Which carpet cleaner should I buy ?

Which carpet cleaner should I buy ?

Nowadays, every person vacuums their carpets, but not everyone is completely aware of what really hides deeply inside. It doesn’t matter whether it is a cheap or expensive carpet – they all have fibers, where tons of bacteria and unhealthy bugs reside.

Imagine every time you walk across the carpet in your home in bare feet, slippers or shoes, you are stepping directly into the pile.

Certainly, giving a regular vacuum of your carpet keeps loose dirt and dust away, but does that change the fact that you share your home with millions of microorganisms. Of course not! This is the point where one should consider a better cleaning solution.

Science and technology now are more developed than ever! And speaking of a perfect cleaning solution, we have to take a look at the power of steam. To begin with, it is a general truth that hot temperature kills bacteria. Moreover, most reviews confirm that 100% of allergy causing bugs like dust mites will be a problem of the past.

Secondly, by steaming your carpet, the reduction of the drying time is rather significant, thus it saves a lot of time and, not to forget, the chances of forming mold and mildew inside the wet carpet are almost none. Sounds good, right? But how to achieve all that to our carpet back home? Having mentioned developed science and technology these days, the first thing you should consider on the market is the carpet cleaner machine

Carpet cleaner machines are the most efficient way to wash your carpet in depth. But how do they work?

First of all, the carpet cleaner sprays boiling hot water unit under very high pressure directly inside the carpet area, reaching the base of fibers. Immediately after that, the machine itself extracts the water unit back, sucking out all the dirt, germs and bacteria that have been stuck inside, leaving the carpet to completely dry in the next 1-2 hours. Final result – completely spotless and fully-sanitized carpet area!

But is each and every machine equally efficient?

The answer is no, unfortunately. To truth is, carpet cleaners are manufactured to cover different standards, mostly based on the price you purchase them. Consequently, one should always be aware of what he is buying and what he could expect as a performance. Thus, here I put some the main factors which could guide you when shopping around for a carpet cleaner.

Main factors you should consider when buying a carpet cleaner

First of all, one of the main factors is the weight of your carpet cleaner. Keep in mind, usually the machine itself is heavy when empty, image when full of water and cleaning products. Averagely, that could add another 6 to 15 pounds of the total weight, so you should consider that before rushing to the shop.

Some of the largest carpet cleaners is Bissell Big Green Machine Professional 86T3 with the weight of 58 pounds when full – could be rather problematic for just one person to maneuver. The lightest carpet cleaner would be Bissel PowerLifter PowerBrush 1622, which weighs 16 pounds empty and 22 when full.

Secondly, the other thing you have to keep in mind is that almost every brand out there on the market recommends its own cleaning solution with their
carpet cleaner. There have been tests of the machines cleaning with and without cleaning products.

The final result suggests that the machine’s cleaning performance is still quite relative to its design. Of course, it always depends on the particular type of stain over the carpet, so in some cases, you will need to invest some more money into the stain-specific detergent. As far as routine carpet cleaning is concerned, that wouldn’t be so necessary.

Third of the main factors would be the accessories and what length the hose has. Some of the carpet cleaning machines have only one tank, in which the water unit and the cleaning products are poured. What you might find more convenient is to have 2 separate tanks – one only for the water, and the other only for the carpet cleaning solution.

The handle of the carpet cleaner is also of significant importance – it should be one that helps you move the machine around with ease. Last but not least, each carpet cleaner has different hose in length. The longer the hose, the better, as it will be much easier when cleaning tough-to-reach areas. Moreover, surely you do not want your carpet cleaner to fall down the stairs while cleaning them because of a short hose, do you?

Fourthly, it is commonly known that carpet cleaners are loud. Based on an average vacuum cleaner, it is estimated that it produces up to 70 decibels of noise, while a carpet cleaner’s noise is estimated up to 80 decibels, which could be felt as twice as loud as the noise of the hoover.

Consequently, you should definitely think of buying a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs, which would protect you up to 85 decibels. Surely, you do not want anything connected with hearing loss.

Last but not least, a carpet cleaning machine definitely takes some time. Unlike the vacuum machine, which could be taken out of the closet and the vacuuming could start at once, it is much different with the carpet cleaners. The start with, the carpet area should be unfurnished, so you give the carpet a good vacuum. This way no lose dirt or dust would impede the actual steam cleaning.

 Afterwards, the machine should be filled with cleaning solution and water. Whilst cleaning with the carpet cleaner, the machine should be pushed back and forth like a vacuum cleaner and also the trigger should be squeezed in order to release the cleaning solution. To suction the carpet cleaning products, you need to make dry passes with the carpet cleaner, and if still dirty, repeat wet and dry passes so that no residue is left over the carpet.

Once the expected result is achieved, the carpet should be left to dry before returning the furniture inside. This is not even the last step – eventually, you really have to unplug the carpet cleaner, clean out the tank, and remove any debris from the brushes, but make sure you follow the instructions of the manufacturer’s manual.

In conclusion, it is not an easy task to choose the right machine, is it? Well, carpet cleaning is not for everyone. There are, respectively, alternative methods to get your carpet cleaned by those magnificent machines. First, the so-called Doctor Rug carpet cleaners, which could be rented for a day at an affordable price of £30-£40. But if you are not that experienced, but really want to get your carpet cleaned, then it would be advisable to put your trust into the professionals’ hands.

Go into the web and see what professional carpet cleaning companies offer – they provide you with an excellent service, performed by highly-trained and qualified professionals who make their living by using first-class carpet cleaners, whose price at the store goes up to £4000. Impressive, huh? Let alone, they perfectly known the exact cleaning solution for stain removal.

So, it is totally up to you whether you would buy an affordable carpet cleaner, and start learning how to use it, hire a Doctor Rug for a day, or save yourself money and time and pay for a professional service – one is sure, carpet cleaners are the most efficient machines for carpet cleaning, so what are you waiting for?

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