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ProLux Cleaning is the solution to your cleaning problems. We are the helping hand you need to keep your home and office pristine. Our professional machine cleaning services will swiftly achieve what home remedies struggle to do. We started as a small carpet cleaning company back in 2012. Today, we have coverage of all London areas, 7 days a week. Our mission as a service provider is to make every customer a returning one. You can always rely on the team of experts known as ProLux for any volume of cleaning work. From small rooms to giant offices, we clean it all, with a big toothy grin on our faces the whole time! Thanks to constant improvement of the cleaning equipment, we know how to go above and beyond your expectations in every cleaning session. The endgame is to see you smiling at the results just as happily as our technicians do when they perform the work.

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Our Cleaning Specialists

All around London and the vicinity, ProLux has a technician who is ready to assist you at a moment's notice. The team of cleaners we have assembled are highly trained in the art of hot water extraction cleaning. They are armed with the latest generation of deep cleaning gear, and have the knowledge to efficiently use it. Your carpets, sofas and mattresses are in the safest of hands when you have a ProLux specialist on site. We have the utmost confidence in our technicians, as they have passed our supervisors' training with flying colours. But other than professional cleaners, they are sharply dressed, fine-mannered gentlemen with contagious smiles! You can expect nothing less than excellence when it comes to our customer service, both over the phone and in person! We are mindful of our customers and their families, and this is reflected in our cleaners' dedication to the work.

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Our Top-Notch Equipment

None of the above would be possible if it weren't for our high-end carpet cleaning machinery. We use the newest and most powerful hot water extraction gear available on the professional cleaning market. These machines have the same modus operandi as smaller portable ones anyone can rent. However, the power gap is tremendous, and so is the difference between results achieved by each machine. These machines and their assorted nozzles allow us to clean even large offices with amazing speed and efficiency. The equipment is complemented by environmentally friendly cleaning solutions manufactured by Prochem. This UK chemical provider has been the powerhouse of the market since 1974. Thanks to their child and pet-friendly cleaning products, we know how to remove stains and odours with no harm to anyone involved. You and your family can enjoy seeing the ProLux cleaning magic happen first-hand.

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The Company's Development

What began as a tiny family company in Watford is now one of the most trusted cleaning companies in London. Initially, we were strictly specialists in carpet and sofa cleaning. Over the last decade, we have greatly improved, and our development will never cease. Today, we offer professional cleaning services for carpets, fabric and leather upholstery, mattresses, rugs, curtains and car upholstery as well. All of them are available 7 days a week, including bank holidays with no added costs. Our customers' testimonies have greatly assisted our growth as a business, and we have taken over the cleaning market by storm. Some of our finest achievements as a cleaning company were cleaning for London City Airport, Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden, Elstree Studios, BBC London and more. We are also proud members of Checkatrade, Trustatrader, WoolSafe, National Carpet Cleaners Association, BICSc and The Federation of Master Cleaners.

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Get to Know Our Local London Specialists

George K. Georgiev
George Ivanov
Working with us for: 5 years

Sales Assistant

I’m George, and over the past 5 years, I have managed to top the charts of the ProLux Sales Team! This did not come easy, as I had to go through many day-to-day situations in order to improve my personal and professional skillset. I’m happy to say that I’m part of an amazing group of people, who have taught me everything they know, and that’s how I was able to surpass them, as any good student surpasses their teacher.

Anthony Hristov
Working with us for: 4 years

Customer Relations

Hi, I’m Anthony of ProLux, the newest addition to the Sales team! For the 4 years of time spent here, not only have I learned a lot, but I also contributed greatly to the team due to my niche skillset. I’m a quick learner and a hard worker, and no amount of work can scare me – I do not crack under pressure. My goal is to keep finding new ways to improve what we do, and to show to every customer that ProLux is the right choice.

Samuil Enchev
Samuil Echev
Working with us for: 6 years

Customer Care

Hey there, my name is Sam and I am the second most senior Sales Assistant in ProLux. I have been here for 6 years and counting. I love working with people, and that is why I firmly believe there is no other job I could be the best at! Whenever I’m not conversing with clients, I’m busy thinking of new ideas to on how to further improve the office workflow. I’m orderly, calm, and always trying to sharpen my skills even more, as I want to help the entirety of ProLux prosper!

Tony Nanchev
Working with us for: 8 years

Sales Manager

Hello, I’m Tony, the Sales Manager of ProLux – the best cleaning company in London! I came to that conclusion because I’ve been working here for the past 8 years, and affirmed this through many interactions with customers and rival companies. Every client of ProLux is my top priority, and the priority of the company as a whole. I started out as a Sales representative, but I rose through the ranks due to my leadership capabilities. My intentions are to continue developing the team and myself, and to always be there for every customer!

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Boby Danailov
401 reviews
Number of cleans: 4523
Working with us for: 4 years
Expert in:
Carpet Cleaning Curtain Cleaning

Cleaning Expert

Hello, my name is Bobi! I’ve been a member of ProLux for the past 4 years, and I am proud to say there has never been a job which is more suited to my personal skills! Ever since I joined, with the help of my coworkers and the supervisor (who are all amazing people, by the way), I have been motivated to develop as a person and as a professional cleaning technician, and the results are plainly visible. Recently, I was informed by the Human Resources team that I am in the top 3 most recommended carpet cleaners on our TrustPilot account, which is the biggest badge of honour for me to date! But I don’t want to stop there, as top 3 is not the same as top 1, and I will climb the mountain until I reach the peak! I am also the cleaner who covers the Southwest London area, including Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Streatham, Clapham, and more!

