Germs, bacteria and dust mites removal by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Windsor

What are Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning Windsor?

Prolux carpet cleaning Windsor based company is famous for being a reliable provider of these services. The carpet cleaning service is suitable for caring for all kinds of carpets. The main advantages of this method are low cost, fast deadlines, as well as the opportunity to be present during the work.

Qualified technicians will arrive at home or office at a time convenient for you and will conduct all the work directly on the spot. Cleaning is carried out with the help of professional equipment. Detergents used for work are absolutely harmless and do not have unpleasant odors.

Staff working in the field of cleaning should not only be able to use a mop or vacuum cleaner, but also know the basics of chemistry, understand the interaction of chemical compounds that make up cleaning products with various surface materials, therefore our company employees have a special education and regularly attend training courses qualifications.

Our employees have great experience and take care of the client's property. All works are carried out in good faith and extremely carefully. In the work specialists of the Prolux carpet cleaning Windsor company use only professional tools and ecological chemical compounds. High-quality equipment and sophisticated cleaning techniques allow us to achieve excellent results, and a wide range of cleaning services can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Save your time, as hundreds of our clients have already done: we will make sure that your carpets in your house, apartment, office or store is clean, and you can immediately do other things.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning - Proven Carpet Cleaning Company

steam carpet cleaning Windsor SL4In order to avoid various unpleasant situations, it is necessary to contact Prolux carpet cleaning Windsor based company with more than 15 years of history in this sphere. In such a case, specialists will arrive at any time convenient for you and perform their work qualitatively. All this gives you the opportunity to calmly carry out your daily activities, that is, in simple words, cleaning the carpets will not break your planned plans.

In addition to the fact that your time will be subject only to you, you will also save money and energy to transport the carpet to the place where it will be cleaned and already back after all the work done. And, if you call Prolux professionals, they will do all the work at your home and, moreover, in the shortest possible time.

In fact, professional deep cleaning of carpets is a very time consuming and responsible process that requires knowledge and experience from the performer. Accordingly, before proceeding directly to the cleaning of the coating itself, the specialist studies its characteristics, such as the material from which it is made, the nature and degree of contamination, and also studies all recommendations from the manufacturer regarding care and cleaning.

An excellent result is achieved with the help of the latest equipment, as well as high-tech cleaning products. And directly, the process of cleaning does not take a lot of time, which is very convenient, if everything is made at home. Despite the degree of contamination of your carpeting, you will not recognize it as a result, as the result will be dazzling.

Of course, you should vacuum the carpets at least once a week, but qualified specialists will always give some advice on how to care for the coating, so that you can preserve the original appearance for a long time.

In fact, professionals recommend that such a deep cleaning procedure twice a year when operating an average degree. And, accordingly, if you contact such organizations in a timely manner, carpeting will last you for many years, and will please you with your new look.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Windsor

Initially, during the dry cleaning of the carpet, small particles of dirt and dust are removed. First, a study is conducted to check the interaction of chemicals with the structure of the carpet in order to avoid its discoloration or damage. Depending on the type of dirt on the surface of the carpet is applied a special solution for cleaning carpets. After soaking up the carpet cleaner, a physical effect on the contaminated surface is carried out: manually using special brushes for cleaning carpets with hard nap or special washing rotary machines. In the process of carpet cleaning, only cleaning products and equipment of the world's leading companies are used.

Advantages of dry carpet cleaning:

  • there is no sharp smell of a chemical;
  • carpet does not shed or change color;
  • deeply penetrates the interior of the coating, effectively cleaning it from dirt;
  • Do not mask spots and completely cleans them of the coatings;
  • The sticky residue from the dry agent on the carpet surface is absent;
  • does not require drying after the procedure, you can walk on it immediately;
  • the absence of water protects the carpet from the formation of mold or fungus;
  • does not require closing the premises for the duration of the procedure;
  • there is no risk of leakage;
  • relieves dust mites;
  • does not cause allergies and it is absolutely safe for the health of animals and people;
  • restores the brightness of the color of the flooring;
  • can be used for cleaning natural carpets;
  • prolongs the life of the carpet.

When cleaning the carpet with dry powder, there is no shrinkage of the carpet, and butt seams do not appear. Absorbent properties of dry powders help to clean carefully, but thoroughly.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Windsor – Eco Method for Carpet Maintenance

Many people naively think that the vacuum cleaner perfectly cleans the carpet of dirt. To get rid of harmful parasites can only professional deep cleaning.

We are pleased to offer cleaning of carpets at home in Windsor with the use of professional tools and equipment from famous foreign brands. Our employees have accumulated great experience in effective control of pollution of any complexity. In addition to removing stains, they will eliminate the persistent unpleasant smell of the carpet, using special fragrances.

When inspecting the product, our specialists choose the most suitable means of cleaning. This is an important point, because to find the right way of processing, you need to determine the material for making the carpet. Otherwise, there is a risk that the service life of the carpet will noticeably decrease.

Advantages of steam carpet cleaning

  • Steam treatment refreshes carpet’s colors.
  • Steam carpet cleaning is considered to be environmentally-friendly method for carpet maintenance, as the main cleaning element is water vapor, absolutely safe to others.
  • This method is beneficial for combating dust mites, bacteria and allergens.

Steam cleaning of carpets at home is helpful not only for getting rid of difficult and hard to remove stains, but also to destroy dust mites, fungi and other dangers that live in carpeting. Powerful extractors will not leave a single chance for insects and bacteria.

dry carpet shampoo by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Windsor
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Anti-static treatment by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Windsor
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Steam Cleaning by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Windsor
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Sophie Patrick

I used to be a normal housewife and I had never used professional carpet cleaning services! However, a year ago, I become a very busy working mum! I was overloaded with work and the baby, and I had absolutely no time for the ordinary house activities. I was working from home, but this wasn’t helpful at all, because I barely had time to prepare something for dinner and do the dishes.I used to vacuum my carpets 4 times a week. When I started working from home, I had time for vacuum cleaning only on Sunday. After a while, I noticed that my carpets look quite dirty. However, now I had the money to afford quality cleaning service. I made a small research because I wanted to order a cleaning service from the best cleaning company in Windsor!I found out that Prolux was the company I was looking for – with great experience, quality equipment and safe detergents. I contacted Prolux and scheduled a cleaning service.Prolux experts were extremely punctual! They were very polite and explained me how I can maintain the carpet easily, without investing much time in it. After the cleaning procedure, my carpets look brilliant! They are free of stains, smell fresh and look like brand new!

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