What is carpet steam cleaning?

What is carpet steam cleaning?

Carpet steam cleaning is a new alternative carpet cleaning method that was not previously available on the market. Prolux is always looking for innovative ways to facilitate carpet cleaning, improve its comfort, the ability to clean more and more persistent pollution. One of the devices which are able to quickly clean almost any surface from dirt is the steam cleaner. We need to make a reservation that the steam is not a panacea for all contaminants.

The steam cleaner is not an apparatus that will clean the entire apartment in 2 minutes. However, it will allow you to clean up much faster. In addition, steam removes dirt without the use of cleaning agents and relieves most of the bacteria. This is an environmentally friendly method of carpet cleaning, which is important for health, especially if you are pregnant or have a baby.

Why steam cleaning?

One of the greatest benefits of using carpet steam cleaning is its ability to kill dust mites. As you know, dust mites cause allergies. Today, according to the statistics of allergies, every fifth person suffers, especially in the case of small children. By destroying dust mites, we are protected from allergies. If a person already has an allergy, cleaning the carpet with steam will improve his physical condition. Carpet steam cleaning will refresh the air in your home. In addition, steam at high temperatures kills not only dust mites, but also most harmful microorganisms and allergens.

The steam can clean any surface that is not afraid of high temperature. This means you can maintain your home clean with the steam cleaner. You can clean a stove, a burner, an extractor, an oven, a microwave, a sink, a tile, and joints between the tiles. The same applies to the bathroom, toilet, toilet, sink, even the battery.

A steam cleaner allows you to clean your home and your carpets much faster. In addition, a steam cleaner can wash floors, and almost any type of flooring, except for waxed parquet (because under the influence of high temperatures the wax is deformed). The steam cleaner has a nozzle for cleaning the floor. Of course, large dirt must first be collected by a vacuum cleaner or a broom.

Carpet Steam Cleaning and Ironing

Ironing is an additional function of the steam cleaner. Steam from the steam cleaner comes out under a pressure of about 3 bars and enters the iron. Therefore, when you iron the textile surface, steam at the expense of high pressure passes through the entire depth of the fibers, respectively, you do not need to iron clothes from several sides. Ironing iron serves as a protection for delicate fabrics. In a conventional iron, you iron the steel sole, but here you use the power of steam. Steam forms an interlayer between the hot sole and the textile, which protects delicate fabrics. As a result of all this, you will need less time for ironing.
In the steam cleaner kit there are various nozzles. A nozzle with a round brush can clean joints, hard-to-reach surfaces, and seams between tiles, plinths, batteries, burners, handles, and taps. A wider nozzle is convenient to clean large surfaces, for example, a shower cabin, a tile. The kit includes micro fiber napkins. The surface is treated with steam, the contamination lags behind the surface and remains on the napkin.

To remove stains from textiles, you have to use a napkin. Under the influence of steam, dirt is transferred from one textile surface to another. We direct the jet of steam to the direction where the contamination should be transferred and we observe how the spot from the coffee smoothly passes from the sofa or carpet to the micro fiber napkin. Similarly, you can remove stains from soft furniture, any textile surface. Naturally, if this spot has appeared recently, you will be able to take it out without any chemistry.
You see, the stain goes to a napkin, while the carpet is not damaged, because it does not have any mechanical effect.

Dirt and Stains Removal

Carpet steam cleaning is the most popular method for removing dirt and stains from carpeted flooring. However, the steam cleaner does not replace the vacuum cleaner. It's a completely different device, it does not absorb pollution. With its help, you can remove the stain. Carpet treatment with steam allows you to "push out" the contamination that has accumulated in the carpet fibers. If we treat the carpet with a steam cleaner, give it a little time to dry and collect the pollution with a vacuum cleaner, then you will collect much more dirt.

In addition, a steam cleaner can moisturize plants. Everyone knows that dust collects on the leaves, and every leaf must be cleaned of it. If you send a jet of steam to the plant from a distance of 30 cm, then the steam per plant will not get hot, blow off the dust from each leaf and at the same time moisten it. The plant remains clean and fresh, and the dust settles on the floor, where it can then be simply wiped off.

Defrosting the Refrigerator

Another interesting option for using a steam cleaner: defrosting the refrigerator. Usually the hostess needs to spend a lot of time on this operation, wait until the ice melts, and then clean the shelves, the doors. The steam cleaner solves this problem: the refrigerator is disconnected from the mains, the ice is quickly dissolved by the action of steam and the contamination is removed. The functionality of steam cleaners is very large.

Steam cleaning does not replace completely traditional ways of carpet cleaning, but offers a new look at cleaning in the apartment.

There is a misconception that steam machines need distilled water. In fact, the usual tap water is suitable. Of course, inside there is a heating element, so it must be cleaned from the formed scale. For this, the kit includes special pills that dissolve the scum in cold water. The device is cleaned once in 30 applications, that is, about once or twice a year. At the same time, these tablets are absolutely harmless both for the environment, people, and for the apparatus.

Why do I need to use steam carpet cleaning?

Carpet steam cleaning is the most effective tool against pests.

Elements of home interior, which are regularly used, are constantly exposed to pollution and attacks of various microorganisms. They need to be removed more quickly from the tissue, because they can greatly affect human health, and their life activity spoils the material.

Carpet steam cleaning is the best carpet cleaning solution for removing the dirt, stains and bacteria from it. High temperature helps to destroy such weak microorganisms that can settle between the fibers of the material. Disinfection of carpets will necessarily take place at the highest level. High-tech equipment will certainly ensure the quality removal of unpleasant substances and microorganisms from all kinds of surfaces.

Cleaning the upholstered furniture with a steam cleaner also removes dirt and some of the debris, after which our specialists dry the areas with special methods in order to prevent the development of mold and fungus.

Do not forget about the tremendous experience of our staff. They will do everything on time, and if necessary, help with the advice on the care of carpeted surfaces.

Prolux performs carpet steam cleaning at home and in offices. One of the most common ways to clean carpets, which are used by professional carpet cleaners and ordinary housewives, is steam carpet cleaning. Here we will take a closer look at the pros and cons of this kind of cleaning carpets.

Benefits of carpet steam cleaning

1. It refers to eco-cleaning, since the main cleaning element is water vapor, absolutely harmless to others;
2. It freshens carpets;
3. The steam generator can be used with special carpet cleaning agents, which are applied to more contaminated areas of the carpet before processing with steam and, subsequently, copes better with stains. But there are tools that, on the contrary, lose their cleaning properties under the influence of high temperature, so carefully choose such tools and consult the sellers;
4. Carpet steam cleaning is useful in combating dust mites.

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