Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Carpet Cleaning

Yes, we are one of the more branched out cleaning companies. We are specialised and highly experienced in providing carpet, upholstery, mattress, rug, car upholstery and curtain cleaning services. All of these are fully mobile and done in situ, and you can order the service any day, as we work 7 days a week including bank holidays. Our technicians perform each service with top-of-the-line Prochem cleaning products, and industrial hot water extraction machines.

Yes, we offer this after-care service, which is very helpful against new stains and marks. You should be aware that Scotchgard is an umbrella term, but there are many brands of this product. Our Prochem version is eco-friendly and safe for you, your family, and the fabric itself.

When applied, it forms an invisible chemical layer that stops spills from going as deep and slows down their drying. This allows you more time to remove them yourself or hire professionals. It also increases your chances of stain removal.

The suggested frequency of professional carpet cleaning is a couple of times a year. This is recommended by carpet manufacturers and carpet cleaning associations alike. Of course, this rate depends on how much foot traffic and people inhabit the respective homes or properties with carpeted flooring. For homes with children or pets, as well as communal areas, consider deep cleaning your carpets more often. The recommended rate for professional cleaning of e.g. hotel carpets, or homes with big families, is at least once per season.

Yes, we can effectively clean both natural and synthetic carpet fibres. Our specialist carpet cleaners are certified WoolSafe, and know how to clean wool and wool-mix carpets with ease. In case of wool in particular, it will be cleaned with slightly lower water temperature, and possibly a lower amount of water in total, depending on the assessment of our expert on site.

Yes, we use eco-friendly ProChem cleaning products. These products are safe for both your carpets and your family. You don't have to send your children, pets, or elderly family members away during cleaning. The cleaning products won't cause any harm to them - we guarantee this.

In fact, we suggest at least one person, ideally the one arranging the service, to be on site at the end. This allows them to check the service upon completion.

Our technician, a single person, can move lighter objects in the room, like a coffee table. We typically clean around heavier furniture such as sofas, wardrobes, and beds. However, if cleaning underneath is necessary, we're happy to assist. If you move these items before our specialist arrives, it would greatly aid in his work.

Bear in mind that the carpet always takes a few hours to dry out after the cleaning. Take care not to move furniture back while the carpet is still drying, as that may hamper the process.

Frequently Asked Questions for Upholstery Cleaning

Professional steam cleaning services are your best shot at attempting to remove stains from any age or origin. Our high-powered equipment also allows multiple modes of cleaning, such as warm or cold water as opposed to hot, and varying pressure as well. You should be aware that certain stains will be cleaned with lower settings, e.g. blood, as cleaning it with heat will not remediate the stain.

Our experts have the necessary years of experience and the knowledge to treat every type of stain in the most suitable way, and as many times as the fabric allows. Nevertheless, some issues can permanently change the original colour of your carpet. However, the chances of stain removal are always highest with our company's fully trained and certified cleaning specialists. They will be even higher if you call us as soon as the issue happens. The faster you get in touch with us, the higher chances we will have of 100% stain removal.

Yes, we're a flexible cleaning company offering various services. Our certified specialists clean upholstery, rugs, and handle tenancy cleaning. For a full list of services, a free quote, and today's special offers, call our customer service centres. Our friendly professionals are available 7 days a week to listen to your needs and provide solutions.

Yes, we know how to clean all types of velvet. There are many of them, and they all look mostly the same. In all cases, they are cleaned with lower water temperature and pressure than the normal synthetics, as their luxury material requires a delicate approach. In some cases, there may be a lower total amount of water used to clean the velvet. Be certain that our certified and insured specialists know exactly how to leave your velvet as clean as it can be, completely disinfected and refreshed.

The average drying time is approximately from 6 to 10 hours. It is greatly shortened by our equipment's extraction properties. Still, it cannot be circumvented entirely, and there is always a drying time, which depends on a few factors. The main one is the condition of the furniture before the cleaning, but the other ones are just as important. If the weather is great on the day, the drying time will be reduced. And most important is how well the room is aired and heated after the cleaning. In the colder periods of the year, the drying time may be slightly longer than this. Please be mindful of that, and follow our drying instructions for as long as is necessary.

Yes, all our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and harmless to pets, babies and adults as well. We use top of the line products for removing stains, odours and germs, all of which have been tested independently and confirmed to be 100% harmless to our customers and their families. In case of any allergic customers, or pregnant ladies on site, before beginning the cleaning, our representative will discuss regarding particular products, e.g. deodorisers.

Frequently Asked Questions for Mattress Cleaning

Each mattress cleaning service takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes per mattress, depending on the condition of the mattress before we begin. This may also vary based on the mattress size, as the bigger ones take longer to clean, and whether the mattress is double sided (both sides are usable). If it is, the bottom side is included into the cost, and it will be lightly refreshed and disinfected to save time with the drying. If it is not both sides usable, we will clean the top and the other sides regardless.

The most common yellow stains on mattresses are caused by sweat, which typically leaves yellow marks. You need to know that this sweat builds up over time, and takes a few months to become visible on the mattress surface. By the time you see it, it's already somewhat ingrained into the fabric. This can cause visible staining, but an unpleasant odour as well. You should regularly have your mattress deep cleaned to prevent the build-up of sweat, which can also attract dust mites, a common source of allergies.

A different type of yellow stains on mattresses are urine accidents. They occur commonly when potty training your pets, or the children have just started outgrowing the nappies. The smell is far more noticeable in this case, and the stain goes in deeper than sweat would. It also contains enzymes which are hard to remove from the mattress fabric.

