7 Tips for Cleaning Pet Hair at Home

7 Tips for Cleaning Pet Hair at Home

If you have a pet, you know it has its own requirements and needs. The biggest problem to anyone who has a dog or a cat or both is cleaning the hair from sofas, chairs and carpets. These hairs can be a terrible ordeal for cleaning, not to mention how easily they clog the vacuum cleaner. That's why, it is not recommended to use expensive vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt from animals. Better head to more specialized cleaning because even after you vacuum the carpet almost always remain hairs on it. You need to learn effective carpet cleaning tips for coping with pet’s urine stains.


1. Take your pet out of the house

To be able to clean everything properly, the first thing you need to do is to get rid of your pet for an hour or two. Ask a friend to take it his home or you may ask even your neighbor. Don’t think too much who will look after the pet. For sure, you will find someone easily. However, you should use the maximum time to be able to clean any place.

2. Cleaning sofas, beds, chairs, etc.

Always start from the top floor of each cleaning. If you can take sofas out – do it. Before taking them out, clean the sofas with a vacuum cleaner. Once you have done this, allow the sun to be able to soak the smell. Leave the windows open to allow any small particles to go out.

3. Look for special equipment for cleaning animal fur

Naturally, ordinary broom and shovel can help, but the difference is huge when you use a special brush or solvent. You can try the brush that you use for scratching your pet, but do not press hard not to tear soft surfaces. Be gentle and careful.

Look for special cleaning products for hair. Besides knowing useful carpet cleaning tips, this is the second most important factor for successful removal of pet traces on your carpet and furniture. These preparations are not that expensive, but they promise fabulous results. Clean all the surfaces at home with these special cleaners. You will immediately change the odor and the look of colored fabric.

4. Clean pet toys

They will also be full of all microbes, hair and so on. They should be laundered as much as possible - better at high temperature, but be careful not to damage them. If you do not want to use the washing machine for cleaning several plush toys, you’d better wash them in a basin with a suitable detergent. Do not use strong chemicals because it can harm the animal. A combination of soda, water, vinegar, soap, washing-up liquid and others can work great. Just be careful what you mix and in what quantity.

5. The toilet

This may be the most boring thing for every pet owner - to clean its toilet. Clean the cat’s toilet regularly and place suitable sand to cope with bad odors.

6. Floor

First, clean the floor with a broom and shovel or even with your hands to collect the larger dirt as fluff or the like. You may not want to use the broom, but definitely you do not want to clog up your vacuum cleaner!

Once you have removed every major pollutant, clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner. The better your home is cleaned from animal hair, the better it will look and smell. Remember, when you clean your home from pet’s fur and urine stains, use protective gloves to save your hands.

7. Parquet, carpet, and laminate flooring

These surfaces are very important because they are smooth and they should be given special attention. You can clean easily parquet and laminate from animal fur, but that does not mean that they do not pollute. Carpets need regular vacuuming if you have a pet. Moreover, you should get some information about the most effective carpet cleaning tips. For instance, you may use baking soda to remove the typical dog odor from your carpeted covering. Also, prepare all available cleaners for flooring, laminate, carpet, etc. and use them. Even if you take care of your pet hygiene, there is always a way to bring a parasite at home. It can hide in the most confined spaces that exist. When you are cleaning your home from pet’s traces, always focus on the carpet condition. With high quality products, you can expect better results. Pay attention what cleaning products you use because detergents that contain strong chemicals are harmful for dog’s health and for yours as well.

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