What to Clean Car Carpet With?

What to Clean Car Carpet With?

Many people underestimate the importance of maintaining the car carpet clean. However, if you maintain your interior clean and fresh, it will be much more pleasant for you to drive to work. Also, you will be proud to show your perfect looking vehicle to your friends and passengers!

A vehicle with clean interior is much easier to be sold because it makes excellent first impression! There are many reasons for keeping your car carpet clean and you should know that cleaning carpeting of the vehicle does not take much time. The reward of peace and cleanliness that a clean car interior provides is far greater than the little time it takes to carry out this simple task. In this article you will find the answer to the questions what to clean car carpet with and what is the right way to clean the car interior.

The cleaned interior of the car not only looks good but is also better for your health and the health of passengers. With proper care the interior of each car can look great. Careful cleaning of the entire interior of the car takes about an hour. 

Be careful with water use inside the car. If water gets into the electrical components that can cause problems. Also, do not allow water to enter under the car carpet, it can cause corrosion spots, bad smell of damp and mold. Make sure the interior of the vehicle will easily dry after cleaning.

Cleaning the car with a vacuum cleaner

Remove the floor mats. Vacuum the seats and the car carpet. Use the right ends of the vacuum cleaner to reach narrow places of the interior of the car, those in the seats around the pedals and the space between the front seats and center console. 

Use nozzle with a soft brush for drawing in dust from the panel, center console and doors. Be careful not to damage the knobs, cracks and protruding parts, so little lower suction pressure of the vacuum cleaner. Use the same plug with a soft brush to suck dust from hard to reach places on the leather seats. Leather seats can easily be damaged, so be careful.

But let’s come to the important question what to clean carpet with?

First, you should know that car carpet should be vacuumed regularly. Then you should focus on the stains on the carpet. You will choose the right cleaning product, according to the origin of the stain.

If there is coffee stain on your car carpet, you should dilute it immediately with cold water. Blot the stain with paper towels. It is good to keep paper towels in the car just in case you spill something. After the area dries, you can use glass cleaner to cope with it. Leave the glass cleaner to stay for 5 minutes and then blot the stain. Glass cleaner is especially appropriate for cleaning car carpet because it does not leave any soapy residue.

Greasy stains on the car carpet can be removed with paint thinner. Apply the paint thinner with clean cotton cloth. After that apply salt on the stain and leave it to dry. When the salt has absorbed the grease from the carpet, collect it with a vacuum cleaner. You’d better make a small test on the car carpet before applying paint thinner.

If there are ink stains on your car carpet, you can use hairspray to remove them. Salt also can be used for lifting ink stains.

What to clean car carpet with – that’s an essential question, especially when it comes to blood stains. For coping with such stains you may use a paste from dry laundry starch and cold water.

If there are vomit stains on your car carpet, you need not only to remove them, but also to neutralize the offensive odor. A mixture of baking soda and water is quite a helpful solution to this problem!

Alcohol stains should be diluted with water immediately in order not to damage the color of the carpeting. Always use cold water for this purpose!

Multi-purpose cleaner is a solution of white vinegar, dishwashing liquid and hot water. You can apply the solution with hard bristle brush. Leave the solution to act for half an hour. At the end blot the car carpet with clean rag and open the windows to speed up drying process.

If your car carpet has faded, you may use a small trick to refresh it. Use a sponge to apply a mixture of ammonia and water. Keep in mind you should not use ammonia mixture on wool car carpet.

Regular vacuuming of the car carpet will improve its look and condition. If your carpeting is really wasted you can rent a steam cleaner or schedule professional carpet cleaning services.

If you are concerned about carpet static, you can use one part liquid fabric softener and 5 parts of water.

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