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What vacuum cleaner is best for frieze carpet? 

Before answering the question what vacuum cleaner is the best choice for your frieze carpet, we will reveal you the specifics of frieze carpet in general, and what makes it so special.

vacuum cleanerThis is the most innovative type of carpet, relatively recently appeared on the world market. In this article, we will talk a little more about what these carpets are and about their main advantages.

Frieze carpets occupy a leading position in the sales of carpets due to their elegant appearance. What is a frieze carpet? What is the difference between a frieze carpet and shaggy carpet? Which one is better? What are the advantages and disadvantages of frieze carpet and how to keep them? We will give you the answers to these questions, so that you can choose the best for your home.

In the manufacture of this type of carpet twisted yarns are used that are woven into an uneven knotted surface. Such carpets can be monotonous when using threads of the same color or variegated, when threads of two or more colors are woven together.

The frieze carpet has a number of advantages with which we will now introduce you. Frieze - the basis for this material is synthetic fiber polypropylene. By itself, polypropylene has a number of qualities, positive and negative.

The advantages are:

  •         Affordable price category - the fiber itself is quite cheap.
  •          Not subject to the formation of static electricity, which provides such an interesting property as the repulsion of dust from the pile of the carpet. Due to this, the dirt does not "eats" into the surface of the carpet.
  •          The pile does simply not absorb wet dirt.
  •          The paint used to paint the polypropylene yarn forms a compound that is so stable with fiber that it is not subject to fading in the sun. Due to this, a carpet made of such material retains its appearance for quite a long time.
  •          Not allergic.
  •          Not subject to insect attacks.
  •          It does not dilute fungus and mold.
  •          Comfortably carry out cleaning of such a product.

Despite many positive qualities, carpet frieze still has its drawbacks:

  •          Yet it is a synthetic material.
  •          Despite its similarity with wool, it does not make up a good tandem with an eco-style interior.
  •          Due to the specificity of heat treatment and twisting fibers from several shades, this texture is obtained, which most closely resembles wool. The fiber is very soft, but at the same time elastic. Differs in some curliness.

If we talk about the length of the pile, the polypropylene fiber itself can be either very short: from 2-3 mm, and up to several centimeters in length. Speaking specifically about the frieze, due to the fact that it has a fairly good softness and waviness, carpets with high pile are made from it, ranging from 2 cm and higher. Frieze carpets are well suited in children's rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

What is the difference between shaggy and frieze carpet?

best vacuumFrieze carpet has a very large number of twisted strands. They are shorter than strands of shaggy carpets. Shaggy carpet strands are more slender, thinner and have a more elegant appearance. Frieze carpets are made from thick and heavy yarn. The fluffy appearance of a wooly carpet is the result of longer fibers that are not subject to twisting, while in the frieze carpets, there are 5 to 7 twists.

This leads to the fact that the rug turns out with a bumpy surface Frieze carpets are often confused with textured carpets, as the textured carpets have a similar appearance, but the difference in the production process.

What are the benefits of a frieze carpet?

High strength. One of the most basic advantages of the frieze carpets is their high durability. Even if there are many people in the room every day, the carpet made in the frieze technique retains its attractive appearance for a long time and does not wipe off. Since the bundles of lint fibers are bent in different directions, footprints and dirt and even small debris are almost imperceptible on the surface. On a motley surface, the spots of various liquids and similar troubles are practically imperceptible.

Unusual appearance. Frieze has a shaggy surface and therefore is most often used in rooms where severity and semi-official are not required, but rather informal atmosphere reigns. It is appropriate for a bedroom, nursery or say a game room in the children's center. In the living room or dining room more suitable carpet of classic design. It is important to choose the right color to accentuate and enhance the interior design and create a visual balance in the design.

When choosing a carpet for your home, you should keep in mind the look and style you want to achieve. Designers say that the frieze carpet is a better version than shaggy rugs; they combine a stylish appearance with durability. Carpets work beautifully in modern style and can be used as a color accent in minimalist design. They will successfully fit into traditional or rustic interiors and their warm look and comfort will complement the atmosphere of the room.

