What is the Dirtiest Place at Home

What is the Dirtiest Place at Home

 Have you ever asked yourself the question what is the dirtiest place in your home? Probably you wonder where there are the most germs hidden in your home that could pose a hidden threat to human health? Studies show that every home has a few such places.

And while some are completely expected and can not surprise us, other literally shocked, because at least no one expected to see them right there. So, let us see which areas are the dirtiest and to think weather we have contact with them or not:

1. The toilet brush

One of the dirtiest places in the home is the brush for the toilet. The reasons are varied, but mainly in the fact that the brush is exposed to contamination from feces in the toilet. After use, it does not pass a basic service, but simply puts the designated place and forget about it. Usually, the environment in which the brush stands is dark, damp, which is a perfect combination of the development of microorganisms and bacteria, especially after contact with the waste that each person cleaned after use of the toilet.

What should we do in order to keep the brush in better condition? The answer is simple - as often as possible soak the brush for toilet in a strong detergent. You purchase a new brush on every three months.

2. Kitchen sponge

While toilet brush is among the dirtiest places in a home and it is no surprise to anyone, the second on the list can really astonish you. It turns out that the constant moisture of the kitchen sponge offers the perfect place for microorganisms and is literally a paradise for them.

Perhaps everyone has thought about whether the fungus does not grow bacteria, but hardly have expected fungus, which clean the dishes from which food can become a real heaven for germs. And that's not all - in the sponge for washing dishes there are actually more harmful microorganisms than there are even on rim of the toilet.

What to do?

To deal with this problem, you must first replace the sponge for mopping up with paper towels, which will greatly increase the level of hygiene in your home. The second is to change the sponge for washing dishes as often as possible. In addition, after each use it is good to dry it and let it drain completely to not retain moisture.

3. Carpets and area rugs

Carpet contains a huge number of small mites and harmful microorganisms. This is natural because any dirt tends to fall to the ground and remained there. Whether you enter with shoes or lace up your door, your carpet is dirty and requires caution. On the other hand, many people are not interested in this because they assume that it is normal to the floor is dirty as it still is for walking.

What to do?

In order to maintain your carpet clean, you have to learn some carpet cleaning tips! You may find such online, in different forums or pages about cleaning. Moreover, you may contact professional cleaning company for thorough deep carpet cleaning service. While you monitor the process of cleaning you learn helpful carpet cleaning tips directly from the expert cleaners. Most of them have gone under special training and annual courses for improving their qualification. That is why they will give you the best carpet cleaning tips for your specific carpeted flooring. Wash carpets often with preparation and specialized equipment. If you are not satisfied with your equipment, you may save money for more professional high quality machines.

Another option for you is to borrow from friend modern cleaning equipment or to rent the needed machines for several hours. There are many companies, offering this option for people who don’t have specialized equipment but still want to maintain their carpets spotless.

If you have a child or a baby, you need to pay special attention on perfect condition of your carpeted flooring. We all know that fluffy warm carpets are the best place for games for the toddler. However, remember that carpets are also the most suitable place for bacteria and germs, as well. Take your time to learn effective carpet cleaning tips, like regular vacuuming of the carpet or removing the stains with the help of baking soda. Many people claim that salt is also helpful product for removing greasy stains on the carpet. In fact, in order to achieve superb results, you have to treat the greasy stain with salt immediately after its appearance. Salt won’t help you remove old dry greasy stains.

If you have pet, urine stains along with fur remains will definitely ruin the magnificent look of your carpet. Moreover, urine creates the perfect environment for growth of microorganisms. So some easy carpet cleaning tips for sure will provide healthier atmosphere for your family.

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