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ProLux Cleaning has specialized in professional carpet cleaning of restaurants, offices and residential homes for the last 15 years. It offers exclusive cleaning services at the best price in Watford. As a local business, we understand the needs of our customers and that is the reason why we always meet their expectations! Our NCCA certified carpet cleaners can handle without hesitation any problem with your carpet. If want to receive free, no obligation quotation, contact our phone assistants!


One of the most difficult tasks for a professional carpet cleaning Watford based company is to remove the remains of food and stains from the carpet in a restaurant. Fat, which is used in cooking and is carried from the kitchen through the hall, can cover literally the entire carpet in the restaurant with a thin layer of oil, attracting and retaining dirt, dust and particles of earth from the street. Does the restaurant have a salad bar? Mayonnaise and other dressings for salads will necessarily drip onto the floor. Are you running a small restaurant or a cafe? Syrup becomes the main culprit of bright and complex spots on the carpet.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.


In order to protect your carpets at home, office or restaurant, you need to take regular care for them. This means not only vacuuming once a week, but also using professional carpet cleaning services at least once a year. If you are looking for expert carpet cleaning Watford Company for your restaurant, contact us and become our regular client! Restaurant carpets require proper maintenance because they are prone to appearance of all kinds of stains.


carpet cleaning WatfordMany restaurants allocate very modest funds for carpet cleaning. Restaurant owners and managers know that young inexperienced cleaning companies themselves will knock on the door and offer their cleaning services practically for nothing, just to get a job. The result is often poor-quality cleaning, in consequence of which some dirt and grease remains on the carpet became permanent. In order to ensure the quality of the cleaning of the restaurant carpet, the cleaning company technician must own a consistent or fragmented cleaning system, which is taught in the courses of cleaning masters. Fragmented cleaning consists of four parts: time, preparation, chemistry and temperature. After a thorough vacuuming by a vacuum cleaner, the carpet must be sprayed with specially designed chemistry for restaurants (detergents and professional chemicals for restaurants with high pH and enzymes).

The pre-treatment cleaner must penetrate into the frozen fat, which will require adequate time (10-20 minutes). Then, careful treatment of the hot water extractor with the support of a good floor cleaner in the restaurant will be able to smash and collect dirt from the carpet. With a carpet that demonstrates an excess of dirt and food stains, or perhaps carries signs of poor cleaning, it makes sense to use acidic rinses that can neutralize the excess of alkaline residues from previous cleaning. Acidic cleanser for rugs prevents the possibility of fading, and a carpet with a high pile makes it look much brighter. Using a dryer significantly reduces the drying time of the carpet in the restaurant, allowing quick opening for visitors. Using a cotton tent also reduces drying time and removes excess moisture, and even dirt.

ProLux Cleaning carpet cleaning Watford based company pays special attention to the mud protection carpets, the carpets that rest between the transition from the kitchen tile to the carpet in the main restaurant hall (or salad bar), as they usually also suffer from fat, which in turn will be transported feet on the clean carpets of the restaurant. After the carpet has been cleaned by hot water extraction, the encapsulation system can be included in the restaurant cleaning mode on a daily basis. This is an intermediate method of cleaning, which can save a lot of money for a restaurant, and keep the carpet clean.


Shampooing a carpet - not so often used in housing cleaning, this method is still relatively common in the commercial carpet cleaning Watford. Cleaning with shampoo uses a damp chemical solution, which is applied to the carpet by a machine with a rotary platform. The machine provides the mixing necessary for efficient operation of the cleaning solution, which weakens the ground and dirt, helping to remove them from the carpet fibers.

Pros: Relatively fast and easy way of cleaning; well removes dirt from the top level of the carpet; relatively cheap method; It is very useful in cleaning carpets with heavy traffic; excellent for "quick cleaning" and, since cleaners contain bleach, the carpet often looks just perfect in the first week or more; The carpet, as a rule, dries in a few hours, so shampoo works perfectly when the carpet requires cleaning of the lowered humidity.

Cons: The results may depend on the quality of the detergent solution used; if a solution of poor quality is used, it can leave a residue on the carpet, which will contribute to rapid wear. Shampoo for carpets also can not adequately remove ground and stains; it is not effective in removing deeply entrenched dirt; can lead to cancellation of guarantees with some carpeting, is not recommended for application to all types of carpet.

Dry carpet cleaning Watford - the cleaning encapsulating agent is applied to the carpet by means of a sprayer or a rotary machine. The encapsulating agent is applied to the carpet by means of cylindrical rotating brushes, blocks or gaskets, according to the needs of the carpet and the equipment available to the contractor. The cleaner forms a polymer that encapsulates the earth, dirt and dust, which makes it easy to remove all this with a vacuum cleaner. The encapsulation process can be supplemented with a dry absorbent powder that contains a cleaning solution. They are sprinkled with a carpet, and then passed by a machine with a cylindrically rotating brush, after which the carpet is vacuumed.

Pros: Effectively removes the greatest amount of surface contaminants; carpeting can be opened for pedestrian traffic; as a rule, cheaper than other methods of cleaning; It is considered to be the most effective if cleaning of low humidity is required.

Of course, there are other methods; these are the most common of those used in commercial cleaning. Each method has positive and negative sides, you have to choose based on the situation. For example, restaurants often prefer the encapsulation method due to the short drying time. And although it does not apply to methods of deep carpet cleaning, office buildings with a long carpet pile often choose a shampoo method, because it removes surface dirt and dries quickly. ProLux Cleaning will offer the most effective method, extraction with hot water, along with the others. And while shampoo and powder can be justified in certain situations, in search of quality, it is better the customer to stop on extraction carpet cleaning method.

Pet stain and odor removing by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Watford
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Odour removal and neutralisation by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Watford
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Professionally equipped carpet technicians by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Watford
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Jon Milar

I am extremely satisfied by ProLux Cleaning! I am using their services regularly for maintaining the carpets in my home and office perfectly clean. I want to recommend ProLux Cleaning to all of you who are sick and tired of lazy incompetent carpet cleaners who are just trying to take your money, and don’t care about quality of the procedure. I know ProLux Cleaning has great experience in carpet cleaning of restaurants, offices and residential homes. ProLux Cleaning experts use only eco-friendly cleaning products which is extremely important for me because I am doing my best to lead eco way of life! I care a lot about protecting the environment and I choose only eco products. Also, I know they are safe for my children and for my wife (she is pregnant now). She feels dizzy from strong smells so I am very cautious about the carpet cleaning products that would be used in the cleaning procedure. Most cleaning companies use toxic preparations which are not only harmful and have poisonous vapors but also have strong chemical odor.

Besides the positive feedback, left for ProLux Cleaning, the use of steam cleaning method and eco products made me contact them. It took me about 5 minutes to schedule a cleaning service. I explained the phone assistant the situation. I told her I have small kids and pregnant woman and only safe products should be use in the procedure. She assured me the ProLux Cleaning expert cleaners are the best in Watford and will follow my instructions! After all, I am really content with ProLux Cleaning services – my carpets look spotless and smell quite pleasant!

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