Equipment Used By London’s Professional Carpet Cleaners

Equipment Used By London’s Professional Carpet Cleaners

Due to the pollution the percentage of suspended dust particles in the air is always high. Most of this dust settles onto the carpets and other belongings in homes and all commercial places. If the carpets are not cleaned from time to time then the dust accumulated will make the surroundings look dirty. Frequent vacuuming is not sufficient to completely clean the carpet which is why professional carpet cleaners are hired. Fungi, pollutants and other chemicals contaminating the carpet can only be removed by the special equipment and techniques used by professionals.

There services offered by professionals are capable of removing anything from grease to fingernail polish without damaging the carpet. Some of the methods used by professionals are listed below:

Steam carpet cleaner in London

The steam cleaners use dry steam to force the contaminants to loosen from the surface of the carpet. The devices do not use suction like regular vacuum cleaners to clean the dirt. A replaceable towel placed at the end of the cleaning device allows the removal of surface dirt. Cleaning solution is not used which protects the carpets from being exposed to chemical cleaning agents. The heat from the steam kills fungi, molds and dust mites. These cleaners do not over-saturate the carpets allowing them to dry almost immediately since, the vapor evaporates. Stubborn stains and other forms of dirt and grime melt away with the heat from the steam which cannot be performed by vacuum cleaners.       

Truck mounted cleaner

The cleaning method used by this cleaner, which is mounted in the rear of a truck, is hot water extraction. A carpet cleaning wand is attached to hoses and the continuous supply of hot water cleans the carpet. The dirty water is then drained out and stored in a water tank in the truck of the professional service providers. A customer need not pay high electricity, gas or water bills to get the carpet cleaned neither do they have to get their pipes clogged up with dirty water.

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