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Carpet cleaning London is the speciality of professional cleaning company ProLux. Based in London, we have more than 12 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry. Our professional carpet cleaners have a satisfaction rate of over 98%!

They are always ready to deal with any type of carpet cleaning service whether it's domestic or commercial. Our carpet technicians are capable of providing stain and smell removal, dirt extraction and disinfection of your carpet flooring.

The Carpet Cleaning London service is never the same with ProLux’s trained and qualified professional deep steam carpet cleaners. They are equipped with first-class cleaning machines and completely harmless and eco-friendly cleaning products. ProLux offers affordable prices, special discounts and even emergency services! We are a company with high renown in the London area.

Prolux Cleaning covers all London areas and some partly outside. Some of our regular customers are in areas such as: Enfield, Ilford, Dagenham, Twickenham, Croydon, Bromley and many more. If you’re in London and unsure if we cover your area, get in touch with us via phone or email.

Carpet cleaning services by ProLux include:

  • Allergen removal - pet fur, dust, etc
  •  Steam extraction, done with industrial machines, is the number 1 stain removal method
  •  Harmless, eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  •  Bacteria removal - use of the most efficient sanitizers
  •  100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  •  Free pre-treatment
  •  Flexible worktime - 24/7 even on bank holidays
  •  Hot water extraction cleaning
  •  Our carpet cleaners are certified, insured and highly trained

We, with our experienced cleaners, are there to help you efficiently get rid of spots from your carpets and rugs. Our eco-friendly cleaning agents and hot water extraction carpet cleaning method is the best way to clean any carpet fibers.

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Steam extraction cleaning is the most efficient way to clean most carpet types. It's a water-based cleaning method, performed with the assistance of cleaning products that are harmless to people, pets and babies. The method is the best at stain and smell removal and will leave your carpets completely disinfected. This deep cleaning procedure guarantees the new fresh look and feel of the carpets that you have been looking for!

No matter if you live in Central London or Greater London, we will be able to assist you. Our steam carpet cleaning teams are always ready to deal with any kind of stains, such as wine, tea, coffee, etc.

Call our customer service centres, open 7 days a week, and get a free quote from our office assistants. They will be more than happy to answer all your questions related to the hot water extraction cleaning method.

Our technicians clean all types of carpets, no matter domestic or commercial! Contact us and you will get in touch with one of our experienced operators. They are more than capable of handling your order and answering any questions you might have. All customer support members can inform you about the cleaning method, the chemical solutions, the drying time, and more!

Same day carpet cleaning services and stain removal

Do you need your carpet stains removed urgently, but you're on a tight budget? Fear not - ProLux offers affordable same-day stain removal services available to all London citizens and even those situated partly outside. We will come to you on a short notice and steam clean your carpet to the highest possible standard. 

With us, customer satisfaction is guaranteed thanks to our individual approach to each and every client. We treat your carpets as if they are our own, so you will always be happy! Trust ProLux and have the peace of mind that all your stains will be treated accordingly and the pristine condition of your carpet will be restored. To book an appointment is very easy thanks to our skilful customer service assistants, and it only takes 5 minutes. We can be contacted via phone, email, WhatsApp and through our live chat as well. 

Why choose professionals for your carpets?

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The answer is quite simple really - Prolux Cleaning is the most reliable and advanced carpet and rug cleaning company. We will provide you with professional carpet cleaning services in the fields of high-level carpet cleaning in London.

The method of cleaning carpets used by Prolux Cleaning London is called Professional Deep Steam Cleaning with an extraction! Each of our teams is equipped with first-class commercial and powerful machines and special cleaning products.

Almost every big carpet manufacturer agrees that the best carpet cleaning method is deep steam cleaning with extraction. Hot water under very high pressure is directly sprayed deeply inside, reaching the base of the carpet fibres.

Then, the hot water unit is immediately extracted, sucking out all the dirt that has been stuck inside. About 10% of the water remains in the carpet, which forms the actual drying process which lasts approximately 1-3 hours. Keep in mind - the type of fabric and high humidity percentage in the air might prolong the waiting time. Thus, your carpet reaches its best condition, completely sanitized and spotless!

With the help of our commercial machines and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we are prepared to treat all kinds of stains. For stains that have already caused a permanent change in the colour of the fabric, not much can be done. In most cases however, we are more than capable of removing the majority of all issues. Due to this, Professional Deep Steam Cleaning with extraction is considered to be the best carpet cleaning method on the market.

