What is carpet bonnet cleaning?

What is carpet bonnet cleaning?

 Bonnet carpet cleaning is considered to be low-moisture cleaning method and is one of the traditional methods for carpet maintenance. This system is used only for refreshing carpet’s fibers, not for deep cleaning. It is known as “interim cleaning” as it cleans only the surface of the carpet – only the top layer of the carpet’s fibers.

It is important to mention that the cleaning agents used in bonnet cleaning are different from cleaning products used for hot water extraction method. Bonnet cleaning, also popular as spin cleaning, is a method that involves the use of rotary machine with cleaning pad, soaked into cleaning agent.

With the help of this equipment, the dirt from the floor is soaked into the cleaning pad. Typically, solutions used for bonnet cleaning, contain brighteners, for instance – bleach. These cleaning products make the carpet seem cleaner and fresher than it really is.

Bonnet cleaning is appropriate for use mainly on extremely polluted areas on the carpet. These are usually the areas with heavy traffic. Most areas on the carpet are usually well cleaned just with hot water extraction method.

If you are going to proceed bonnet cleaning, you need to remove all the furniture from the carpet. Once you have done this, use a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove any debris from its surface. After that, take the chemical you have chosen for bonnet cleaning and mix it according to the given instructions.

Then, you have to fill your mop bucket with clean water, and then you have to soak the bonnet. Never use dry bonnet on your carpet! Before you start bonnet cleaning procedure, check whether the bonnet is soaked enough.

Select a small invisible area on the carpet to test the cleaning agent. Wait for a few minutes to see how the colors of the carpet would react on the treatment. It would be nice to put disposable shoe covers on your shoes in order to protect the carpet from any debris and dirt.

After you have finished cleaning those areas of heavy traffic, you can clean them again with non-heated carpet extractor. The main purpose of doing this is removing all the soap and dirty water from carpet’s fibers. At the end, you need to fill the extractor with clean water and rinse the carpet. You can imagine how your washing machine is rinsing your clothes when doing the laundry! Well, this is just the same process.

Once you have rinsed the carpet, you can take care for its drying. You can open the windows to speed up the drying process or turn on air moving fan if you want to.

The final step of bonnet cleaning is cleaning all bonnets with clean water. You have to use warm water in order to achieve better results. You can leave them for an hour to sit in the warm water.

That way the dirt will loosen and you will be able to remove it easily. You can actually wash them in the washing machine, or even better – in the microfiber cloth rags washing machine. The bonnets are made of rayon, polyester, and cotton. They are the perfect tool for removing surface dirt and absorbing great amounts of moisture.

In bonnet cleaning you need to use circular motions in order to rub the solution into the carpet. All experts advise cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner before starting the bonnet cleaning procedure.

In addition to that, you can rinse out the solution tank on the buffer and on the recovery tank. Wait for the carpet to dry completely and then you can return the replaced furniture on their original places. The greatest advantage of bonnet cleaning is the short drying time of the carpet. You can use it almost immediately.

Some people say that bonnet carpet cleaning is quite similar to shampooing. The only difference is that when applying bonnet cleaning a solution-moistened pad is attached to a buffer. The differences between hot water extraction method and bonnet cleaning are the amount of water used and the use of cleaning agent. What is typical for steam cleaning is that very little or no cleaning agent is used.

Like any other cleaning method, bonnet cleaning also has its pros and cons. Bonnet cleaning is quite affordable method that is applied easily. The carpet dries very quickly after it has been cleaned with bonnet cleaning. Bonnet cleaning is the ideal method for refreshing areas of heavy traffic, like carpets in restaurants and public buildings.

One of the disadvantages is that you have to use cleaning agent for this method. You need to be very careful and you need to test the agent on the carpet and see how it will react with the surface. Sometimes, it is possible to see residues from the cleaning agent on the carpet that are very difficult to be removed.

Again, we need to emphasis on the fact that bonnet cleaning is used only for cleaning top thirds fibers. This is not a procedure for deep carpet cleaning. If your goal is to provide safe place for your family and kill all the bacteria, you have to use steam cleaning process, not bonnet cleaning.

Many professional cleaning companies offer bonnet cleaning as a cost effective method for restoring your carpet. You can also rent the necessary equipment and perform the procedure yourself. Bonnets can be washed which is also a huge plus, because you don’t need to buy new bonnets and replace the dirty ones.

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