Stains from juice are common but you can remove them even from white carpets

Stains from juice - steam carpet cleaning

One of the main things at home that makes first impression when you enter is the carpet­. Most people face many difficulties in cleaning the house and especially this element of the furnishing. Inevitably, the spots become part of everyday life and you should know how to treat them in order to be removed without many efforts. For your convenience, we present several solutions to this problem.

Stains from juice are common but you can remove them even from white carpets. First, you have to absorb the stain with a dry cloth and be careful not to spread it even more. Take an empty bottle and place 1 tablespoon of washing gel for dishes and a quarter cup apple cider vinegar. Fill the bottle with warm water and with that mixture soak the stain and leave it for ten minutes. Then wipe with a dry cloth.

Stains from coffee or tea should be approached carefully to avoid yellowish, quite visible and unpleasant residue on the carpet. One way is to use a carbonated water of preferably oxygen.

First, you should absorb the stain with a dry cloth. After that we have to apply the carbonated water and leave it to stay for about 15 minutes. Finally, we have to absorb the water again and clean with a vacuum cleaner.

However, if you do not have much time, Prolux Carpet Cleaning which is a professional carpet cleaning company in London will be glad to help you to solve the problems. We provide the most popular deep cleaning procedure which is steam cleaning. It uses the power of heated water to kill all the germs and bacteria from your carpeted flooring. In addition, our specialists inspect the entire area and apply different detergents for stains from coffee and tea.

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