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Stages of Professional Cleaning by Prolux

  • Firstly, our cleaners examine your dirty carpet thoroughly and determine the best approach
  • The whole carpet area is hoovered with a powerful vacuum cleaner, so no dust or loose dirt impede the steam cleaning process
  •  Then, any stains are pre-sprayed with a special product to dissolve dirt and stains
  •  The actual Steam Cleaning Service takes place, using an industrial steam cleaner extraction machine
  •  Any stubborn stains are given special attention, in order to achieve the best condition possible
  •  If requested by the client, Scotchgard (stain protection) is applied
  •  After the cleaning, the average drying process lasts from 1 to 3 hours approximately
  •  Finally, our clients have the right to inspect the results, after which they sign a receipt

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expert carpet cleaning London

Hot water extraction method works by injecting hot water mixed with eco-friendly solutions under high pressure. Pre-treatment of heavily soiled parts of the carpet increases the effectiveness of this method. ProLux professional carpet cleaning technicians know how to handle any situation. They are trained and prepared to treat all types of carpets and stains.

How steam cleaning actually works:

The machine heats up the water to boiling temperature, where it turns into steam. Eco-friendly detergents are added to the water when the carpet is particularly grubby. The moisture dilutes the dirt, after which it is easier to remove.

Through the tool of the machine, the steam gets sprayed into the carpet. Any dust and dirt immediately get sucked into the dirty tank of the machine. Most soiled areas may require a second go-over.

Hot water extraction method is rated by experts all over the world as the best method for deep carpet cleaning. High temperature and strong water jets will clean the carpet from any debris and dust. The method is also effective at removing any residual stains and smells that might have occurred.

The ability of steam to kill bacteria can also prolong the life of the carpet. Heat destroys most microbes, bacteria, dust mites, fungi and other microscopic organisms that can live in a carpet. The method is also effective in killing and stopping the spread of viruses.

This makes deep steam cleaning, known also as hot water extraction, especially useful for people with allergies. What is more, Deep Steam Cleaning with extraction is also suitable for loose rugs, upholstery and mattress cleaning. For tenants who are about to move out of a rental property, we also provide tenancy cleaning of carpets.

Dry carpet cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning method is an excellent way to combat pollution. It's not, however, suitable for all types of carpet floor coverings. Carpets made from natural fibres are usually not suitable for contact with water. Sisal carpets, for example, should only be dry-cleaned, due to the specifics of this fibre type.

If you want to know more about our carpet cleaning service, please see below:

How to keep carpet clean when moving out?

Carpet cleaning machines for removing stains

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in London?

Carpet CleaningPrices
Single bedroom£20
Double bedroom£25
Living roomfrom £30
Dining room£25
Hallwayfrom £10
Staircase (maximum 16 steps)£25
Landingfrom £5
Commercial Carpet Cleaning£1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ProLux Cleaning does have Public Liability Insurance and is also a certified member of “The WoolSafe Organisation”.

We cannot guarantee that all stains will come out from the cleaning session. Your carpets, however, will be cleaned to the highest standards by our trained and experienced technicians.

It is highly recommended to order deep cleaning of your home carpets at least once every 6 months. For commercial carpeted areas, it is advisory to get them cleaned at least once per season. This frequency may be lower if you take advantage of the incredible after-care Stain Protection service.

The price provided is based on the number of rooms in question, their sizes and the overall condition of the carpet.

Our technician is a single person, and he is able to move any lighter objects in the room (a coffee table, a chair, etc.). As far as heavier furniture is concerned (sofas, wardrobes and beds), we generally clean around, however, we are always happy to assist if cleaning underneath said items is required.

If you’re situated in London or anywhere in the vicinity, chances are we have a carpet cleaner close to you! To receive a price and current availability, simply get in touch with our friendly customer service team.

Yes – tea and coffee stains are some of the first issues our technicians are trained to deal with. You can be sure that all possible measures will be taken to remove the problem, however, a 100% stain removal guarantee cannot be given.

Our Clients Say it Best

Bobbi was determined to leave my carpets spotless and to my surprise he did just that! I honestly had forgotten what colour my carpets were, but thanks to ProLux that’s not the case any more. Excellent job!

Miss Donna Hoyle
Miss Donna Hoyle
10 Mar

ProLux were recommended to me and I desperately needed my carpets done, so I called and they came in on the next day. The job was done very thoroughly, they explained what they were doing and did an overall fantastic job on my bedrooms and stairs. I will also recommend them to anyone in need of getting their carpets done.

James Grant
James Grant
15 Apr

Two bedrooms and a lounge cleaned by Mitko – a hard-working chap who went above and beyond to make me a happy customer. Great job by the fantastic lad, who managed to remove stains from tea like they were nothing. He was in and out in an hour, very polite and I would definitely recommend him and ProLux.

Cruz Dawson
Cruz Dawson
24 Feb


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