Prolux cleaning - cheapest carpet cleaners London
Mitko Ivanov
523 reviews
Number of cleans: 4975
Working with us for: 5 years
Expert in:
Rug Cleaning Sofa Cleaning

Cleaning Expert

Hi there, I am Mitko, and I have been working for ProLux for over 5 years. In the beginning, I wasn’t entirely sure that this is the job for me, but after a few positive experiences in the form of customer feedback and guidance from my colleagues, I was convinced that this is where I belong! I used to think that cleaning is something anyone can do, but I haven’t stopped learning new things since day 1! I’m mainly responsible for the Twickenham and Kingston area, and I must say it is my favourite part of Greater London, both to work in and to spend leisure time after hours. Thanks to the lovely people living there, and my dedication, I have earned several dozens of pleasant reviews in Google, and am in fact a member of the top 5 upholstery cleaners among our team! I’m looking forward to cleaning for you, too!

Prolux cleaning - carpet cleaners services in London
Chris Gospodinov
145 reviews
Number of cleans: 1865
Working with us for: 2 years
Expert in:
Mattress Cleaning Leather Cleaning

Cleaning Expert

Hi there, I’m Chris. As a person who’s changed numerous jobs over the course of his life, I can easily say that carpet cleaning is what I excel at! Prior to my training, I had no idea of the various types of carpets and their cleaning requirements. I also wasn’t aware how powerful commercial carpet cleaning machines are, and what they’re capable of. After I completed the necessary training courses, however, I was eager to do my very first cleaning job. It went more than well with the customer leaving a lengthy 5-star review to express his gratitude. That was only the beginning of my career at ProLux, and I now have over 1500 jobs behind my back. I’m now responsible for the majority of our North London commercial and residential clients!

Prolux cleaning - same day cleaners London
Dimitar Petrov
413 reviews
Number of cleans: 3874
Working with us for: 4 years
Expert in:
Curtain Cleaning Rug Cleaning

Cleaning Expert

I am Dimitar and I work with ProLux Cleaning from 4 years! I was working as a carpet cleaner before, for another company, but since I found out about the way of working of ProLux Cleaning, I started to pass on the other jobs and now I am a carpet cleaning specialist only for ProLux! You may ask why – give a call to the guys at the office and you will find out why – always polite and never giving false expectations to the clients! This makes our job so much easier and so much more interesting, that I can’t describe! I love meeting new people and dealing with different problems in different manners, no other job could provide that much interesting moments and experience with people, so I won’t change ProLux Cleaning London for nothing!

Prolux cleaning - technician Ivo in London
Ivo Georgiev
648 reviews
Number of cleans: 7235
Working with us for: 7 years
Expert in:
Leather Cleaning Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Expert

Hi, I’m Ivo. I’m the most senior ProLux technician with over 7 years of experience behind me. As a person who always pushes himself to do better, I’ve managed to become to go-to technician of most agencies ProLux currently works with. I’m someone who the company can rely on, and is easy to communicate with. I also maintain good relationships with my colleagues, and I really do enjoy my time working for this company, as it really doesn’t feel like work to me! Over the years, I’ve seen and dealt with all types of issues over carpets and upholstery, and I can honestly say – nothing can surprise or challenge me! My main goal for the years to come is to keep improving, and to help ProLux achieve the status of the best steam cleaning company in all of London.

Prolux cleaning - proffesional carpet cleaners London
Nikola Panayotov
188 reviews
Number of cleans: 1440
Working with us for: 2 years
Expert in:
Sofa Cleaning Mattress Cleaning

Cleaning Expert

I’m Nicola – the newest addition to the ProLux squad! I joined ProLux in the beginning of 2022, as a friend (Tisho) who was already working there recommended me. I managed to learn the basics really quickly and before you know it, I had the needed knowledge and ability to deal with problems of various origins and age. Removing stains and marks, and bringing new life to the items of our clients brings me joy, and it’s definitely a plus that I’m getting paid for it! I’m currently working with customers in my local area, Orpington, but I know that with the good reviews that I’m getting, I’ll soon be responsible for the whole South-East London area. I hope to serve ProLux for many more years to come and to put a smile on as many customers as possible!

Prolux cleaning - technician Tisho in London
Tisho Todorov
612 reviews
Number of cleans: 6541
Working with us for: 7 years
Expert in:
Rug Cleaning Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Expert

Hey, this is Tisho – I have been with ProLux for the past 7 years, and I have no plans on going anywhere else. This company has taught me a lot about my job, and about people as well! I have had the lucky opportunity to clean at many residential and commercial locations, but I am always looking forward to the next one, as that is the most important. I like to think I can find an approach to people, which is why my spot in the 3 most preferred technicians is cemented! The areas I visit the most are Shepherd’s Bush, Hammersmith and Ealing, and other West London regions. For some people, this amount of time at the same job may be considered a chore – which is definitely not the case with me, because I love what I do, helping people and being a part of ProLux!

Valentin carpet cleaner
Valentin Aleksiev
374 reviews
Number of cleans: 3326
Working with us for: 3 years
Expert in:
Leather Cleaning Curtain Cleaning

Cleaning Expert

Hey there, I’m Valentin. I’m an easy-going guy who loves his job and is always ready for a new challenge. I’ve been with ProLux for almost 3 years now and in London for almost 4. To be perfectly honest, I never had intentions of becoming a cleaner, especially when I lived my home country. In the UK, however, I understood that professional carpet cleaning technicians are not your regular cleaners. To be a great carpet cleaning expert requires good chemistry knowledge, experience, a desire to improve, and a will to never give up! I’ve dealt with stains from dried paint, mould, rust, curry and almost anything you can think of. The truth is, if you put your mind to it and have the needed tools, anything is possible. I currently cover the area of Central London and most of my jobs are at restaurants and hotels. I wish to keep improving at what I do and to continue residing at one the most amazing capitals in the world!

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