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Upholstery Cleaning Watford

For reliable upholstery cleaning Watford services, contact ProLux Cleaning! Here at ProLux Cleaning, we guarantee top-quality results, accomplished with safe cleaning products and


innovative cleaning methods. We serve domestic and business clients in Watford and the surrounding areas of Knutsford, Cassiobury, Oxhey, Letchmore Heath, Bushey Heath, Leavesden, Merry Hill, Meriden, Garston and many more, at competitive and affordable rates. We are equipped with the most powerful steam machines and vacuum cleaners that will help us bring your upholstered furniture in the best possible condition.

What should you expect when booking an upholstery cleaning Watford service? The first question that you will hear when contacting the cleaning service will be about the material of your furniture. The structure of the fabric, its density and durability, and any specific issues will determine the method of cleaning and the type of reagents used. If you are unable to provide information on the material, the cleaning staff will come to your home with a full arsenal of tools to choose the right ones on the spot.


Fabric Upholstery Steam Cleaning Prices
2 seater sofa £45
3 seater sofa £60
Armchair £23

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Prices
Armchair £30
2 seater sofa £55
3 seater sofa from £70

Professional upholstery cleaning Watford

To clean the fabric upholstery quickly and efficiently, ProLux technicians follow a whole algorithm of actions:

  • Inspect furniture and identify the material, origin of the dirt and how long it’s been there, and the degree of wear and tear of the fabric.

  • Select the optimal pre-washing agent, stain remover or thinner. All products used in the upholstery cleaning service are environmentally friendly, harmless both during the procedure and after.

  • Apply cleaning agents to the contaminated surface to destroy the structure of the stain.

  • Hot water extraction cleaning is carried out, most of the water being removed immediately.

  • The furniture is treated with an antistatic agent, deodorizer, and a special agent to help restore the original colour of the fabric as much as possible.

For leather upholstery, the methods are a bit different - some types of leather can be cleaned as described above, but other types are only suitable for cleaning by hand, in all cases using eco-friendly cleaning products by the most trusted manufacturer on the UK market - ProChem!

Remember that the more complex the stains and the wider their area, the longer it will take for professional cleaning to deal with them, but rest assured that our company has many years of experience dealing with any and all issues which are typical or atypical for upholstery.

In our work, we employ the best sofa cleaning method of deep steam cleaning – the most effective way to perform upholstery cleaning. This method is used for refreshing and disinfection of the upholstered furniture, but is not limited to such - the company does also provide deep cleaning services for carpets, rugs, mattresses and curtains, leaving the fabric ideally fresh and safe.

Upholstery cleaning Watford is a service that has to be used a minimum of once a year to preserve your upholstery in great condition for a long time. Moreover, upholstery cleaning will improve indoor air quality. You will sense that due to the improved air quality, you are able to breathe easier in your home after the cleaning session is over. Do not wait to see the stains and dirt covering your sofa! Take care of your furniture now by giving us a call!

Deodorising for more freshness - Upholstery cleaning in Watford WD1
BEFORE Sofa Cleaning £45 AFTER
oriental Upholstery cleaning - Upholstery cleaning in Watford WD1
Stain removal - Upholstery cleaning in Watford WD1
BEFORE Sofa Cleaning £45 AFTER
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