Why not to wait until Summer to clean your carpets in London

Why not to wait until Summer to clean your carpets in London

Summer is not the only season for cleaning your carpets

There is absolutely no need to wait for the summer in order to clean your carpet. Prolux Carpet Cleaning London offers a carpet cleaning service that does not depend on the season or the weather. You don’t need to worry for the drying of your carpet – using the best technique and equipment will assure that your carpets will be cleaned and dried on no time!

Machine carpet cleaning in London

Prolux Carpet Cleaning provides the clients with professional machine carpet cleaning, no matter what the carpets are made of. The cleaning solutions we use are different and are classified in few groups: special shampoos with active oxygen, shampoos with detergents and specialized cleaning materials for spots (stain removals). The cleaning method itself could be different – in few classes – depending on how dirty the carpet is. For not so heavily stained carpets the correct method is extraction cleaning. This is done by shooting detergent with high pressure into the fibers of the carpet and extracting it straight after this. With carpets that are heavily stained we recommend using the Deep steam cleaning – this method will bring back the colors of the carpet, extract the hidden dirt, remove all stains and totally refresh the carpet!

Clean your carpets regularly

Prolux Carpet Cleaning London can provide you with carpet cleaning on a regular bases – you can call our 24/7 customer care center for a quote. Or if you don’t have much of the details we can always arrange an appointment with our supervisor. He will come to the place that needs cleaning and will measure everything and give you a price for a single deep cleaning or a cleaning on regular bases. There is nothing better than having a fresh, cleaned carpet in your office – this will make you and your colleagues happy and in a mood for work! Prolux Carpet Cleaning won’t take any of your company time – we can do the cleaning after closing hours!

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