Caring for your car interior is as vital as having your carpets, sofas and mattresses deep cleaned - you simply have to do it every once in a while. It doesn't matter if you need stains and smells treated, or you simply want a refresh, ProLux is the right choice for you! We are expert mobile car interior detailers who are always up for a challenge. 

By choosing us, you won't even have to bother driving your vehicle anywhere - we will come at a day and time most convenient for you. Regardless if it's your home or workplace, as long as you're situated in London and the vicinity, we can clean for you!

Our steam cleaning method is ideal for:

  • Stain removal
  • Dirt and dust build-up
  • Buying or selling a car 
  • End of lease car
  • Pet-owners and parents of messy children

Quality Interior Detailing Near Me

car upholstery cleaner London

We are ProLux - a company with 12+ years of experience in the car interior detailing industry. We will make your car look as good as new by paying special attention to every detail, applying quality products and the latest stain removal techniques.

What makes ProLux stand out from the rest of our competitors is that we treat your car as if it's our own. Why? Because it's our passion. We use only the best steam extraction machines, capable of removing dirt stuck deeply inside the upholstery, as well as stubborn stains and smells like vomit, milk and mildew.

For leather interiors, we provide with thorough treatment by hand with unique cleaning solutions and conditioners. Your leather seats will shine, become more durable and elastic overall.

And if you've opted for our Full Car Interior package, you can expect all hard surfaces to wiped and polished. This will provide with a more finished and complete clean of your lovely interior.

Additional services like Stain Protection and Vent Pro (air con cleaner) are included only in our Premium package. Stain Protection provides a security layer over the seats, which helps against future stain accumulation, while Vent Pro effectively removed 99% of all germs, bacteria and fungi stuck inside the air filtration system of the vehicle.

See Our Amazing Car Detailing Results

professional before-after car upholstery cleaning services London
professional before-after car upholstery cleaning near me in London
before-after car upholstery cleaning services London
before-after car upholstery cleaner London

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We remove car seat stains and smells!

Do you have stains on your car seats, which have been bothering you for a while? Or perhaps you can't get rid of an unpleasant odour no matter how hard you try? ProLux can make all those problems go away! We are experienced steam interior detailers, capable of removing:

  • vomit stains and smells
  • cigarette smoke odour
  • greasy stains
  • watermarks
  • mould and mildew
  • spills from tea, coffee, milk, juice and other drinks
  • paint stains
  • pet hairs

Cleaning your car before selling it?

No one will be happy to pay the full price of something which is obviously well-used and badly stained. This is why it's essential to have your car cleaned if you want to get the most money out of the sale. We provide with deep interior cleaning, which will transform the look and feel of your car within just an hour or two. We will take our time and ensure you are happy with the outcome. 

Available for same-day car cleaning services

If your child has just had a sick accident and you desperately need the stains and smell removed, fear not. ProLux will arrive at your home within the same day and solve the problem for you. We come fully equipped with the necessary gear and products, ready to remove any issue at hand. In terms of booking an appointment, it's as easy as picking up the phone and calling 020 3318 6387. You will be provided with a free, no obligation quote, and all your questions will be answered. 

And if you still aren't convinced that this is the service you need, simply have a look at the below videos. We will be happy to make your interior look like new!

Professional Mobile Auto Detailing Prices

Standard Car Interior from  £59 Full Car Interior from £100✓ Opportunity to book an emergency same-day cleaning (even on weekends)
✓  Seats✓ Standard Option (Seats, the carpet areas, the mats, the boot)✓ Pre-hoovering
✓ Carpeted areas✓  The door panels, the side rooms, the dashboard ✓ The machine heats up the water to about 90 °C and with high-pressure sprays it deeply inside the fabric
✓ Mats✓  The vinyl, the plastics, the front part of the air vents, the seatbelts✓ Stain treatments ✓ Antibacterial treatment 
✓  Boot✓ Basically every small and reachable part inside your vehicle, except for the ceiling✓ Deodorizing the interior on completion

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not include the ceiling (roof lining) in our cleaning serviices, due to the fact that our powerful machine might cause the ceiling upholstery to hang. We are happy to inspect it on site, and if it is suitable, to include it for an extra £15.

The starting price to have your car upholstery deep cleaned is £59. The cost depends on the car make and model, and on the current condition.

Our basic service covers professional deep steam cleaning of the seats, carpets, mats and the boot. We also have a Full Interior option which covers wiping and polishing of all other interior elements, apart from the ceiling.

Our service is fully mobile, meaning the cleaning can be carried out at your home or workplace. We would simply require electricity and water access.

In order to keep your car interior fresh and stain-free, we recommend using professional car valeting services at least once every 3 to 4 months.

Neglecting to clean your car interior results in the build-up of dust, stains and possibly even mould issues. To avoid that, consider having your interior deep cleaned.

  • In order to dry the upholstery, the car must be left with open windows for the given hours. The heating should also be switched on periodically to accelerate the process.
  • In the winter time it takes around 10-12 hours for the upholstery to be completely dry.
  • During spring and autumn, it takes between 7 to 9 hours.
  • During summer, the drying time is about 4 to 6 hours.
  • All hours may vary based on ventilation and heating of the vehicle, the weather and the condition of the upholstery.

Usually it is dependable on how dirty is the upholstery of the car. However the approximately duration for cleaning is 1 hour and 30 minutes up to 2 hours.

Our Clients Say it Best

I needed to have my car interior valeted on a short notice and ProLux were the first cleaners I called. I knew nothing about them, but they sounded really professional. Once the actual cleaner came it looked like he knew what he was doing. Really efficient and quick, fair price as well. I recommend them.

Nick Rollin
Nick Rollin
3 May

ProLux and in particular Ivo were recommended to me, so I decided to give them a chance. I definitely wasn’t disappointment – in fact, I'm surprised by how thorough they are and how seriously they take their job. Mad respect to them and would highly recommend Ivo and ProLux!

Bob Hawthorn
Bob Hawthorn
9 Mar

ProLux are a team of absolute professionals. This is the third time that they’ve cleaned my car and I will for sure keep on using them for the foreseeable future!

Molly Morgan
Molly Morgan
12 Jan


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