Some Other Services Provided By Carpet Cleaners

Some Other Services Provided By Carpet Cleaners

 It is common that when you hear about carpet cleaning in London, you think about vacuuming the carpet, shampooing, or steam cleaning it and sometimes calling the professionals. However, if you want that your carpet is cleaned properly and its life is extended then you must ask your carpet cleaner about more services that they offer along with cleaning the carpet. With these extras your carpet would be protected against stains and spills and even from moth infection.

Some extras that your carpet cleaner may provide are

Scotch guarding

If you have wall to wall carpets or rugs, scotch guarding is just like insurance to the fiber of the carpet. This is a safe chemical spray that when sprayed over the carpet fibers create a repellant coating around them. With this coating the liquid would penetrate less into the fibers of your carpet. Thus, you would get more time to react to any type of spills over your carpet.

Odor removal

Sometime even carpet cleaning in London by professionals may not be enough for removing odor from the carpet. Then you may try this method of O-zone odor treatment. In this method the odor is attacked at the molecular level. Thus, if there is musty smell or odor of urine or any other unwanted odor you can easily remove them with the help of this treatment.


It’s not only you who loves oriental rugs; even moth also enjoys the silky fibers. When you keep them aside moth make them their home that may damage the fiber of the carpet. Thus, it’s better to moth proof your carpet before you put them aside or if you do not vacuum them frequently.

Thus, these are some other services that professional carpet cleaners can provide you with. If you are interested in these services ask them when you call for carpet cleaning. ices and many more.


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