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What is Included in the Service Deep Carpet Cleaning Stratford?

Prolux carpet cleaning Stratford based company is ​​the preferred choice for provider of cleaning services in this area. We offer professional cleaning of carpets of any complexity, including exclusive handmade products. We will select the optimal means and methods, taking into account the material, type and degree of contamination. Our company employs experts, real masters of their field!

Prolux Carpet Cleaning - the Best Solution for Your Carpet

carpet cleaning StratfordDeep cleaning of carpeting is a responsible task that can be entrusted only to professionals. All our employees have extensive experience in the field of cleaning and have been trained in working with the best techniques for cleaning carpets. In addition, we guarantee you that deep cleaning of carpets will be carried out on time, with minimal discomfort for your family.

Prolux carpet cleaning Stratford based company will return your flooring’s freshness and nice appearance. After deep cleaning we guarantee complete safety of carpet for animals and children. All our loyal customers receive special reductions in price for each procedure!

After a real dry cleaning, the ornament returns its original gloss, natural fibers acquire a pleasant softness, and the dye becomes saturated. Fibers are protected, and carpet’s life is considerably prolonged. To clean the carpet in professional dry cleaning is the right choice for competent care.

Prolux is a cleaning company that uses only the best detergents and professional equipment, which ensures the organization of cleaning of any complexity. Using our services once - you will become our customers for many years!

In addition, qualitatively cleansing the carpets and area rugs from bacteria, dust, dirt, cleaning companies helps our clients maintain their health. This is possible, thanks to the use of eco-friendly products and industrial equipment.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Steam Carpet Cleaning – The Recommended Method by Carpet Manufacturers

This method became known as a hot water extraction method and is generally recommended by carpet manufacturers. This technique clears the most difficult spots and dirt and at the same time the carpet is disinfected. The steam cleaning equipment has been improved over time to ensure the best results in less time. Actually, you can perform steam cleaning procedure by yourself if you have the needed equipment. For best results, however, it is best for you to use Prolux carpet cleaning services in Stratford. We have the experience and trained staff to complete the work as soon as possible. However, there is a warning to this method - at least 2 hours of drying time depending on the carpet. But it is usually recommended to wait 12-24 hours before using the carpet to make sure it is completely dry.

Let's clarify that the effectiveness of steam cleaning depends not on equipment, but on the professionalism of the cleaning company's employees. After all, only professionals can determine what detergents to use for every specific stain. For example, not heavily soiled carpets can be cleaned with plain water. If the surface is covered with dust, dirt and stains, it is put in order, using different cleaning compounds in a certain proportion.

The technology of extractive carpet cleaning differs depending on what kind of carpet needs to be put in order, and what exactly it is polluted. Usually this procedure is as follows. Specialists use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust from the carpet, and then, using an extractor apparatus, apply a detergent composition to the coating. A dirty solution that has dissolved contaminants is immediately removed from the carpet. At the end of the work our experts wash the product with clean water, dry it in natural conditions and, if necessary, apply a composition that removes the "settled" in the carpet unpleasant odors.

Dry Carpet Cleaning – The Best Way for Cleaning Handmade Carpets

Dry carpet cleaning Stratfort is a gentle way to remove stains and dust. They resort to it, if you want to remove minor dirt. Often dry cleaning is called powder cleaning, because when it is used funds similar to the powder. In fact, these special compounds consist of millions of small sponges, impregnated with substances that destroy pollution. Sponges dissolve and absorb any stains, after which they are removed from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

The great advantage of dry cleaning is that it does not require a strong moistening of carpets. Accordingly, after treatment, they are not deformed and discolored. Dry cleaning method is ideal if you want to put it in order silk or handmade products.

In order to clean the coatings in a "dry" way, experts first treat them with a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt and dust. Then they are applied for 15 minutes to the carpet spray-conditioner. This composition helps to separate contaminants from the fibers of products.

After the spray conditioner, a dry cleaner is used, which is evenly spread over the carpet and "driven" into the nap by means of special equipment. When the micro-jets that make up the dry cleaner will absorb dirt, they are vacuumed. At the final stage of dry cleaning, the clinics remove stains from the treated coating, using specialized stain removers.

Germs, bacteria and dust mites removal by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Stratford
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Hot water extraction method by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Stratford
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
All Products Child-Safe by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Stratford
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Bysshe John

Thanks to Prolux the rug was shinny and bright again! It all began when we send our children to my parents house.The Summer vacation had already begun . We had decided to spend some time with my wife so we send our children for a couple of weeks to play with the dog and to make my old parents happy and fill their boring daily activities with joy. Unfortunately we had an unexpected call on the second week, my father saying that Elliot did some kind of mess, spilling a cup of coffee over their big old carpet which was a rectangular European Chenille. So during our conversation on the phone my mother said she will clean it herself, but my husband searched over the internet for some kind of professional cleaning service and then we found there Prolux guys! As far as I remember my husband gave them a call, and some kind of customer service answered, they were very polite and patient and explain in full details the service they provide and the methods of cleaning they use.A true professionals I should say!We made a booking for the upcoming week it was planned to be paid by card so the only thing my parents needed to do is to let them in their house with their professional carpet cleaning equipment and leave me to do their part.One of the cleaners made a snapshot of the before and after results and the results were amazing, just like the photos in their website.The carpet was cleaned and I noticed that there were no coffee stains left and even the old stain that my mother tried to remove with a couple of cleaning products were removed as well!

Prolux are the guys we hire from now on!We stumbled upon this problem and they solve it with great ease!

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