The Best Carpet Cleaning Tips Given From Professional Cleaners

The Best Carpet Cleaning Tips Given From Professional Cleaners

If you enjoy the warmth and comfort, given by your luxury carpeted flooring, you have to be aware how to maintain it in best possible condition. For those of you, who are curious to learn the most effective carpet cleaning tips, check our suggestions below:

First, if a wet stain appears on the surface of your favorite carpet, try to blot the stain. For that purpose use a clean paper or a towel and try to absorb the liquid without rubbing the surface. The direction of your movements should be from the outside of the spot inwards. That way you will prevent further spread of the liquid. Do not apply to much pressure because that you may damage the fibers below.

For coping with red wine and beer stains, you may use club soda. However, you should react immediately after you have spilt the liquid. On the other hand, baking soda is used for reviving colors of the carpeted flooring. Of course, if you want to achieve greater results you need to leave the spread baking soda on the carpet for not less than 12 hours. Many people spread the surface of the carpet before going to bed and clean it in the morning.

One of the less familiar carpet cleaning tips is removing various stains with ordinary shaving cream. However, this trick is more considered as a myth and its effectiveness in not guaranteed.

If you have children, it is very likely you have faced the problem with old gums glued to the carpet. It is quite unpleasant situation and most housewives do not know how to treat that problem. The easiest trick is to take several ice cubes from the freezer and hold them above the gum for about half a minute. That time would be enough for the gum to freeze. After that you may use a spoon to lift the frozen gum.

If you have slipped a greasy meal on the carpet, don’t get frustrated. Grease and oil can be removed with the help of a dishwasher liquid. If the stain is still fresh, you may apply salt on its surface. Salt will absorb the oil from the carpet and will leave the surface spotless. You may use the same trick to absorb an oil stain from your clothes.

One of the most popular carpet cleaning tips is heating the wax in order to remove it from the carpet. For that purpose, you have to use a white cloth, a newspaper and an iron. Place the paper at the bottom and apply a towel or a cloth above it. Then turn on the iron and heat the surface. The wax will stick the paper and that way will be removed from your gorgeous carpeted flooring.

If you have cut your finger or you have a painful blister on your foot, this does not mean you will have to live with the blood remains on your carpet. Blood remains can be removed easily with the help of hydrogen peroxide.

If there are urine or feces stains on your stylish carpet, left by the untrained puppy you have just got home, you need to apply some detergent to cope with them. Pay attention on the label of the detergent. Purchase only safe and eco-friendly preparations. Avoid the use of toxic preparations because they may cause irritation of your skin or may provoke various allergies.

Of course, if you have a pet, it would be beneficial to use professional carpet cleaning services. You should benefit from expert procedures minimum twice a year for maintaining a superb look of your carpets.

Another common problem when you have small children, especially if they are girls, is the remains of broken candies on the carpet. One of the most effective carpet cleaning tips for cleaning candies from carpet fibers is the unusual application of butter knife or a spotter brush. You need to scrape the candy careful from the carpet. It is extremely important to clean all the area patiently. After the candy is removed, clean the stain with a dishwasher liquid. Make sure the place is not sticky because if it is, many unwanted particles and hair will be attracted to it.

Our last tip for proper maintenance of your luxury carpeted flooring is to use occasionally steam carpet cleaning. There is a long list of reasons why this type of cleaning is extremely helpful for prolonging the life of your carpet. The most important advantage of high temperature water cleaning is that this method is effective for eliminating all the harmful bacteria that normally can be found on the carpet. Moreover, the carpet will be visibly refreshed, with brighter colors and pleasant scent.

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