What to Look for when Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company !

What to Look for when Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company !

The first thing you need to know is where and how to find a good carpet cleaning company. Classic Yellow pages are informative, but they give much less information than, for example, the Internet. Another method is the recommendations of friends, acquaintances, as well as advice and recommendations of experts.

On the Internet, unfortunately, there are many offers of carpet cleaning from unqualified companies. At the same time, such firms rewrite texts from the sites of professional dry carpet cleaning companies and issue them for their services. So, if you yourself are looking for a dry cleaning of carpets, then it is advisable to pay attention to the sites of specialized dry cleaners.

Recommendations of friends and acquaintances should be taken into account if they used carpet cleaning services only similar to yours!

The opinions of experts in the dry cleaning market most fully analyze the situation with respect to the quality of carpet cleaning services, and also point to those companies that should not be treated. But, usually, experts rarely mention those dry cleaners where the best quality is due to professional ethics.

A few simple tips when you are looking for a dry cleaning carpet:

  • You need to focus on the most experienced carpet cleaning professionals. Only they know how to properly clean carpets and can thoroughly remove stains.
  • The low price of dry cleaning carpets - beware of deception and poor-quality cleaning, and sometimes spoilage of the product.
  • Carpet cleaning with foam is a low-quality service, which leads to sad consequences: the carpeted floors are very quickly contaminated.

Here are several factors you need to pay attention on when choosing professional carpet cleaning company for your home, office or restaurant:

Work period of the company

You have to find out how long the company exists. Avoid businesses that work quite recently, try to find a company that has history in the market, everyone is known and which you can trust your expensive carpets.


You can read reviews about the specific carpet cleaning company, or even chat with people who left them. You can also read reviews on various forums.

Service list

It should be distinct and specific with clear prices, which do not change in the course of work on the basis of "too complicated conditions" or suddenly appeared "additional services", not stipulated in advance.

Provision of documents

The contract, the act of acceptance of works - the company is obliged to issue the necessary documents for both individuals and legal entities.

The firm must be registered

The presence of registration is always a guarantee for the work and services performed, in case of poor work, you will receive compensation.

The website of the company

If the organization has a website, then it can say a lot. Trust the company which clearly states on the page in the network information about its activities, and does not hide the address and contact information. Also, it has to answer calls to contact phones and e-mail addresses.


Everyone has a specific budget that he is willing to pay for receiving quality carpet cleaning service. You should know that many companies with decent prices for their services provide excellent quality procedures. It is understandable that you cannot expect 5 –stars service from the cheapest company in your area.

Professional inventory

All solid cleaning companies have professional tools and equipment - the main trump card. After all, the availability of good equipment and the ability to correctly apply it in practice distinguishes professionals from ordinary cleaners.

All information about the means and firms - manufacturers, used by our specialists in the work, you can find out from our managers.

Qualified staff

A good company always cares about the high level of knowledge of carpet cleaners. As a rule, the more experienced the firm is, the better trained personnel it has.

Experienced cleaning masters necessarily have insurance protection:

  • responsibility for the quality of services provided;
  • responsibility for non-performance of work or incomplete implementation of the order;
  • property of legal entities (equipment, tools);
  • from an accident.

All these, just in case, issued insurance help to partially fill the costs of the cleaning company in the event of a scandal.

In conclusion, the advice: carefully read the contract, make corrections to it and stipulate all the nuances in advance. It is better to get on the list of meticulous bores, than to pay with your own property for the inability to distinguish professionals from impostors.

 What you need to do in case you are not satisfied with the Cleaning Service?

Be sure to state your claim in writing and send it to the cleaning company by registered mail. This is necessary to ensure that the paper with the claim was officially registered in the guilty company. Any oral conversations, cries and emotions can not be enclosed in the form of arguments in the trial, but the document can.

Wait for the official response from the company. Based on the results, proceed further. Perhaps the culprits of your troubles will be offered to fix everything at their own expense and you will be able to agree without involving third parties. If not, it will be necessary to conduct an independent examination of the lamentable results of the work of the masters.

Write a negative review on the company website. The positive reputation in the market of cleaning services is 90% formed from the opinion of satisfied customers. No self-respecting firm for professional cleaning will miss the customer's negative feedback.

If the matter still comes to communicate with a lawyer, know that each cleaning company seeks to insure its activities in several areas.

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