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Expert upholstery cleaning Windsor

Experienced stain removal specialists for upholstery cleaning in Windsor

ProLux is a professional upholstery cleaning company with over a decade of experience in deep sofa cleaning. Our insured, certified and trained cleaning operatives use the latest equipment for domestic and commercial cleaning of textile floors and upholstery. Hot water extraction machines and environmentally friendly solutions will be applied during the cleaning process.

By choosing our services, you choose the highest chances of stain removal from your soft floorings, curtains and sofas. We perform deep cleaning services in Windsor and the surrounding areas 7 days a week. Our customer service centres are always available to give you a free, no obligation quote for cleaning area rugs and sofas.

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Here are five reasons to call a professional a rug and upholstery cleaning company today:

  • Industrial steam extraction cleaning machines
  • The number one odour and stain removal cleaning method
  • Child and pet friendly chemicals
  • Fully insured and certified cleaners with years of experience
  • Award-winning customer support teams

Expert Upholstery Cleaning Services

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Trained and experienced technicians who care

When using our cleaning company, you receive a top quality upholstery cleaning service performed by high-skilled technicians. Each of our specialists has at least 5 years of experience in the cleaning industry. They have gone through dozens of cleaning courses that have helped them hone their skills to perfection. As a result, you can be sure the best result is achieved in every cleaning appointment.

Cutting-edge steam cleaning technology

During the cleaning services, we make use of industrial hot water extraction cleaning systems. A commercial steam machine will be used for deep steam cleaning your sofas and armchairs. This equipment is the latest on the market, and the most powerful, able to heat water up to 90°.

Individual appoach to every job

Of course, this temperature can be regulated, and so can the water pressure and amount. Every ProLux cleaning appointment begins with an inspection of the soft furniture or flooring due to be cleaned. As a result, the most suitable settings will be uniquely selected depending on your sofa's composition.

Proper handling of delicate materials

In terms of upholstery material, we are able to clean synthetic, natural and even luxury type sofas. If your furniture's cleaning label vaguely states "professional cleaning only", give us a call. For the most delicate kinds of sofas, we can use a minimal amount of water. In that way, we do provide dry cleaning services, but not the traditional kind of powder cleaning.

Our company cleans the following types of upholstery in Windsor and throughout the region:

  • straight and corner unit sofas
  • armchairs, high back chairs and wing back chairs
  • footstools, ottomans and pouffes
  • office chairs and dining chairs

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Steam Extraction: The Ideal Method for a Healthy Home Environment

In modern times, our customers have been increasingly asking us whether our service is harmless. Most residential clients we clean for have children, pets or both, and thus have special cleaning needs. As professionals, we have adapted to those needs, and offer the safest deep sofa cleaning technique available.

The greatest advantage of steam extraction cleaning is that it does not involve the use of harsh chemicals. As a professional company, we are not allowed to use bleach-type products in the first place. These chemicals are highly likely to cause damage to the fabric, as well as side effects to your family.

We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions made by Prochem, a leader on the UK cleaning market. Their chemicals have been tested over decades and confirmed to be 100% safe cleaning products. Steam extraction is the perfect cleaning method for homes with babies, animals, pregnant women and allergic people.

What is the hot water extraction cleaning process?

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  1. If included by our customer, the after-care service Stain Protection can be applied to your sofas. It is a spray product that creates an invisible layer on their surface, protecting them from new stains. It also strengthens the fabric and prevents the sunlight from deforming it.
  2. The machine will also extract up to 90% of the water used during the cleaning process. This will lower the drying time to a bare minimum of several hours, which can be handled easily by the customer. All our clients are advised to leave windows open and to use the heating for as long as it needs.
  3. Any stains and unpleasant smells will be treated with the most suitable Prochem cleaning products. These bacteria and stain removers are environmentally friendly, meaning there is no risk to your family's safety. The products are extracted by the machine once they have done their work.
  4. Our powerful steam extraction machine heats up the water to the temperature suited for your sofa fabric. It is then sprayed deep within the material under varying pressure selected by our cleaner. This process will be repeated as many times as the material allows.
  5. After hoovering is complete, the sofas are pre-treated by the technician with a special cleaning product. The goal is to dissolve stains and dirt, and make their removal easier to achieve. The product will be left to sit for a few minutes before being removed by the machine.
  6. The furniture is hoovered in all its reachable areas by our cleaning expert. This step is considered the preparation step, as it is required before the steam machine can be used on the furniture.
  7. A professional representative of our company attends your home or office property at the given date and time. He begins work by inspecting your upholstery to determine its material and current state. Based on the results, he will select the most suitable settings of the machine and cleaning solutions to be used.

Sofa Cleaning near Windsor

Apart from being the best Windsor sofa and textile floor cleaning company, we are also highly flexible in the vicinity. Our rapid response cleaning teams cover Slough, Uxbridge, Ruislip, Hampton, Isleworth, Twickenham, Pinner, Brentford and more West London areas. Call us today for the best prices and availability.

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