Frieze will look very good in the construction of the attic, on wooden, metal and glass elements. It is important to choose the right color to accentuate and enhance the interior design and create a visual balance in the design.

Long fiber frieze carpet is ideal for hiding seams. When there is a need to connect two carpets you will not notice a seam on it. This advantage makes them a popular choice for covering stairs as cuts around pillars and paper clips along the stairs are almost invisible.

Frieze carpets are soft and very comfortable to walk. High quality carpet and soft fibers create a pleasant feeling, even if you walk barefoot. Carpet thickness improves sound insulation.

In terms of colors and patterns, frieze carpets can be found in a variety of colors, but, as a rule, they are plain. Due to the specifics of production, complex patterns are almost impossible to accomplish. Frieze carpet is suitable for almost any style of design and interior design concept. It can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, stairs, children's rooms or playrooms. Disadvantages of carpet frieze and tips for cleaning and maintenance.

Caring for a frieze is easy. It is enough to clean it with a vacuum cleaner about once every two weeks. If there are many people in the room, you may need to clean every two, three days. Manufacturers recommend the same annual professional cleaning.

Although it is not difficult to care for the frieze carpets, it is necessary to carry out vacuuming regularly. Otherwise, the fibers may loosen and what is called a pile, as a result of which the carpet will not look fluffy and elegant.

What Preparations are used for Frieze Carpet?

Besides regular vacuuming, you need to pay some extra attention on frieze carpet’s maintenance. In general, frieze carpets require professional cleaning. Professionals are equipped with the appropriate carpet cleaning products and powerful vacuum cleaners that can suck out all the dirt, hiding inside the carpet. One of the great advantages and at the same time huge disadvantage of frieze carpet is that it hides dirt very well. You will not suspect how dirty it really is, although it may look clean at the first glance.

Professional deep carpet cleaning London of frieze carpet is needed at least once a year. It will prolong carpet’s life and will make cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner easier in future.

What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Frieze Carpet?

If you are going to purchase specific vacuum cleaner for frieze carpet, you need to focus on several characteristics. It is good to have a HEPA filter for cleaner air in the room. The most important feature of such vacuum cleaner is the great suction power. It is also helpful if it is easy to maneuver and light.

If you are considering a purchase of a vacuum cleaner for frieze carpet, you need to think about your budget first. This is the point from which you can start. Having in mind how much money you can afford for such device, you can minimize the options you have.

Our first suggestion for best vacuum cleaner for frieze carpet is Shark Rotator Professional Lift-away NV501. It has everything you need – great look, power and maneuverability. It has transparent dirt bin and great red/white color. It looks almost like a masterpiece in your home! Moreover, it has 30 feet power cord, so you can maneuver throughout the house easily.

The second vacuum cleaner that is great for cleaning frieze carpets is Shark NV356E. There are thousands of positive feedbacks for this device and it comes at affordable price! Also, it is the most powerful model from Shark. Shark NV356E is incredibly light and easy to use. Although, beautiful appearance is not the most important characteristic of a vacuum cleaner, it has it! Shark NV356E comes in pure white color, which is pleasing to the eye.

Another advantage of this device is the great capacity of the dust bin. Furthermore, Shark NV356E comes with the famous Swivel Steering technology, which allows the machine to move flexibly around obstacles. 

Our third and final suggestion for best vacuum cleaner for frieze carpet is Bissell CleanView 9595A. It is curious to know this is one of the best selling vacuum cleaners in Amazon! It has impressive design, affordable price and great suction power – what else can you want from a vacuum cleaner?

The main color of this device is black which talks about style and luxury. Its dustbin has large capacity and it has up to 25-foot power cord. Bissell CleanView 9595A weighs only 15 pounds and is quite easy to maneuver. This model is equipped with OnePass technology, which is said to supply constant suction power. Thanks to it this vacuum cleaner is able to provide maximum cleaning in one go.

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