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Cleaning your carpet is a must to keep your home looking fresh and healthy. From extending your carpet’s lifespan to improving your home’s air quality and getting rid of tough stains, there are endless benefits to a clean carpet, but figuring out how to clean a carpet without a machine is a challenge many homeowners face.

Stairs Carpet Cleaning London

Keeping your carpeted stairs clean should be a priority to maintaining your home’s overall appearance. However, determining how to clean carpet on stairs is challenging for many homeowners, especially when stubborn dirt and tough stains seem impossible to remove.

How to Clean Your Carpet Edges

Picture this: you move into a new home, and all is fine and dandy for the first few months. Eventually, the carpet needs cleaning, as the dust and dirt always build up. But then you notice that the dirtiest part of the carpet is actually in the corners and edges of the room. No matter how hard you try, it won’t budge – so what do we do from here on out?

Carpet Mud Stains Removal

When it comes to weather, the UK is like a constant pool party – it’s wet all the time. So essentially a day not spent skipping in the mud is a day spent abroad. And of course, the inevitable consequences are that sooner or later, mud gets on your carpets.

How to disinfect your carpet

Carpeting is, undoubtedly, the most demanding flooring type in terms of care. Only hoovering it will not be enough to retain its beauty and structure for long. Point being, if you have or plan on having carpets installed in your home, you’d best learn how to properly clean and disinfect them.