The Most Popular Carpet Cleaning Products – Proved to be Effective

The Most Popular Carpet Cleaning Products – Proved to be Effective

Carpet cleaning products are used for everyday cleaning of carpets and area rugs. These are ordinary cleaners with a minimum concentration of active chemicals that do not significantly affect the carpet material and are not harmful in the event of professional carpet cleaning. Special chemicals for carpets are especially useful when removing stains (hard to remove, old and entangled). Stain remover for carpets often go in the form of a spray for ease of use.

Carpet cleaning products are used to remove unpleasant odors from the carpet. In many cleaning agents, active ingredients are added to combat odor sources in carpets. Also, special products are produced specializing only in removing unpleasant odors.
Carpet cleaning products are used to refresh the appearance of the carpet. One of the main functions of many tools, which helps to clear dust and stale dirt from the pile of carpet or area rug and refresh its colors.
Carpet cleaning products are used for disinfection of the carpet, to remove harmful insects (moths, mites, etc.) and prevent their appearance.

What are the chemical carpet cleaning products that can be used at home?

First of all, it is necessary to determine the purpose for which the carpet cleaning products are purchased (for simple daily cleaning, for removing stains, for eliminating unpleasant odors, etc.), since many agents have a certain directional effect. At once it can be noted that carpet cleaning products that are universal and cope with any stains on carpets, do not promise excellent results. Consider the main types of carpet cleaning products that are used at home:

1. Shampoos and liquid products for wet carpet cleaning. These are the most popular formats of household chemicals for carpets. Shampoos are used for wet cleaning of carpets, removing stains, updating the appearance of the carpet. They are produced in different containers (for example, 0.5 liters, 1 liter) and consistency (conventional shampoos, concentrates).
2. Powder and dry care products for carpets. Carpet cleaning powders are used for dry carpet cleaning as well as for wet (diluted in water).
3. Active foam for wet cleaning of carpets and removal of stains from the surface of carpets. This category includes special products that foam well (foam is an active substance for cleaning stains on the carpet).
4. Sprays for removing stains and other contaminants from the carpet. A popular form of carpet cleaning products for stain removal and local application (applied only on the stain on the carpet or area rug).
5. Special cleaning shampoo for detergent vacuum cleaners (for wet cleaning of carpets with a vacuum cleaner). These shampoos are specially developed liquid products, which are diluted with water and used in washing vacuums.

What are the most recommended carpet cleaning products for domestic use?

There is no unequivocal answer to this question, since many carpet cleaning products are similar in composition and capabilities, and much depends on the quality and composition of carpets that will be cleaned, on the nature of the stain (from the cause of the stain and how long ago it has appeared on the carpet). Before choosing the right product for carpet cleaning, we recommend first reading about the features of your home carpets. If possible, ask the seller (at the sales point where this carpet was bought) about cleaning and care recommendations.

The most effective carpet cleaning products are not so easy to buy, since most of them are professional cleaners, which require special knowledge and skills, and special equipment (in some cases).

Which carpet cleaning products are recommended – natural carpet cleaning products or special chemicals?

Many eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods for removing stains and carpet maintenance are popular for many years and have a well-deserved reputation (convenient, effective, and harmless). However, the modern technologies in the chemical industry do not stand still and every year more and more high quality carpet cleaning products are produced. It is totally up to you whether to purchase chemical cleaner or to use one of the natural tools for carpet cleaning we will mention in this article.

  1. Carpet cleaning with snow

The most important thing about this method is to find clean, dry and friable snow. Spread the carpet on the snow with a pile down, then turn it over, uniformly sweep the snow with a broom and wait until it absorbs the dust. Thoroughly sweep away the snow.

If the effect is invisible from the first time, you can repeat the cleaning several times. This method is universal: snow not only gives the carpet a fresh frosty smell, but also removes dirt and refreshes the colors. Let’s not forget one of the greatest benefits of this method – snow will kill bacteria from the carpet!

