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Expert Curtain Cleaning London

Are you looking for mobile professional curtain cleaners?

ProLux Cleaning company has been performing top quality professional curtain cleaning services in London for over 15 years. Our fully insured, certified and experienced curtain cleaners cover all of London and its surrounding areas. By choosing our company, you're choosing exactly what your curtains require in terms of care.

We perform curtain cleaning services using powerful steam machines by leading manufacturers. They are made to operate under different settings for water pressure and temperature. This enables us to safely deep steam clean your curtains, blinds and other drapery.

All ProLux Cleaning services are performed with eco-friendly cleaning solutions by Prochem. These cleaning products are completely harmless to children and pets, and suitable for all curtain types. Bacteria treatments, stain removers and deodorizers are always included in our affordable prices.

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Professional curtain cleaning London

For more than a decade, highly trained professional cleaners of our company have been cleaning curtains throughout London. The constant training of our staff has enabled them to become master cleaners, able to safely clean all kinds of curtains.

With industrial hot water extraction machines, we deeply clean and disinfect your curtains at your residential or commercial property. You do not need to detach or bring your curtains anywhere, as the cleaning is performed on site while they hang. Bear in mind, we are unable to detach or reattach your curtains, as we cannot clean them if they are not hung.

Our experts in curtain care work 7 days a week to fit your schedule accordingly. You can book a professional curtain cleaning, upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning service at the most convenient time. Simply call us today, and our award-winning customer service team will assist you.

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How professional cleaning of curtains takes place?

  1. A highly experienced curtain cleaner of our company attends your property and performs an inspection of your curtain sets. He will select the best way to clean them based on his assessment.
  2. The curtains are hoovered with a commercial vacuum cleaner, so the majority of dust can be extracted. This step is required before the steam machine can be used on the drapery.
  3. Stained areas are sprayed with a pre-treatment product, which dissolves dirt particles and stains on your blinds and curtains.
  4. The hot water extraction machine is used to spray heated water and eco-friendly cleaning solutions into the curtain fabric. The products are the highest quality stain removers and bacteria treatments.
  5. Around 90% of the water used during the cleaning process is immediately extracted. The remaining moisture takes a couple of hours to fully dry out after the cleaning.
  6. If included by the client, Stain Protection can be added for your curtains. This is an after-care spray that makes the curtains much more resistant to stains and being deformed by sunlight.

Expert drapery curtain and blind cleaning in London

Curtain and blind cleaning

Our professional cleaning company has the necessary knowledge and experience to clean all kinds of drapery for our customers. All manner of curtains and fabric blinds which are suitable for the method can be hot water extraction cleaned. In all cases, curtain cleaning is done more carefully than carpet or upholstery cleaning.

Tenancy cleaning London

When you are about to end your tenancy, the letting agency may request professional deep cleaning of the whole property. ProLux offers top quality deep steam cleaning services for curtains, carpets, rugs and upholstery. Due to the flexibility of our mobile teams, you can even order an emergency same day cleaning service.

Curtain dry cleaning

Certain types of curtains or blinds are not suited for water-based cleaning methods. If you are unsure how your curtains should be cleaned, contact ProLux professionals over the phone or online. Our customer service centres are open 24/7, so you can always call to make an inquiry and receive a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions for Curtain Cleaning

Our technicians are equipped with ladders for every curtain cleaning appointment. We are able to reach most curtains hanging in houses and flats. For commercial areas with curtains, don't hesitate to get in touch, and we will offer a solution for your curtain cleaning issues.

Yes, the curtains are hoovered before being steam cleaned, as any other material we clean. Our specialist will hoover the entirety of your curtains before proceeding to use the powerful steam machine on them. We also recommend dusting them yourself at least once a month, since curtains are a known filter for dust and other microparticles, and as such need regular care.

The average drying time for curtains is more or less the same as the drying time for carpets - around 1 to 3 hours, which may vary during the year. It may be longer than that in the colder periods. However, curtains may dry even faster in the warmer part of the year, due to being adjacent to windows, where sunlight and direct airflow allow for rapid drying.

Due to the nature of our cleaning method, we require the curtains to be hanging in order to be able to clean them. If they are detached and placed over an object, it will prove difficult to perform the service by our company standards. Therefore, we ask that your curtains are hung before our technician attends, so he can properly clean them when he arrives.

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Curtain Cleaning Prices

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Half length (1.5m x 4m)£35£30
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Our Clients Say it Best

We had to steam clean our curtains and blinds as part of our end of tenancy agreement, and as ProLux were the first company we called! They were on time, really professional and we’d definitely recommend their services.

Amy Bell
Amy Bell
23 Feb 2022

Ivo just finished cleaning our silk curtains and we’re really happy with the results! The job was done reasonably quickly and for a fair price as well. I’ll definitely be using ProLux and in particular Ivo in the future!

Jeanette Wood
Jeanette Wood
19 Apr 2022

We had our office curtains cleaned by ProLux over the weekend and once we came in on Monday we were all pleasantly surprised by how good they curtains now looked! They also smell lovely and will likely serve us another year or two! Thank you guys!

Kevin Davies
Kevin Davies
22 Feb 2022

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