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Deep steam extraction mattress cleaning services in London are what professional cleaning company ProLux specialises in. Our steam cleaning procedures are performed with an industrial hot water extraction machine and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. This cleaning equipment is used by fully trained, certified and insured professional cleaners to perform the best steam cleaning services available.

ProLux is one of the most trusted cleaning companies in West London, and we work 7 days a week. Expert cleaners offer services for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and mattress cleaning London. They are highly experienced and thoroughly equipped to deep steam clean all fabric suitable for the method.

Mattress steam cleaning with our gear and over a decade of experience is the most efficient stain removal on the market. The power of the machines we operate with lets us deep clean your mattress with the mattress cover still on. In the process, only child and pet friendly cleaning solutions are applied to your mattresses.


Deep steam extraction cleaning method is highly recommended by cleaning companies worldwide. It has unmatched possibilities in terms of stain removal and disinfection at the same time. You should order deep mattress cleaning services at least once every 6 months to be sure you're sleeping on clean mattresses.

Chemicals used by us have been tested for many years, and are certified eco-friendly. They are completely harmless to people, pets and your mattress, furniture and carpets. You can witness the deep steam cleaning process first-hand from the same room, as the products have no unpleasant odours.

The natural build-up of dust and dead skin in mattress fabric usually leads to health issues. Call us today, order professional mattress deep cleaning services, and enjoy sleeping in a comfortable bed. Our cleaning method will remove stains and dust mites, completely disinfecting your mattress.

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  • Inspection of the mattresses by the professional cleaning representative of our company. After the inspection, he will be aware which settings of the steam machine will be best in your situation.
  • Hoovering of the mattresses is done to remove the surface dust, hairs and other debris. The steam extraction machine will have heated the water to the suitable temperature selected by our technician during this time.
  • A pre-spray harmless cleaning solution is applied to the mattress if it has stains. This will make removing them easier for our professional cleaner, and it will take a few minutes to do its work.
  • The hot water extraction machine extracts the pre-treatment, then sprays hot water and eco-friendly products deep inside the mattress. Our technician will extract around 90% of the water he uses during this process, together with cleaning product residues and stains.
  • Your mattress will be left to dry naturally, which can happen faster if you open windows and heat the room. The average depends on the time of year, the condition of the item and the weather outside.
  • Optionally, your soft bed fabric can be given an invisible layer of protection. This is created by the Stain Protection* spray, which will make new stains easier to remove by professionals.

*Stain Protection after-care spray also protects your mattress from a typical issue called solar deformities. Prolonged exposure to UV light creates these on the fabric, and unlike most stains, they are not removable by cleaning. That is why we highly recommend calling our customer support experts to get a free quote for Stain Protection.

Mattress cleaning services

Our professional mattress cleaning services are available to residents and business owners living in West London. Some of our most satisfied clients are in Wembley, Acton, Harrow, Twickenham, Hayes and many more. Contact our customer service centres and order deep steam cleaning for your mattresses and fabric bed frames today.

Please make the first step in ensuring the health of your mattresses by calling us on 020-3318-6387.

Tenancy cleaning West London

Tenants leaving properties should be aware that the landlord or letting agency may require a professional cleaning before returning your deposit. ProLux Cleaning is here to help you reclaim it, as we offer same day mattress cleaning services. Call us today, and we will do our best to accommodate you in our busy schedule.

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Single mattress (both sides)£25
Double mattress (both sides)£30
King size mattress (both sides)£40
Super King size mattress (both sides)£45
Queen size mattress (both sides)£50

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Every year we have our mattresses cleaned by ProLux, just to keep them fresh and they always do a good job. I would recommend Bobi and Tisho in particular who are very friendly and nice to have a chat with!

Annette Kensell
Annette Kensell

My friend and I had just moved into this property, but we didn’t bring our own mattresses so we had to get the ones in the flat cleaned asap. A lovely gentleman managed to organize the cleaning for me in a short notice, and the guy sent was also excellent. Our mattresses are now smell fresh, way whiter than they were before and all that for a very fair price!

Jamie Taylor
Jamie Taylor

We used ProLux to clean our mattresses for the first time and will definitely be using them again! The mattresses were done in just under an hour, with nearly all stains removed as well as the unpleasant stale sweat smell. The cleaner was also on time and did a good job explaining the process.

Mark Schaffer
Mark Schaffer


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