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ProLux Cleaning provides professional mobile car interior cleaning services in London. Our highly trained, certified and insured car upholstery cleaners provide the highest quality of service in all London areas. They use the best vehicle upholstery cleaning method, known as hot water extraction.

A commercial steam extraction cleaning machine will spray hot water deep inside the seats and carpeted areas of your car. The Standard option, known as Full Car Upholstery, includes steam cleaning of the seats, carpets, mats and boot carpet.

For those who need a proper detail service, we also offer the Full option, known as Super Car Interior Valet. By choosing this option, you receive the Standard Interior, plus a wipe and polish of all hard surfaces. We will clean your dashboard, door panels, windows on the inside, plastics and other physically reachable areas.

Benefits of choosing a professional car interior cleaning company:

  • Insured and certified cleaning experts with over 15 years of experience;
  • Child and pet friendly cleaning solutions;
  • Powerful steam cleaning machines;
  • Fully mobile service - we clean the car interior at your property;
  • Five-star customer service;
  • Best chances of smell and stain removal;
  • Most effective method to remove mould;

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Industrial steam extraction machines will be used to deeply clean your vehicle's fabric interior elements. These machines work under high pressure and temperature, enabling stain removal of all physically removable stains. Hot water extraction is also the best cleaning method in terms of disinfection.

The upholstery of the vehicle will be cleaned using eco-friendly Prochem products, completely harmless to pets and children. These cleaning solutions achieve the best results with zero side effects, making this the safest cleaning method available.

Our mobile car upholstery cleaning service is available 7 days a week, even on bank holidays, with no added fees. The simple process of ordering a deep cleaning car interior service takes about 5 minutes. One of our customer service assistants will arrange your cleaning appointment at the most convenient time for you.

ProLux car interior cleaning process is as follows:

  1. First, a professional car interior cleaner will attend your property and request access to the vehicle. He will inspect the interior and decide which products need to be used.
  2. The upholstery of the vehicle is hoovered with a commercial vacuum cleaner. This will remove the surface dust, crumbs and other debris from the seats and floor.
  3. An industrial hot water extraction machine will be used on the carpets, mats and the boot carpet. The seats will also be machine cleaned if they are made of fabric. If your car is seated in leather, the material will be cleaned manually, with a sponge and soft brush.
  4. In all cases, eco-friendly cleaning solutions will be applied during the interior cleaning service. Germs, odours and stains will be removed in all cases where this is possible.
  5. Around 90% of the water used during the cleaning process is extracted. This greatly shortens the remaining upholstery drying time, which is the customer responsibility.
  6. If included, after-care services for the car are used by the technician. The products are called Stain Protection spray (for the carpets and fabric seats), and Vent Pro Solution (for the air filters).


Stain Protection is a spray that can be applied to the vehicle's carpets, and the seats if they are made of fabric. It will create an invisible layer which reacts with stains when they happen, making them easier to remove. It also prevents the material from being deformed by sunlight exposure.

Vent Pro Solution is a product which disinfects the air filtration system of your car, removing fungus spores, germs and unpleasant odours. The manufacturer of Vent Pro guarantees 99% effectiveness in all cases, regardless of what the air filter issue is. Vehicle manufacturers also recommend replacing your filters once a year, but by choosing the Vent Pro, you can save some money on the replacement.

Professional Mobile Auto Detailing Prices

Standard Car Interior from £59Full Car Interior from £100✓ Opportunity to book an emergency same-day cleaning (even on weekends)
✓ Seats✓ Standard Option (Seats, the carpet areas, the mats, the boot)✓ Pre-hoovering
✓ Carpeted areas✓ The door panels, the side rooms, the dashboard✓ The machine heats up the water to about 90 °C and with high-pressure sprays it deeply inside the fabric
✓ Mats✓ The vinyl, the plastics, the front part of the air vents, the seatbelts✓ Stain treatments ✓ Antibacterial treatment
✓ Boot✓ Basically every small and reachable part inside your vehicle, except for the ceiling✓ Deodorizing the interior on completion

In case the interior has any major problems, such as mould, pet hairs or paint, the prices below might be a subject to increase. For more information or if you have further questions, feel free to get in touch with us online or over the phone.


Once every few months, you need to order a professional deep car upholstery cleaning service. ProLux experts will transform your car upholstery into a brand-new vehicle. We know how to remove stains, mould, bacteria and bad odours inside the car.

We know that you have lots of work and there is no time for car upholstery cleaning in your schedule. For that reason, we will come straight to your property to perform the cleaning procedure, which will save you a lot of time. All you have to do is call our customer service centres and pick a date and time for the cleaning procedure.


Our company applies the steam extraction cleaning method for complete removal of stains and dirt from your car upholstery. Steam cleaning is the most effective method for returning the colours of the car upholstery and penetrating deep within the carpet fibres. All physically achievable results are going to be achieved with the best method on the market.

It is completely safe for pets, children or people suffering from asthma. It is highly recommended, because it kills all the bacteria and germs on the car upholstery, fully disinfecting it. ProLux Cleaning experts are equipped with the most modern extraction machines available on the market, that guarantee 100% client satisfaction.

Our Clients Say it Best

Bobbi cleans my car upholstery every other month as I need my car for work (I’m a decorator), and he always does his best to remove every little stain. The results are consistently good and their pricing is also fair, so I’ll definitely keep using them!

Allan Robinson
Allan Robinson
8 Feb

Dimitar was really polite, efficient and quick. My car interior hasn’t looked this good since the day I bought it! Thank you ProLux for sending out such a professional cleaner!

Amanda Thomas
Amanda Thomas
1 Feb

I’m an Uber driver and occasionally accidents do happen, not much I can do about them. ProLux were quick to deal with the sick in the back of my car, dealt with the smell and the stains and I couldn’t be happier. They also came to my house, which was really convenient.

Tom Smith
Tom Smith
22 Mar


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