Tips - Car Upholstery Cleaning

Tips - Car Upholstery Cleaning

Car upholstery cleaning is essential not only for the good look of the vehicle but also for the health of the driver and the passengers. With proper care the inside of any car can look great. Careful car upholstery cleaning takes about an hour, depending on your experience and the cleaning supplies you have. Pay attention when using water inside the car. If water gets into the electrical components, this can cause significant problems. Also, do not soak the seats too much and do not allow the water to enter the floor mats. Excess water can cause corrosion, stains, bad smell of moisture and moldiness. Ensure that the interior of the vehicle will dry out easily after car upholstery cleaning procedure.

If you have purchased a second-hand car, then before you start using the vehicle every day, you should clean interior very well. If the previous owner of the vehicle was a smoker, and you are a non-smoker, the remnant smell of smoke will be an issue. Another common problem with the interior when you are purchasing second-hand vehicle is old stains which origin you don’t know. That way you won’t be aware what preparation to use for their removal. If the previous owner had a dog, you will see traces from the dog on the upholstery. There may be urine stains or scratches on the surface of the car upholstery. These are just some of the usual problems people face when they are trying to save some money and buy used vehicle.

Coping with cigarette odor is extremely difficult, and you should leave the car upholstery cleaning process to professional cleaners. I can assure you that without their assistance you won’t be able to get rid of the smoke odor. Even if you achieve this goal, it will take you so much time that at the end you would say to yourself you had to call expert car upholstery cleaning company long ago.

However, if you have huge desire to maintain the cleanness of your interior by yourself, here’s what you should do. First, take out all the rubbish from the car. Get rid of empty bottles, used coffee cups, snacks packages, etc. Also, take all your clothes and other things you normally keep inside the car. Once you have emptied your vehicle, turn on the vacuum cleaner and clean every centimeter from your interior. Remove the floor mats and clean under them as well. If you live in a house, you may wash the floor mats with water and appropriate preparation and leave them to dry. Don’t put them back in the car, unless they are completely dry. If you return them in the vehicle, while they are still damp, they will start smelling very bad after a short period of time. It is pretty sure you will notice there is mold at their bottom side, if you place them in the car while they are still wet.

For cleaning of leather seats you have to use a vacuum cleaner brush. Clean carefully the seats because the leather can easily be scratched or damaged. Then spray some leather cleanser on a soft and clean cotton cloth. Wipe the leather seats gently, reaching the cracks and their edges. Then apply a sealing leather conditioner that prevents the dust from sticking to the leather seats.

The most important characteristic of car upholstery cleaning is the attention the details. You have to devote an hour or two from your day and be precise in the cleaning procedure. Also, you need to have strong cleaning product to remove the old stains from the upholstery. Some preparations are only suitable for textile upholstery. Always start by testing the color durability trim: rub a small, inconspicuous part of the upholstery with a cloth soaked with the preparation you have purchased. Wait till you see whether color discoloration will appear. If you see the product doesn’t damage the upholstery, you can apply it on the whole interior.

It is always better to use natural cleaners when you maintain your car interior fresh. You can use baking soda, spread on the whole upholstery of your vehicle to absorb greasy stains and bad odors from the seats. Moreover, it will refresh the whole car interior. It has to be left to act for several hours in order to achieve the best results possible.

Try preventing the appearance of stains. Use wet wipes to clean the place immediately after you have dropped food on the seats. You may use soft dry cloth to absorb a spilt liquid. Don’t press the cloth too hard because you will damage the seats even more.

You should not underestimate the use of professional car upholstery cleaning services, especially the ones, performed by Prolux Cleaning – the best provider of cleaning procedures in London.

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