The Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Machines

The Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Machines

 Carpet Cleaning Techologies Development

Currently, there is a great variety of carpets, available for the customer to choose from. Carpets make the room more comfortable, and we are not talking only about apartments, but also - about offices, so you should pay special attention to the ways of caring for them. Many large companies spend millions of dollars to create a corporate image. But the inappropriate carpet cleaning machines and methods for cleaning the carpet in the offices can significantly spoil the image of the company.

Cleaning the carpet without knowing the cleaning techniques is not effective enough: carpets quickly wear out and lose their appearance. But in the last 30 years, the carpet cleaning technologies have been significantly improved. In this case, first of all, a professional cleaner calls attention to the structure of the carpet.

In most of Europe woolen and half-wool carpeting is widely used. It is believed that the traditional woolen coating has advantages over synthetic: it does not accumulate static electricity and provides comfort with its softness. Its only drawback is a loose fit to the floor.

In America and Russia, synthetic carpets are popular. Their structure has undergone changes many times. Constantly improving, the synthetic carpet is becoming more attractive and more antistatic.

Different Types of Carpet Fibers

The higher the content of natural fibers in the carpet, the more difficult it is to clean. A carpet made from natural fibers more actively detains dirt than synthetic carpet.

Carpets on foam or polypropylene basis do not "sit down", even if they are excessively impregnated with water, unlike carpets on a jute basis. However, the latter are more resistant to chemical treatment and machine cleaning.

The woven base of the carpet is a certain model on which the fibers are woven. So, carpet fibers can form and part of its base - such carpets are expensive and heavy. In another model, the fibers do not extend through each warp yarn, but in the form of loops are fixed on the base and then cut. Due to this, carpets have different colors.

Carpets on foam or scrap-like basis are less expensive, which, however, does not affect the process of cleaning them, but it affects the service life. Carpets of good quality last longer and can withstand deep cleaning.

Prochem Carpet Cleaning Machines and Equipment

Besides the choice of the right carpet for your home or office, you should pay attention on the type of carpet cleaning machines you will use for its maintenance. Although there are many producers of this carpet cleaning equipment, not all of them deserve your trust. When it comes to professional carpet cleaning machines, there is no doubt that Prochem is the proven leader in this sphere.

Prochem was founded in 1974 by a well-known professional cleaning specialist Ron Tilly. With extensive experience behind him, Ron Tilley was able to turn his company into one of the largest manufacturers of professional carpet cleaning products, not only in the UK, but in the whole world.

In our time, Prochem is a recognized leader in the professional cleaning of carpets, upholstered furniture and woven materials. Such high results were achieved thanks to the highest level of quality and constant technological progress.

For more than 30 years, Prochem has established standards of cleanliness throughout the world. In fact, many people who order professional carpet cleaning services expect from the top rated companies to use Prochem cleaning products and carpet cleaning machines. It is curious to know that one of the characteristics carpet owners look for in the professional cleaning company is the use of Prochem equipment.

Why Prochem?

Prochem offers high-performance and reliable equipment for effective general cleaning of carpets, as well as removing stains from them. Carpet cleaning machines like vacuum cleaners for cleaning carpets equipped with suitable accessories allow you to use them for cleaning upholstery of upholstered furniture and car seats, and high build quality, guarantees a long service life. Each stage of production of Prochem devices and equipment is tightly controlled; you can be assured of the quality of assembly, economy and long service life of any equipment for cleaning and cleaning, regardless of the price and class of the equipment chosen.

Vacuum cleaner extractor for competent cleaning is irreplaceable! Prochem's compact washing vacuum cleaners effectively clean any textile surfaces - carpeting, upholstered furniture, office chairs or car seats. Their powerful suction turbines guarantee very low residual moisture of the cleaned surfaces. Professional washing vacuum cleaners Prochem among other brands stand out for their reliability and quality of performance.

Automatic carpet cleaning machines are an effective solution for cleaning carpets of a large area. Offered by Prochem carpet cleaning machines guarantee a thorough and cost-effective general cleaning of large carpeting. They not only perform the function of a washing vacuum cleaner, but also realize a new technology of intermediate cleaning of carpets.

The powerful and highly efficient Prochem blower is compact and low-noise. It ensures the rapid drying of rooms after their flooding or carpet flooring after wet cleaning - drying of carpets. The blower is equipped with a handle for carrying and a coil for winding the cable.

Prochem carpet cleaning machines are extremely powerful and effective and many expert carpet cleaning companies invest in buying the whole catalog of Prochem products. That way they ensure to provide top quality cleaning services.

