What To Do Before Getting Carpets Cleaned?

What To Do Before Getting Carpets Cleaned?

 Are you preparing for carpet cleaning? If you have decided it is high time to have your carpet professionally cleaned, you need to know what you’d better do before the procedure. You have scheduled the cleaning service for specific hour and you do not want to waste your time and the time of the carpet cleaning experts. Therefore, you need to take some actions in advance – before the experts’ arrival at your door. 

However, it is interesting to know that 7 out of 10 customers over prepare for the service – they do much more than expected or needed!

Free the Carpet from Breakable Items and Furniture

after carpet cleaning

All you have to do is collect all your personal items from the floor, like toys, books, etc. Also, free the carpet from chairs, ottomans, and small tables. Get any breakable items out of the room that will be cleaned. Usually, professional carpet cleaners will help you move any light furniture at no extra charge. If possible, remove any heavy furniture from the carpet – like sofas. The area below those pieces of furniture, also need to be vacuumed and professionally cleaned. Usually these areas of the carpet have darker color than the rest of the carpet. Moreover, the carpet fibers are pressed and have to be restored. 

Take Pets Out of the Room

Next, remove tabletop lamps, vases and everything that you think can be affected or damaged during the carpet cleaning procedure.  Free the room from pets – take the dog out of the room and don’t let it in while the professional cleaners take care for your carpeted flooring.

Cats, dogs or birds may be frightened by the noise from the carpet cleaning machines. It is good to inform specialists that you have a pet, living with you. They should use only safe eco-friendly preparations that are safe for its skin and don’t provoke allergies.

Vacuum the Traffic Areas

It would be nice if you vacuum the traffic areas before the cleaning procedure. Thanks to vacuum processing, 80% of pollutants can be removed. That is, it is not recommended to overlook this carpet cleaning stage.

carpet cleaningVacuum cleaning of the carpet is best done with a professional vacuum cleaner, it will qualitatively draw in most of all the dirt. It is recommended not to neglect the special brushes for cleaning the carpet, if the pile of the carpet is sufficiently long and loose.

Further, the removal of fragments of dry dirt, sand and dust both from the surface and hidden deep in the pile and the base fabric is needed. This is done with the help of vacuum cleaning and vibration installations.

If there are stains, stain remover, accented treatment of local particularly contaminated surface areas. Only a high-level cleaning specialist is able to correctly recognize the nature of the stain and remove it without harm to the carpet. Spot-forming substances are usually dissolved, but dispersion (fine grinding), emulsification and other effects are possible.

If you do not have a powerful vacuum cleaner, you may leave this job to professional cleaners. Keep in mind that regular vacuuming will prolong the life of the carpet, so do it at least once a week. Vacuuming will help you lift the carpet’s fibers and will remove the surface dirt and small particles from the carpet.

An important advice you need to keep in mind

If you recently bought a new pile carpet, remember that its first 1.5-2 months should not be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Before the expiration of this time, the carpets should be cleaned with a broom wrapped with a damp cloth. Use a vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning should be no more than 1-2 times a week. Using a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet, you cannot strongly press his attachment to the carpet. In general, you should first clean from the inside out, so that the dust from it is not absorbed into the carpet.

If you prefer to knock out the carpet, this should also be done from the inside, after which the front side of the carpet should be cleaned with a brush or a broom.

Lock up valuable items

It is useful to lock up valuable items, like jewelry or coin collections. Although most carpet cleaning companies choose their employees carefully, and do a background check, you will feel safer if you protect your precious pieces.

Before the beginning of the carpet cleaning procedure, inform the experts about the origin of the stains on the carpet (if possible). They treat each stain individually and apply different cleaning agents on different type of stains. Many carpet owners try to remove the stains themselves before looking for professional help. The most important advice you should follow is trying to cope with the stain immediately after its appearance. Coping with old stains is much more difficult than cleaning fresh stains.

  • Heavily soiled old carpets with stains are soaked in water to which ammonia is added (a tablespoon to 1 l of water). After removing the carpet, let the water drain and first clean it from the inside, and then clean it from the front side with a brush. Then the carpet is rubbed two or three times with warm water, and a little vinegar is added to the last one.
  • Stains are removed with a slurry of burnt magnesia and gasoline. The slurry is applied to the stain and, after the gasoline has evaporated, the remaining powder is cleaned with a brush. If the stain has not gone away, the carpet cleaning is repeated.
  • Fat stain on the carpet is first rubbed with sieved sawdust dipped in gasoline, then the sawdust is left on the stain for a while.
  • Fat stains are also removed with a slurry of gasoline and detergent powder. This gruel is rubbed into the stain, left overnight, and washed off in the morning with hot water. When old stains cleaning repeat. 

Lift your curtains from the floor

If you have floor length curtains, secure them on the windowsill. That way you will protect them from getting into contact with the damp carpet.

As a Conclusion…

Although many modern carpets are stain resistant, the carpet should be cleaned every 12–18 months to remove dirt and dust. If your carpet is light, if you have small children or you have pets, you will have to clean the carpets two or three times a year. Serious cleaning is also required if the pile of the carpet is stuck together, faded or heavily soiled.

Choosing the right way to clean your carpet and equipment is very important, because some detergents can stay on the carpet and collect dirt even more. Regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and quick removal of stains will keep the carpet between large cleanings. Before you start cleaning carpets or the arrival of professional cleaners, you should consult with the manufacturer about the specifics of caring for your carpet.

With the help of deep carpet cleaning procedures, you will enjoy your carpet for years. Follow the steps, described in the article, to make the most of the cleaning procedure.

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