Top Dry Carpet Cleaning Machines for Cleaning at Home

Top Dry Carpet Cleaning Machines for Cleaning at Home

 The timely cleaning of carpeted floorings and area rugs not only removes dust and dirt from them, but also prolongs the life of the carpet. Usually, to clean the carpet you need to contact a professional carpet cleaning firm, where skillful specialists will conduct the process quickly and efficiently.

But why spend money if you can make a method yourself or use professional tools for cleaning carpets that can now be bought at any hardware store. Their use is necessary, since the usual vacuuming does not always give the desired result - stains or spots can not be deduced in this way. How to get rid of this problem and which are the top dry carpet cleaning machines for cleaning at home, we will discuss in this article.

Cleaning specialists use tools much more effective in their work than conventional household appliances and chemicals. These are special carpet cleaning products that remove any dirt quickly and without a trace, and a powerful technique that provides brilliant results with minimal physical effort and maximum efficiency.

If you want to perform perfect quality carpet cleaning, you should start with purchasing a professional vacuum cleaner. This is one of the most important top dry carpet cleaning machines for cleaning at home.

A professional vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning is designed for many hours of work without interruption; it is made of high-strength materials and is reliably protected from damage. More often, using the term "professional vacuum cleaner", we mean a multifunctional machine for complex cleaning of premises.

However, there are also highly specialized vacuum cleaners for specific tasks. Vacuum cleaners for carpet cleaning can vary significantly in their capabilities and technical characteristics, depending on the field of application. So, in various public places, such as shopping and exhibition centers, museums, and theaters cleaning is carried out with the help of commercial vacuum cleaners, and industrial vacuum cleaners are used at construction sites, production shops, car service centers.

Professional cleaning machines are a harmonious combination of innovative design solutions with modern design, high efficiency and reliability.

What technical characteristics determine the performance of the vacuum cleaner in the first place? Let's look at the basic parameters.

Suction power

This is the result of the optimal ratio of the two indicators - air flow and degree of rarefaction. Average values ​​of air consumption in professional vacuum cleaners - from 40 to 120 l / sec. The degree of rarefaction can be from 160 to 300 mbar.

The filtration system effectively deters dust and dirt without creating airflow obstructions. The qualitative adjustment of the filters helps to minimize the leakage of dust particles from the vacuum cleaner. Here, structural integrity and tightness of the seals are also important.


These include bags for collecting dust and debris, as well as filters that are eventually clogged with dust and require periodic replacement. These costs should be considered when planning the purchase and operation of the vacuum cleaner.

The volume of the garbage tank

Since cleaning usually involves large areas, professional vacuum cleaners have a volume capacity for garbage, in some industrial models - more than 100 liters. Often, users, when choosing a vacuum cleaner, are guided by the power rating of the engine. It is mistakenly believed that models with high engine power efficiently cope with cleaning.

In fact, many vacuum cleaners with low power have not less and even higher suction power than their analogues with high performance. The trend of modern technology is to reduce engine power without loss of performance. This is what the leading companies in this field are striving for.

What defines top dry carpet cleaning machines for cleaning at home? How to choose a professional vacuum cleaner?

In order to properly choose the unit that is ideally suited for the performance of the set goals, it is necessary to clearly identify the scope of application of the vacuum cleaner, the area of ​​the object, the frequency and nature of cleaning, the power supply and other factors. Naturally, each room puts certain tasks before the cleaning specialist, which can be solved by different professional carpet cleaning equipment.

Vacuum cleaner for office

Clean office is directly associated with the integrity of employees and transparency of business. Maybe that's why in modern business centers there are so many glasses, mirrors, polished surfaces, large monitors and, of course, various office equipment.

All this requires special care and careful attitude. The vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning the office should be multifunctional to gently clean the various surfaces, including delicate ones, without leaving scratches and stains.

It will be useful to wash the vacuum cleaner for the office, equipped with a dry cleaning option (for carpet care, armchairs and sofas). And, of course, it is simply necessary to clean the air to ensure a healthy microclimate in a room where dozens or even hundreds of people can visit the day.

Vacuum cleaner for a country house

Cleaning a country house, as a rule, includes not only cleanliness in living quarters, but also tidying up the entire territory of the infield, including a garage, pantry, gazebo, various utility rooms, as well as a garden or a greenhouse.

Therefore, the vacuum cleaner for the cottage should have an impressive tank for collecting garbage, be able to work on a battery or a diesel engine, have nozzles for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces. Of course, the dry cleaning function is also useful in order to remove all kinds of stains from soft furniture and carpets on the spot.

If you are looking for top dry carpet cleaning machines for cleaning at home, check at Karcher vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners from Karcher clean the textile surfaces of all kinds. They are distinguished by reliability, high productivity, wide functionality and a wide range of accessories.

The product line includes both compact and practical models for cleaning small and medium-sized areas, as well as high-performance devices that are indispensable for the rapid cleaning of large areas. Kärcher carpet cleaning machines are the ideal solution for cost-effective cleaning of large carpets.

Mobile blowers of universal purpose from Karcher are characterized by high efficiency and very low noise level. These are practical and compact devices that are easily moved by the available handle and special wheels.

The principle of operation of dryers for carpets is simple. The built-in fan creates a powerful airflow, which ensures rapid drying of all types of coatings. In addition to providing air circulation, dryers from Karcher can be equipped with a filter module that helps reduce the amount of suspended particles in the air.

A professional vacuum cleaner is a costly thing. Buying such an aggregate, we expect to exploit it for many years. Therefore, before you invest in a purchase, you need to fully justify your choice.

Spend time, study the sites of manufacturers, look at the ratings and test results, or even better - visit the exhibition or cleaning shops where you can try out different brands of professional vacuum cleaners and independently evaluate their capabilities. After all, there can be many opinions, but own experience is the best arbiter.

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