Which are the Safest and Most Poisonous Cars?

Which are the Safest and Most Poisonous Cars?

An American company survey found dangerous chemical elements in cars.

clean carMany say the salons of cheaper cars smell disgusting. True, once you open the window this smell disappears, but that does not mean that the driver and the passengers are not in danger. The reason is that for the production of new cars, a number of chemical elements are being used that accumulate and fall into the body of the riders.

Research on the US HealthyStuff internet portal explores more than 800 cars and scores the "safest" and "most poisonous" cars. Scientists have checked the machines for the presence of bromine, chromium and other heavy metals, as well as their concentration. In particular, the steering wheel, the glovebox, the dashboard, the gear lever, the seats and the doors, the places the driver and the passengers most often touch, are studied.

The first and third place in the survey are Honda models, and the fifth and sixth of Acura, which is the Japanese subdivision of the Japanese manufacturer. Civic and CR-Z have been announced for "safest cars" thanks to Honda's decision to abandon the use of polychlorinil (PVC) in the passenger compartment. Serious criticism is borne by the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, which has found an increased concentration of bromine, and Nissan Versa, which is compared by researchers with a pool full of chlorine.

After the study, scientists give advice on how to avoid maximum contact with poisonous materials in the vehicle. Whenever possible, the compartment should be ventilated before traveling, but it also keeps it closed for longer exposure to sunlight.

Although many people just adore the smell of brand new vehicle, it turns out this odor is not safe for the driver and passengers. Air fresheners that imitate the smell of new car are also dangerous for your health. Regular car upholstery cleaning is the thing that will help you keep your vehicle a safe place. For car upholstery cleaning procedure you should use only eco-friendly cleaning products. Avoid purchasing powerful chemical products that can cause allergies, asthma are other harmful consequences for your health. Moreover, there are some very useful homemade cleaning recipes that you can try and here we will tell you more about them.

The easiest tool for maintaining your car clean is baking soda. It will absorb unpleasant odors and will remove old stains from your seats. Regular vacuuming of the interior is also important for removing dirty particles, sand and other waste from the car. When you perform car upholstery cleaning, don’t forget to empty the ashtrays. Full ashtrays are the main source for disgusting cigarette smoke odor in the car. It would be great if you can avoid smoking inside the car! Don’t allow your passengers smoke in the car as well!

If you have been smoking in the car, and now you are trying to quit that bad habit, you have to get rid of cigarette smoke odor. How can you do that? First, clean the car thoroughly! Then remove the floor mats and vacuum under them. Empty the ashtrays and wipe them with wet wipes. Place cat litter sand in them to absorb the remnant smell.

Clean the old stains on the upholstery with baking soda or vinegar solution. You can spray them with glass cleaner but be careful because it can discolor the seats. Test the product on small invisible corner before applying it directly on the stain.

The next step is making homemade air freshener. Pour olive oil in an empty container and add several drops of your favorite essential oil. Also, you can spread fresh peels of citrus fruits on the backseats. That way you will enjoy citrus scent every day.

What will help cope with cigarette smoke odor is cleaning the windows with vinegar solution. Make a mixture of equal amounts of water and white vinegar. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle. After you spray the windows, use newspapers to wipe the liquid from them.

Placing two bowls of vinegar inside the car for the night is an excellent method for eliminating cigarette smoke odor. Of course, later there will be remnant smell from vinegar but will disappear in just several hours. All in all, regular car upholstery cleaning with natural products is the best way to preserve your car a safe place. Immediately stop purchasing chemical preparations for cleaning. Although they are highly advertised, they will cause you a headache and can really make you vomit. They are so dangerous for your health, imagine what happens to your baby if you clean your car and home with these products while you are pregnant! Inhaling air fresheners’ odor will also give you a headache! Don’t be surprised if you have a headache everyday while you are driving.

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