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What are the Advantages of Using Upholstery Cleaning Surrey at Home?

Prolux upholstery cleaning Surrey based company is a high-quality cleaning, performed by a carefully selected team of experienced cleaning specialist. All of us are united by one common goal: to give our clients as much free time as possible so that laborious upholstery cleaning is no longer a troublesome duty for them.

Prolux also guarantees that the quality of our services will satisfy the most demanding customers. It's easy to see this - it is enough to invite Prolux’s employees once to clean the upholstered furniture in your apartment, house or office.

Also our company will be glad to offer you a wide range of related services, such as carpet and mattress cleaning in Surrey.

Prolux offers dry upholstery cleaning at affordable prices. You can use our services and get a special discount on your first order. For regular customers, we offer favorable terms of cooperation.


Fabric Upholstery Steam Cleaning Prices
2 seater sofa £45
3 seater sofa £60
Armchair £23

Advantages of Professional Upholstery Cleaning Surrey

Upholstery Cleaning Surrey How often do we face the problem that favorite soft furniture loses its appearance? The upholstery of an expensive sofa is messed up, the fabric becomes greasy and unpleasant to the touch, or the soft furniture itself gets an unpleasant smell.

In this situation, dry upholstery cleaning Surrey is necessary, taking into account all standards for cleaning and care for both textile, and for leather or suede coating. Why do I need professional dry cleaning? Why can not we clean the sofa at home on our own?

The answer is simple - because dry cleaning of upholstered furniture must comply with technological standards for cleaning products, or recommendations for cleaning upholstery fabrics. For each individual matter, a specific purification technology and special shampoos and solutions are used.

Prolux uses only certified cleaning products and extractive equipment that guarantee not only complete removal of stains and unpleasant odor, but also the destruction of dust mites inside the product.

All cleaning products used by our masters are hypoallergenic and absolutely safe, which allows them to be used even in those homes where there are adults and children suffering from allergic or asthmatic diseases, as well as infants and sensitive pets.

Effective steam or dry upholstery cleaning and cleaning of carpets, mattresses, etc. will allow you to save you not only on money, but also to save your nerves. After all, often home cleaning only aggravates the situation and requires a repeated dry cleaning with error correction.

Our specialists are able to correctly select and calculate the right amount of the necessary chemical, based on the type of furniture and the degree of its contamination. They go on regular trainings to improve their skills.

Why you’d Better Use Deep Upholstery Cleaning at Home?

In addition to the fact that the upholstered furniture is large enough for transportation, most often it is simply not suitable for transportation because of expensive material or sensitive leather cover.

Our company offers such a service as dry upholstery cleaning at home, which has indisputable advantages for customers:

  • No need to worry about where to rent a vehicle and how to immerse the product in the car to deliver the sofa without damage to the nearest dry cleaning.
  • Our experts will cope with stains and spots, and will relieve you of additional problems. They will select suitable imported stain removers for upholstery, due to which the original appearance will be restored and the brightness of the color will return.
  • After professional cleaning in couches and mattresses there will be no eggs of saprophytic mites, which are dangerous because they cause asthmatic and allergic diseases.
  • We use only professional equipment for upholstery cleaning, and we carry out deep steam dry cleaning, thanks to which the appearance of even a hopeless product is restored.
  • The service of professional dry cleaning is inexpensive in comparison with the replacement of furniture or the change of upholstery fabric. And the cost of dry cleaning of upholstered furniture will pleasantly surprise you.

Stages of work on dry upholstery cleaning

  • Determination of the level of pollution and selection of necessary detergents;
  • Cleaning the surface of dust and dirt;
  • Dry cleaning of furniture inside;
  • Surface treatment, stain removal and odor;
  • Drying of furniture and carpets

Why residents of Surrey choose Prolux cleaning services?

  • Each of our employees has more than 5 years experience in this sphere;
  • We use modern technology and safe for health detergents;
  • We leave at a convenient time for the client;
  • We take responsibility for the safety of your things;
  • We give a guarantee for the work of our specialists;
  • Low price for services

Why Dry Cleaning of Furniture from Prolux is so effective?

An excellent result is achieved for several reasons:

  • We use powerful, professional cleaning products. Thanks to them, the furniture will not only be completely clean, but will also acquire a pleasant smell of freshness;
  • Our employees have a lot of experience. All of them have received special training and know exactly how and what to do in order to achieve the best effect;
  • We work very carefully and do not damage the upholstery. The company takes the material responsibility for cleaning the customer's property.
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BEFORE Sofa Cleaning £45 AFTER
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BEFORE Sofa Cleaning £45 AFTER
Carol Yates

After my second child was born, I had absolutely no energy for taking care for the housework. However, the stains on my upholstery became bigger and bigger, and there were all kinds of stains – mainly from food, vomit and urine. Very unpleasant odor was coming out from the sofa, and it was high time to have it cleaned. Although I had a limited budget, I found trustworthy cleaning company in Surrey that provided upholstery cleaning at very reasonable price.

  First, I contacted Prolux because of the reasonable price for the service and because in there website, it was written they work only with eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for children. However, when Prolux experts came home I was absolutely impressed by their attitude, professionalism and attention to details. It seemed they had great experience because they left my sofa absolutely spotless! All the awful stains were removed and it smelled wonderful!

  After the procedure, I decided to read more about Prolux. It turned out this is one of the most popular and highly recommended cleaning companies in the area with thousands satisfied customers. They offered special discounts for regular customers, and there was hundreds positive feedback for Prolux, left in different forums online.

I am going to use Prolux services again, and I recommend them to all of you!

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