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What is stairs carpet cleaning in London?

Having clean carpeted stairs is essential for many reasons and can keep your home’s aesthetics appealing and hygienic. Investing in a carpet cleaner service is one of the best ways to ensure your floors are clean, remove stains, and eliminate any dirt causing your carpet to look less than gorgeous.

From getting rid of pet dander to identifying and tackling tough spots, a professional steam clean carpet service like ProLux Cleaning is a must-have any homeowner or business. We provide the highest quality carpet cleaning services in London, and our trained technicians are fully equipped with all the industrial steam cleaning machines and products your carpet needs to look flawless and stay clean.

By choosing ProLux, you rely on 12+ years of experience in the art of steam cleaning and stain removal. We are committed to exceeding your expectations, however high they may be!

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ProLux: Reliable Carpet Cleaning Experts

Gone are the days of baking soda and white vinegar – ProLux Cleaning has everything you need to remove stains, dust and dirt and make cleaning stairs easier. All ProLux carpet cleaners are expertly trained and are fully equipped with premium quality steam cleaning machines and eco-friendly solutions.

Since 2011, we have completed over 90, 000 stairs cleaning jobs, encountaring all types of carpets and carpet problems. We offer competitive prices and flexibility, working 7 days a week including bank and national holidays.

Benefits of choosing ProLux Cleaning as your cleaning provider

  • Our technicians are fully insured to make regularly cleaning your floor as safe and secure as possible.
  • Our technicians provide advanced attention to detail to address every inch of your synthetic or wool carpet, allowing us to remove dirt that other services might overlook. For our professionals, no job is too big or too small.
  • All ProLux cleaners have completed numerous training courses from the likes of Woolsafe, NCCA and Clean-Smart.
  • For your peace of mind, we use safe cleaning products by Prochem, allowing us to remove all the dust and dirt that has made your stair carpet less appealing.
  • ProLux technicians have all the advanced equipment necessary to get the job done to your liking. From a soft brush for scrubbing to advanced equipment for the final vacuuming process, we have what it takes to clean your floor.
  • We can remove any stain you can imagine, from tea to coffee, red wine, vomit, urine, ink, paint, mould, and more. No matter what stains are plaguing your home, we’ve got you covered.
  • Preferential prices for landlords and businesses.
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Stairs Carpet Cleaning Prices in London

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Landingfrom £15from £10
Office Stairsfrom £4from £3 per step

How We Approach the Carpet on Stairs Cleaning Process

The carpet-on-stairs cleaning process is a delicate journey that requires a special touch and attention to detail every step. ProLux Cleaning provides top-quality, eco-friendly cleaning solutions to get your carpet fresher than ever before. Our technicians are expertly trained and incredibly skilled in carpet cleaning guaranteeing perfect results every single time.

ProLux Cleaning uses high-quality equipment, including a professional hoover, an industrial steam cleaner with two water tanks, and more for the ultimate deep clean. When you choose ProLux Cleaning, you’re guaranteed a service you can trust.

But what does the specific cleaning process with ProLux look like? The following are the steps we take to clean your carpet and get it just how you want it to look.


Achieving a clean carpet begins with a thorough inspection from ProLux Cleaning. During the inspection process, our technicians will assess your carpet, identify its type, and locate the tough stains and marks to be cleaned.

Understanding if the carpet is woollen or synthetic is an essential part of the cleaning process. Woollen or natural carpets require a very specific approach. The water temperature used in the cleaning process must not exceed 30°C. Additionally, the suction power needed for an efficient wool carpet clean is higher than the one needed to clean synthetic carpets.

And because stairs are typically a high-traffic area, our technicians pay close attention to every detail to ensure we have the information we need for the ultimate cleaning experience.

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After - staircase expert cleaning London

Vacuuming and Pre-spray Application

After the inspection, we will vacuum the carpet in order to lift built-in dirt and dust from your carpet fibers. The technician will focus on the heavy foot traffic areas, as well as the edges of the carpet.

Following the vacuuming process, our technicians apply a pre-spray product to help loosen up the remaining dirt on your carpet. This cleaning solution spray assists in achieving a deep clean carpet on stairs.

Agitation of Spray

After we apply carpet shampoo, we agitate the solution using a brush, such as a stiff brush, scrubbing brush, or stiff broom. Agitating the spray and using a scrub brush will help remove tough stains and loosen up dirt on your carpet that the dry vacuum couldn’t remove.

Hot Water Extraction and Stain Removal

Once the pre-spray has been agitated, our technicians use an industrial hot water extraction machine to thoroughly clean your carpet. During this process, steam cleaners spray warm water directly into the carpet under high pressure, emptying the dirty water into a tank. This step removes most stubborn stains, dander, and other allergens for the cleanest carpeted floors possible.

