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ProLux Cleaning is a professional cleaning company providing leather cleaning services in London for home or office properties. Our fully insured, certified and experienced cleaning technicians can clean all types of leather upholstery. All sofa cleaning services are performed with eco-friendly cleaning solutions, including odour removers and stain removal products. These chemicals are 100% safe for use near children and pets, and let us achieve top quality cleaning results.

We are also highly flexible, offering our clients the opportunity to order same day sofa cleaning services. Our customer service centres are open 24/7, so you can call and book a cleaning service at any time. The friendly cleaning experts are happy to explain the whole process and answer your questions via phone or email.

When you call us, feel free to inquire about our other services. Aside from professional cleaning for fabric and leather sofas, we also offer deep steam extraction carpet cleaning and rug cleaning.

Why choose a professional cleaning company for your leather upholstery:

Highly trained and certified cleaners with insurance
Impressive results in every cleaning session
Harmless, child and pet friendly cleaning products
Guaranteed disinfection of your furniture


Your leather furniture is in good hands when choosing ProLux. With over 15 years of experience, our professional leather cleaners are the best in all of London. They have undergone dozens of training courses and know how to clean all types of leather sofas and upholstery.

Our leather cleaning technique is performed mostly manually, using a soft brush and a sponge. Eco-friendly Prochem chemicals are also applied during the cleaning process. Of all leather cleaning methods, this one is considered the safest for the material.

The main reason for its safety is that our chemicals are eco-friendly and safe. These products have been tested for decades, and confirmed to be completely harmless to children and pets. You and your family can observe the restoration of your sofa colours from the same room.

Our leather upholstery cleaning method:

1. A professional cleaning technician attends your residential or busines property to inspect the leather upholstery. The inspection will give him the information he needs on how the best results can be achieved.

2. Your leather furniture is hoovered with an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove surface debris. Hairs, crumbs and dust will be extracted from your sofa surface in all reachable areas.

3. The leather upholstery is scrubbed with a soft brush, which will take the stuck dirt off of the material. This is done to get mud off the sofa and prepare it for the cleaning chemical treatment.

4. Eco-friendly leather products by Prochem are applied by our technician with a sponge, then wiped off with a clean cloth. The chemical batch consists of bacteria, smell and stain removal solutions.

5. After the cleaning is finished, the technician applies two types of conditioners to the leather.

The conditioners we use are harmless to the material and your family, and are known as leather cream and leather oil. Their benefits are making the upholstery regain its original shine, become slightly more elastic and prolong its life.


As a professional cleaning company, we strive to have the best coverage of London and its districts. Our mobile leather cleaners work heavily in Sutton, Croydon, Kingston upon Thames, Bromley, Epsom and more.


Leather Upholstery Cleaning Prices
Armchair £30
2 seater sofa £55
3 seater sofa from £70

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BEFORE Leather Cleaning £30 AFTER
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BEFORE Leather Cleaning £65 AFTER
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BEFORE Leather Cleaning £55 AFTER
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