We are supplied with the most modern equipment and eco-friendly

We are supplied with the most modern equipment and eco-friendly

The carpet is a very important part of the furniture of a home, so it has to be kept in the best possible condition. At some point you have to clean it with great attention to detail in order to return its perfect glamorous appearance. There are many ways to clean up this special accessory and here are some of them.

An easy option is to make a soapy solution and to use a sponge to clean it. Patterns of the carpet will become more vivid if you clean with a sponge, soaked with ethyl alcohol or other alcohol concentrate.

Baking soda is a well known natural detergent. You have to sprinkle evenly with soda the entire surface of the carpet. Leave it for one night, then carefully clean it with a vacuum cleaner. A beneficial trick is to add flavor - simply add a few drops of essential oil to the baking soda before it dissipated. The effect will be unique. It has the ability to deodorizes and cleans all surfaces without scratching them.

Another product that can be useful to clean the carpets is vinegar. Make a 50:50 solution of lukewarm water and vinegar. In order to reinforce its effects you can add again baking soda and use a soft brush if you want your carpet to shine.

It is recommended that wool carpets should be cleaned with a damp cloth or soft brush.

If you have decided that these tricks for maintaining the carpet are good but they are not the right one of you, you can try our amazing deep cleaning services in London  provided by Prolux Carpet. We are proud that we have the most powerful tools to fight against dirt, dust, allergens and bacteria, stored in the carpets. We are supplied with the most modern equipment and eco-friendly detergents which in this combination provide amazing results.

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