The best way to deal with them is with steam extraction cleaning, a service which we are specialised in. In case of urine, it will be cleaned with cold water instead of hot, as hot water would cause chemical reactions that set the stain in and make it almost impossible to remove. Our specialists have many years of experience in mattress cleaning, and will leave yours fully disinfected and refreshed.

The average is around 10 hours in the warmer parts of the year, and around 12 or more hours otherwise. Our industrial machines extract around 90% of the water used during the cleaning process. The remaining moisture needs to dry over time, which varies based on the weather and its condition before the job begins. Our advice is to turn on a heater or leave your windows open until the mattress is completely dry, and use a fan or dehumidifier if you have one, to make the drying as quick as it can be.

Deep steam cleaning services are your best chance to remove stains, as all physically removable stains will be extracted. However, if any stain remains too long on any type of fabric, it starts changing the colour, and may not be removable. Regardless, our specialist will do his very best on the stains, treating them as many times as the material will allow it.

You should know that the most difficult to remove stains are caused by red wine, tea, coffee, paint, ink, certain greasy foods, and bodily fluids. If you have any of these, or anything at all, react to it as quick as you can, or just call us so we can sort it for you!

Vacuuming your mattress on a weekly basis does indeed reduce the population of dust mites within the mattress itself. To have it fully disinfected and remove all dust mites and bed bugs, however, consider having your mattress deep steam cleaned. It is the most effective technique to clean and maintain your mattresses in great condition, and free of allergens. We recommend ordering professional mattress cleaning services at least once every 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions for Rug Cleaning

We are able to clean Oriental, Persian, shaggy, synthetic, and any other type of rug which is suitable for the hot water extraction cleaning method. There is always a cleaning label attached to the underside, so you can check it if you're unsure how to clean your rug. If it is natural or hand-made, we may use lower machine settings to clean it safely. Meaning, we may use lower water temperature or pressure, or possibly both, to still refresh and disinfect the rug, but in a harmless way.

We operate as a mobile company, providing cleaning services at your location. Your rugs will be cleaned in the most suitable area of your property. If you have wooden flooring, rest assured, as we know how to clean your rugs with your floor safety in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions for Car Upholstery Cleaning

Neglecting to clean your car interior results in the build-up of dust, stains and possibly even mould issues. Dust is a breeding ground for dust mites, which are health hazards to many people, and dust allergies are very common on their own. Stains, if left too long, become very difficult to remove, even when a professional does the cleaning. And mould is something most people are allergic to, as the spores cause harm to your lungs and breathing system. To avoid encountering these issues, consider having your car interior deep cleaned on a regular basis.

In order to keep your car interior fresh and stain-free, we recommend using professional car valeting services at least once every 3 to 4 months. This will prevent any stains from setting in, as well as any sand wearing out your carpets and mats. Additionally, the longer you leave any spillages unattended, the less the chances of removal, even by professionals. For this purpose, it is very important to have your vehicle deep cleaned regularly.

Absolutely, as our mobile technicians come out to your home address to perform the car interior cleaning. If you're at work, that's no problem - we can clean it while you do better things with your time. The only points of access we require are a tap to fill a few buckets of water, and a normal socket to plug in our extension for power. Bear in mind, the extension is about 30 metres long, and must not cross a street to get to your vehicle.

If you live in a flat with an underground car park, and the vehicle needs to be cleaned there, that is also not an issue, provided there is ample light, as well as electricity and water access points in the car park. If there is no water access in the underground car park, we could manage if there are taps in communal areas or your flat, but electric and light are necessary for us to perform the work.

Our basic service covers professional deep steam cleaning of the seats, carpets, mats and the boot carpet. It is the most affordable option, and the one you need when all you want is those areas to be cleaned, or particular stains to be treated.

We also have a Full Interior option, which covers wiping and polishing of all other physically reachable interior elements, apart from the ceiling (roof lining). Most of our customers prefer this option, as it leaves the interior fully disinfected and refreshed.

The third and final option is the Premium Interior, which includes everything in the Full, plus two after-care services to be applied by the technician. They will ensure your car is not only clean once we're done, but stays that way for a longer time.

1. Stain Protection (a product analogue to Scotchgard) is a spray that creates an invisible protective layer on your car seats, which makes new spillages easier to remove. The layer will react to the spills and prevent them from sinking in as deep, and they will also stay wet for longer.

2. Vent Pro Solution is an ozone cleaner for the car's air filtration system, and is meant to save you money on replacing the filters, which vehicle manufacturers recommend doing at least once a year. It will do so by cleaning them out of any germs, bacteria and mould spores which may be hiding inside, and greatly assist with removing unpleasant odours which have made their way there.

Bear in mind that you can ask for a price for Vent Pro or Stain Protection, and add them on to the other options if you wish - you don't have to order a Premium to take advantage of these helpful services. Call our customer service assistants and they'll be happy to advise, as well as inform you of our special offers.

The starting price to have your car upholstery (which includes the seats, mats, carpets and the boot carpet) deep cleaned is £59. The starting price for a full interior valet (which also adds a wipe down and polish of the reachable interior elements) is £100. The cost depends on the car make and model, and on the current condition of the upholstery. In case of any major issues, such as paint spilled, mould growth or pet hairs, our prices are subject to an increase.

We do not include the ceiling (roof lining) in our cleaning services, due to the fact that it is delicate fabric compared to the rest of the interior. It is normally glued directly to the metal chassis of the car, and not fixed by other means. In some cases, if the fabric is too delicate, our powerful machine might cause the ceiling upholstery to hang. For this reason, it isn't included into the Interior options we have available. However, we are happy to inspect the roof lining on site, and if it is suitable for the method, to include it for an extra fee.