Spilling food or drinks on the carpet or upholstery furniture

Spilling food or drinks on the carpet or upholstery furniture

Spilling food or drinks on the carpet or upholstery furniture when children run around the table, or when you have a party with many guests is a common problem. You can remove troublesome stains very easily with some natural products and also to take advantage of some tricks that will facilitate your everyday life.

The salt removes stains from red wine from carpet and greasy stains from fabrics. If you have spilled red wine, quickly pour a little white wine on it, blot with a dry sponge and sprinkle generously with salt. You have to wait for 10 minutes and after that you should use the vacuum cleaner to clean the space.

For maintaining a perfect condition of your carpet you should vacuum it several times a week. That way small particles as sand or crumbs won't have the time to store deeper into the fabrics. If you have small children or babies it is extremely important to clean the carpet every day because it contains a lot of dust and dirt which cause allergies and respiratory problems. Some people recommend to use an unusual method for carpet cleaning at winter. When there is snow outside, you should take the carpet out and place it directly on the snow. It will kill the bacteria and will freshen the colors of the accessory.

However, if your carpet is too heavy or if you do not have a garden where you can place the carpet, you should try professional carpet cleaning services in London. One of the most popular firms who offer that kind of services is Prolux Carpet Cleaning. It has thousands of content customers who use its services at least twice a year. Steam carpet cleaning has to be performed by trained professionals, using only safe detergents.


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When allergic to dust mites, it is especially important to wash bedding correctly. It has been estimated that on a medium-sized bed you can find between 100 thousand to 10 million dust mites.

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