When spilling beverages or other coloring liquids on carpets, it is recommended to immediately put a napkin or towel on it to soak up moisture. If you immediately take action, then the appearance of spots, you can probably avoid. If you still can not avoid this, we recommend that you immediately dry clean, as the more time passes since the appearance of the stain, the harder it is to completely clean it. Remember that old stains from some varieties of wine and coffee are not output completely.

The use of household chemicals to clean carpets without special carpet cleaning machines, often not only does not give the desired effect, but can damage the fabric, as well as change the color of the product. Spots that tried to remove manually by household stain removers are much more difficult to remove even with the help of professional equipment.

In everyday life it is recommended to regularly vacuum the carpet at least twice a week. In the office, especially in corridors, vacuuming the coating is recommended daily, this will allow less frequent work on dry cleaning and save money. To prevent pollution in the winter season, it is desirable to install at the entrance to the building mud protection coatings.

Extraction cleaning of carpets today is the most effective and inexpensive way of removing contaminants from carpets. It allows you to cope with virtually all types of pollution. However, you know that professional carpet cleaning machines is expensive equipment. For that reason, it is used mainly by expert cleaning companies.

Ashby Ninja

As we mentioned, the most widely used and recommended brand for carpet cleaning is Prochem. However, Ashby Ninja is also a leader in this sphere. Ashby Ninja machines are used for cleaning of carpets, upholstery, area rugs, curtains and hard floors. Many people recommend Ashby Ninja carpet cleaning machines because they are easy to use and easy to get used to. If you use Ashby Ninja vacuum cleaning equipment, you will be amazed how quickly the upholstery and carpets get dry. Ashby Ninja machines have double vacuum motors which increases the suction power.

What carpet cleaning machines to use for maintaining your carpet in top condition?

  1. Cleaning of carpets by "dry" vacuuming

    The simplest, most common and necessary method is daily cleaning of carpets with a "dry" vacuum cleaner. For daily use, a vacuum cleaner with a capacity of 1100-1300 W is suitable. Taking into account the specifics, it is recommended to use devices with low noise level - 50-60 dts.
    When cleaning natural carpets and carpet with high nap, you can strengthen the vacuum cleaner with a special turbo or electric brush. This device allows combing and simultaneously knocking out the coating by means of a special brush rotating from the suction force or from the action of an independent motor. Naturally, the cleaning ability of such a vacuum cleaner is greatly increased.


  1. Foam carpet cleaning with a single disk
    The most effective and cheapest method for carpet cleaning is foam treatment with a single-disk polisher. The prepared carpet shampoo solution is applied to the surface to be cleaned with a sprayer, or directly from the floor tank. After that, in a circular movement with a single-disk machine (using a special carpet brush or white pad), rub the cleaning solution into the carpet.

    Immediately after that, we collect the whipped foam and suck out the moisture as much as possible using a vacuum cleaner to collect the liquid. Naturally, the more powerful the dust-dredger - the less time is needed to dry the surface. After completely drying, the surface must be thoroughly vacuumed with a dry vacuum cleaner.This method is the most effective for eliminating very strong contaminants and the most economical in terms of detergent consumption. But for the successful application of such technology, a well-trained carpet cleaning specialist is a prerequisite. The management of a single-disk machine is quite specific, especially in conditions of narrow corridors and small rooms.

    In addition, to obtain better quality, the absorption of dirty foam is desirable to produce immediately after cleaning. Consequently, on the one hand, this method allows you to save money by using a small amount of detergent, and the equipment itself is a little cheaper than other methods. But on the other hand, a larger number of specially trained maintenance personnel is needed, the carpet cleaning procedure itself is somewhat longer in time, and a complete long-term drying of the surface to be cleaned is a prerequisite.

  2. Cleaning carpets with hot water extraction

    This is an easier-to-use method, but requiring the use of more expensive equipment. From the previous method it is distinguished only by the technique used - a specialized carpet washing machine with a disc or roller brush.
    The whole procedure is done by one operator and passes at a time: injection of washing shampoo, active brushing and subsequent evacuation. And in circulation, such equipment is much easier, in comparison with the previously reviewed version.
    Cleansing properties of disk machines are stronger, but the rollers are quieter, less bulky (there are models a little more than a vacuum cleaner), and usually costs less.
    Most units are equipped with nozzles for cleaning upholstered furniture. Some models are equipped with replaceable brushes and suction elements, which allow them to be used for cleaning hard floors.

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