Top 7 Carpet Cleaning Tips

Top 7 Carpet Cleaning Tips

 In the current article, we'll look at the most important carpet cleaning tips that can help you maintain your carpeted flooring. Let's first start with the necessary supplies, preparations and appliances that you need to wash your carpets. You'll need gloves, brush, microfiber towels, vacuum cleaner, bucket, professional cleaners and disinfectants, carpet professional cleaning mops, detergents and time and desire to clean. To organize and move so many supplies you can resort to the use of professional cleaning carts. In a multi-purpose cleaning cart you can collect all the necessary tools and supplies as you ease the cleaning process considerably. Now we will share 7 carpet cleaning tips on how to clean your carpets easily.

  • Vacuum your carpeted coverings at home frequently and thoroughly. It is the basic rule for keeping your carpet clean and using it for long period of time. You should clean the carpet minimum once a week. If you have a pet, it’s preferable to clean your carpeted flooring 4-5 times a week. You should also collect the fur from the carpet every day. You may use a wet glove to collect the fur easily. The carpets are worn mostly by dirt on them. Oily stains attract more grease and frequent vacuuming of the carpets will reduce the accumulation of these unpleasant spots. If there are greasy stains on your carpet, you may eliminate them very easy with the help of baking soda, salt or dishwashing liquid. If the stains are still fresh, apply baking soda or salt (whatever you prefer) to absorb the grease. After the product dries, which may take several hours, you should vacuum the carpet. If the stain is old, you’d better use dishwashing liquid, mixed with lukewarm water.

  • Treat stains quickly. 99% of stains can be removed with quality professional cleaners and disinfectants for carpets. It is important that the carpets should be cleaned with detergents during the first days after the stain appeared. However, now it is getting really popular to use natural ways for carpet cleaning. It is proven that most of the professional cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can harm your health. Also, they are incredibly dangerous for the environment.

  • Test the carpet in advance. Before you start cleaning the carpet with various preparations, it is good to test their effect on the carpet’s fibers. All carpets are different. Some carpets are very sensitive to certain kind of preparations which may result in a slight fading of the colors. 

  • Use quality products. It is important to use quality cleaners, suitable for cleaning carpets. Before any cleaning it is better to follow the instructions on the label of the preparation and to dilute the preparation in the correct quantity. Also check the instructions on the label of the carpet itself.

  • Never rub spots in order to remove them. The correct procedure is to scrape the stain towards the center and then use a white cloth or mop to absorb dirt.

  • Do not overdo with detergents or shampoos. Too much similar preparations will result in residual deposits on the carpets that will be cleaned difficult even with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Do not wet the carpet too much. The preparations and detergents for carpets contain enough chemicals, so there is no need to soak the carpet too much to clean up. Moreover, if you apply too much water, the carpet will dry slowly. As a result you may notice that mold has appeared on its surface. It is good to check the carpet regularly for mold and mildew in order to cope with the problem as soon as possible. Lift the heavy furniture and check the carpet’s condition beneath. Also, check the condition of the bottom side of the carpet. When you are cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, lift the carpet and clean below it as well.

To keep the quality and life of your carpets, you should care for them in the best possible way. Clean them frequently, be sure to use the appropriate professional carpet cleaners and disinfectants. Also, purchase powerful vacuum cleaner and learn effective carpet cleaning tips for coping with the stubborn stains on the carpet. Another advice you should follow is to use deep cleaning services twice a year. Most professional cleaning firms offer incredible discounts to their regular clients. With the help of expert cleaning company you will keep your home fresh without wasting your free time in carpet cleaning. There is no need to mention that professional companies are equipped with highly expensive equipment which is too pricey for an average homeowner. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of professional cleaners who best know how to restore your carpet to brand new condition!

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