Cleaning the  Carpet from Grease, Tar and Oil-based Paint Stains with Power Solvent B167

Cleaning the Carpet from Grease, Tar and Oil-based Paint Stains

Last year my husband started a business with his own service- station and it is going really well. He has hundreds of regular clients and the work never stops. However, it turned out to be a problem for me because when he comes home he brings in a lot of dirt. All kinds of difficult for removal materials are left on his shoes and when he enters the front door he leaves stains from grease, tar, glue and oil-based paint on my favorite carpet. I have never thought I will have to overcome such unpleasant situation and when I searched in internet, I couldn’t find what preparation could help me clean these awful stains. I asked all my friends for advice but neither of them could assist me solve this problem, as they also didn’t have experience in cleaning such resistant stains. I was absolutely sure that a homemade product for cleaning won’t be of help as stains of tar and glue are almost impossible for removal.

Actually, I almost lost faith that I would ever have the amazing carpet I used to have before my husband started that job. I tried various types of detergents, but they were absolutely ineffective. All the stains were there and ruined the beautiful appearance of the carpeted flooring. I thought I would have to purchase a new carpet, but what would be the point? He would be wasted like this one. Then I asked for a professional help – called a carpet cleaning company and scheduled an appointment for expert cleaning service. The next day my carpet was cleaned and was in fabulous condition – it was sparkling and fresh, and there weren’t any traces of the stains. Then I ventured to ask the professional cleaners what product they used for fighting these stubborn stains. It turned out it wasn’t a secret – they said they are using Power Solvent B167 by Prochem Kärcher Group. They showed me the compact bottle where it was written that this product is effective in removal stains from ink, paint, grease, gum, tar and adhesives. The expert cleaners told me they use this magnificent preparation for every carpet with such problems and it always works. Even the carpet manufacturers guarantee 100% that this is the best cleaning tool for such stains.

I purchased that incredible product and now I can admit I am using it regularly – almost every week. It doesn’t damage the surface of the carpet and it is very easy for use – pour a small quantity of the liquid directly from the bottle and wait to see the magnificent results. The best part of it is that it does not need to be rinsed with water. It dries quickly and you have to do nothing else than pouring this product on the stain. As you know, some types of carpets should not be wet, otherwise they will be ruined. That depends on the type of the textiles used for making the rug. However, you can use Power Solvent B167 by Prochem Kärcher Group on any type of carpet, upholstery and other solvent-safe surfaces- for instance, you can use it for cleaning porcelain or ceramic tile. Now carpet cleaning is a real pleasure for me – I do not need much time and efforts to clean the carpet’s surface from old stains. What is more, my home now is the cozy, clean and beautiful place it used to be. That product influenced also on the relationship with my husband – now we are happier and calmer. We are not arguing about the dirt he brings in home from work which was a big issue before I bought Power Solvent B167 by Prochem Kärcher Group.

All in all, Power Solvent B167 is the decision for many different problem situations you come across in your everyday life. If you have painted your home recently and there are paint stains on the carpet, you can use this incredible solvent to get rid of the problem areas. Or if you have changed the ink in the printer and a few drops of the liquid have dropped on the carpet, you don’t need to get frustrated. Just pour a small quantity of that magical liquid and your carpet will be clean again. Power Solvent B167 saves a lot of stress and that way keeps you more positive and healthy. It can be used on most synthetic or natural fibers and does not contain any ozone- depleting compounds. Moreover, this cleaning product leaves no sticky resoiling residue. It cleans the stains extremely fast and evaporates within minutes. There is no nasty odor left after its use. Don’t hesitate whether to purchase this outstanding cleaning product. It will better your life for sure.

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