look for reliable cleaning company. Some people start to buy different sprays or preparations and rub furiously the seats, is this right?

See some tips that we recommend you follow before proceeding to clean the car upholstery

If you decide to clean the car upholstery yourself:

Tip # 1: First check whether the seats are subject to wetting!

Tip # 2: If you can wet them, think about how to pull the dirt out of the seats after applying the cleaning product.

Tip # 3: Never use a concentrated detergent on the fabric! Always dilute it according to the dosage system on the label unless the product is ready for direct use.

Tip # 4: It is highly recommended to wash all surfaces of the seats, not just local areas of the seats. The application of the preparation should be uniform even on all fabrics. You may use a toothbrush to clean the corners and areas between the seats.

If you decide to contact a professional car upholstery cleaning company:

Tip # 1: First of all, find out what kind of car upholstery cleaning is recommended for your seats (steam or dry cleaning of the fabrics and fillers).

Tip # 2: Select 2-3 cleaning companies to call.

Tip # 3: Compare the prices and preparations the companies use to remove stains from vehicles. Choose the right company according to your budget but keep in mind that the company, offering the cheapest services is not the best option, if you have expensive, high quality leather interior.

Tip # 4: If you have children or pets, tell this information to expert cleaners. They have to know that in order to apply the safest preparations. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, don’t keep that information for you. It is valuable and the expert cleaners have to know that.

Tip # 5: Ask the cleaning companies how to proceed, including:

How long does it take to clean your car interior?

How long the interior will dry out;

Has staff been checked before hiring?

Is there a risk of seats damage due to car upholstery cleaning procedure?

Provide warranty on the service they provide;

Do they have professional insurance, third party insurance?

Do they issue a document about the work done?

How much it will cost and what exactly the service includes, and so on.

If the cleaning company’s assistant is having difficulty answering any of these or other questions you are interested in during the conversation, consider whether it is your cleaning company.

And as the last tip, try to find out who the cleaning company's customers are, whether they're happy with the car upholstery cleaning procedure. Look for reviews on the web, where you can find many people’s opinions of satisfied and dissatisfied customers. Actually, this is the first thing you should do, even before calling the cleaning company. You may ask friends to recommend you a trustworthy car upholstery cleaning company. You can test different cleaning companies till you find the right one for you.

Keep in mind that most cleaning companies offer special discounts for regular clients or for clients, scheduling several different services. If you feel under pressure, when making that choice, you’d better go for more expensive but experienced cleaning firm.

Undoubtedly, Prolux Carpet Cleaning is one of the most popular cleaning companies in London. Their experts have performed thousands cleaning procedures and have faced different problems, so they best know how to transform your shabby car interior. Prolux Carpet Cleaning is the proven leader in car upholstery cleaning and will guarantee you perfect results for highly affordable price. Once you have tested Prolux Carpet Cleaning cleaning services, you will be convinced that’s the best choice for you. Each procedure is performed with great attention to details and application of the right preparations. Moreover, we have to emphasis that Prolux Carpet Cleaning works exclusively with eco-friendly preparations which are safe for your health and for the health of your passengers.

All in all, making the right choice of cleaning company is not easy but once you have find the company with top quality cleaning services, you will be relived it has taken that burden from your shoulders. You will start spending your time in more productive and meaningful activities, instead of car upholstery cleaning.  

Meanwhile, pay attention not to cause additional stains on your upholstery. Don’t eat and drink inside the car and you will see how cleaner your vehicle is. Also, there won’t be unpleasant odor in the vehicle.

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