Further Treatments

If the hot water extraction machine doesn’t remove all stains or visible issues with your carpet, our technicians will use further treatment methods and spot cleaning to clean it and leave it disinfected and deodorised.

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After - Staircase Carpet Cleaning London

Carpet Drying and How to Speed it Up

Once your carpet is cleaned to perfection, the drying process begins. While we use equipment with significant suction power to ensure your floors are as dry as possible, the carpet will still need some time to fully dry. Depending on the time of the year, the drying may take around an hour, or if it's quite cold around 6 or so hours. We recommend leaving windows open or having the heating on to ensure even faster drying.

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The Benefits of Having Your Staircase Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Cleaning carpet isn’t the same as cleaning wooden stairs. Clean carpeted stairs are necessary for several reasons, and a professional carpet cleaner like the technicians at ProLux Cleaning has everything you need to achieve the floors of your dreams. But what are the specific benefits of having your carpet professionally cleaned? Below are just a few!

Enhance Your Home’s Natural Beauty

You love your home – and a clean carpet is the perfect way to express that love. A thorough cleaning will make your carpet look better than ever, giving it a refreshed and revitalised appearance that does wonders for your home. To help your home’s natural beauty shine, there’s nothing better than having clean carpeted stairs.

Protect Your Health

Cleaning your carpeted stairs doesn’t only bring out your home’s beauty but also has potential health benefits that can keep you safe and sound. Stairs are a hub for pet hair and stubborn dirt that can irritate, especially for people with allergies. Well-maintained stairs remove hair and other allergens that cause this irritation, ensuring you stay happy and healthy while relaxing in your home.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

Your home should be the ultimate source of comfort, and cleaning your carpet stairs is the perfect way to make this comfort a reality. Clean stairs help your home shine and foster a welcoming environment where you and your guests feel protected and content, making deep cleaning a must for anyone with carpeted stairs.

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What are the Challenges of Cleaning Carpeted Stairs?

Clean stairs carpet is ideal for any home, and at first consideration, it might seem like a simple process. While achieving a clean carpet is within reach, getting the job done can be a significant challenge without the help of professional services like ProLux Cleaning. But what are the specific challenges you’ll face if you choose regular cleaning without help from a professional? Below are a few issues you might encounter.

Identifying the Type of Carpet to be Cleaned

The first step in the deep cleaning process requires you to understand what type of carpet you’ll be cleaning – synthetic or natural. Depending on your type of carpet, you’ll need to use a unique cleaning solution, and making the wrong choice can cost you. A professional service can determine the type of carpet you need to be cleaned and make the right decision to clean carpet stairs effectively and safely.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Products

Numerous products boast the ability to clean your carpet, and choosing the right cleaning product can be a hassle if you aren’t sure what to look for. Unfortunately, cleaning your carpet isn’t as easy as getting a spray bottle and some cleaning solution, making a professional cleaning service ideal to ensure your carpets get as clean as possible.

Finding the Appropriate Machine Settings

A carpet cleaning machine is the way to go for many deep cleaning processes, but finding the right steam cleaner and setting it to the appropriate setting is challenging if you aren’t a professional. You might try setting after setting, unable to locate the right one to clean your carpet and eliminate embedded dirt. A professional cleaning service is an easy way to avoid this issue.

Cleaning the Edges of the Carpet

Specific areas of your carpet will require unique attention and cleaning, such as the edges of your carpet stairs. All the dirt in your carpet bunches up at the edges, and this area often requires greater attention to detail to get it thoroughly cleaned. While you might not be able to get this part of your stairs cleaned to your liking, a professional cleaning service will be able to address every inch of your carpet to guarantee it’s cleaned flawlessly.

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From carpeted steps to a small carpet runner, there’s nothing like clean floors to breathe new life into your home. ProLux Cleaning is available for emergency same-day cleaning services to help you when you need us most, assisting London residents 7 days a week – even on bank holidays!

You can contact ProLux Cleaning today for a free quote over the phone, through our website, or via WhatsApp and get clean carpets in no time. Get a quote today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Having your stairs carpet cleaned once every six months helps keep the stairs spotless and prolongs the carpet's lifespan.

The absolute best method to have your stairs carpet professionally cleaned is with steam cleaning. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is a water-based method performed with industrial machines and professional grade products.

Yes, we recommend using a regular vacuum to clean your carpeted stairs. You should hoover once a week at a minimum, and even more often if you have pets or children. Neglecting carpet vacuuming may lead to serious dust and dirt build, which wears down the carpet and can cause allergic reactions.

Removing stains from carpeted stairs may be a challenge, depending on the type of stain and the material of the carpet. Stains from regular dirt, ketchup, coke and greasy foods, can often be removed with a sponge and soapy water. Other issues, such as red wine, vomit, tea or coffee, are best left to professionals, especially if the carpet is made of natural fibres.

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