  1. Carpet cleaning with baking soda

Cleaning the carpet with baking soda is one of the most affordable and harmless means for household cleaning of fleecy floor coverings.

Wet carpet cleaning with baking soda - half a glass of soda is dissolved in a five-liter bucket of warm water.

Spray on the carpet evenly. After 30-40 minutes you should use a good vacuum cleaner to collect the substance and dirt from the carpet. Soda not only absorbs odors and perfectly cleans, but also returns color to light carpets.
Dry carpet cleaning with baking soda - just scatter the soda evenly over the surface and gently rub it with a dry cloth. Leave for a short time and vacuum.

Carpet cleaning with vinegar

Cleaning the carpet with vinegar helps to restore the bright colors of the carpet and kills bacteria on it. You have to prepare a solution of vinegar - a tablespoon per liter of water.

How to remove stains and strong contaminants with natural carpet cleaning products?

Complete removal of the stain from the carpet at home can be accomplished if you act quickly and don’t leave the stain to dry. The success also depends on the origin of the stain.

A universal agent for removing stains is as follows: 3 teaspoons of dishwashing detergent (always colorless) + a quarter of a glass of vinegar and ammonia dissolve in warm water - 7-8 liters.

In order to remove the stain, you have to use a clean cloth or a sponge, damped in the solution. Leave it for 15 minutes to act and then clean it with a vacuum cleaner. If the stain is fresh, remove it from the edge to the center, otherwise it will only increase.

How to maintain the carpet properly?

To ensure that the carpets remain clean for a long time and have a nice neat appearance, there are simple tips and recommendations for the use:

1. Know the properties and features of your carpet. For different types of carpets and depending on what materials they are made of, what dyes are used there are special carpet cleaning products to use. So on some you can not use stain removers, others can not be wetted and perform carpet washing, others need to be cleaned only in a certain way, etc.
2. Prevent the appearance of stains on the carpet. The carpet should be cleaned in advance, just create a set of simple rules at home, such as: if the carpet in the recreation area (for example, near the sofa and TV), then try to eat less there, so that it does not accidentally get on the carpet.
3. Remove the stains as soon as possible after their appearance. If something is poured on the carpet, it is better to immediately get soaked with a clean rag or napkin, so that the liquid does not deeply soak into the basis of the carpet. Also, it is better to remove other impurities immediately after their appearance, so that the dirt is not eaten into the structure of the carpet. For this purpose you can use professional carpet cleaning products or the tested method with spreading salt on top of the stain. Salt is especially useful tool for absorbing greasy stains.
4. Do not use and store wool carpet in a room with high humidity. Wool carpets do not like moisture.
5. Avoid direct sunlight on the carpet, because of this, over time, the carpet may fade, the colors will lose its primary brightness.
6. Carpet should be periodically (every 3-6 months) deployed to 90 or 180 degrees, this helps to evenly wear out different sides of the carpet in places where they often go.
7. Do not dry the wool carpet with warm and hot air, it is better that the carpet dry naturally.
8. Do not use bleach and aggressive carpet cleaning products on wool carpets.
9. Vacuum the carpet regularly. Woolen carpets are electrified, therefore at least 2 times a week the carpet needs to be vacuumed, and it needs to be done slowly, evenly passing the entire surface of the carpet. Handmade carpets must necessarily be vacuumed in the direction of the nap!
10. When applying the carpet cleaning products, do not rub the dirty place on the carpet with a brush, as you can damage the carpet structure, wipe the dyes, the carpet area becomes dim and the carpet will lose its former appearance.
11. Store and transport carpets only in a roll and in a horizontal position. And if you are going to store for a long time, then preliminary treatment of the carpet by means of moths will not interfere.
12. Deep carpet cleaning. Carry out deep cleaning of the carpet is recommended not more often than once a year, but do not forget to use only the carpet cleaning products suitable for your type of carpet. Use them strictly in the proportions indicated on the label. Handmade carpets must be cleaned only in specialized dry cleaners, as their cleaning is more delicate and requires special knowledge and technology.

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