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Mobile Steam Car Washing Service London

Have you thought about how long you spend in the automobile travelling to and from: workplace, taking the dog to the veterinary, dropping and collecting kids from/to school and shopping which would eventually put down filthy blotch on the car carpet. Our car interior expert cleaning procedure will help keeping your car upholstery clean, fresh, hygienic and smelling nice.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning - London are the specialists in automotive interior cleaning in London, by using one incomparable preparations and machines on market, we are able to intensively clean your car interior, Sanitizing and Cleaning all hard surface-, fabric-, leather- areas and eliminating germs which are the reason for nasty smell.

Our London Steam Car valeting procedure may include all the following features

(depending on the specific detailing you have already chosen):

  • Leather areas cleaned and conditioned
  • Deep cleaning upholstered seats and carpets
  • Car seats odors elimination - 100% assured
  • Dashboard, Middle console, Door sides … etc - (all the hard areas) cleaned and dressed

Our automobile interior cleaner is ideal if there is any of these issues

  • Spills of milk, coffee, milkshakes, orange juice, banana juice or other beverages
  • Feces marks
  • Cigarette smoke marks
  • Vomitus marks
  • Stain removal
  • Kids’ pastry
  • Offensive Scents removal

Cleaning a Car Before Selling

In case you are selling your car and want to be certain you get its max price. Our car valeting process gives a great effect and can extremely increase the selling price of your vehicle. Car valeting can be accomplished at your home or workplace in London - it's your decision.

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BEFORE Car Cleaning £59 AFTER
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BEFORE Car Cleaning £59 AFTER
car upholstery upholstery steam cleaner - car upholstery cleaning in  London BR
BEFORE Car Cleaning £59 AFTER
Spot and Stain Romoval - car upholstery cleaning in  London BR
BEFORE Car Cleaning £59 AFTER

The last week of January we went on a small family vacation. Everything was wonderful except for the condition of the car interior. My two-year-old daughter sits on the child seat at the back and loves placing her feet on the back side of the driver’s seat. She had stepped in snow and mud and you can imagine how this had resulted on the condition of the upholstery. When we came back home, I called Prolux Cleaning which is the car upholstery cleaning company whose services we use every month. The cleaning procedure was perfect as usual! They not only removed the mud stains but also cleaned the ceiling and the rest of the car interior. The seats were refreshed. Moreover, the whole car was visibly cleaner! And also, there was incredible fresh scent inside the vehicle! I recommend Prolux Cleaning to all of you who want to enjoy absolutely spotless interior even in the heavy winter conditions! They are capable and hard-working! You can rely on them completely!

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